Different Types of Content Writing ✍🏻 to Grow Your Business!

SEO Marketers usually say, “Content is King!🀴🏽 but how many of us believe it? Many people find it hard πŸ€” to specify the role and importance of different types of content writing in their business. But the answer of it is really simple and you will learn every part of the equation in this article!

So, back to the basic question, β›³ what is the main reason for that?

From my point of view:

They are not aware of the general-to-advanced types of content writing services.

The right use of content can lead you to the results that will go beyond your expectations.

Thus, before you start planning the content in different areas, understand their potential. So that it can work in the right way.

Types Of Content In Business

Types Of Content Writing In Business

There are four types of content writing categories in business.

1. Content Writing > Written Content
2. Content Writing > Interactive Content
3. Content Writing > Visual Content
4. Content Writing > Video Content

These categories help you define your business content base.

And, when you have made your choice? Well, then you can go one level deep into the exploration of the sub-categories of written content.

So, before we start exploring these categories, let’s see what else is here for you in the end of this article!


Right Flow – All Types Of Content Writing

Help from Different Types of Content Writing Tools & Resources

Refusing Publish-&-Forget Tendencies

Importance of Editing Content

Pro Tips – Using Specific Types of Content Writing Services In Right Way

Different Types of Content Writing Factors That Matter


So without any further intro of the features, let’s jump straight to the exploration of these topics that will help you get things started in your business.

This article can help you in your business management as well as in your freelance career management.

Exploring: Content Writing > Written Content


Written Content > Blog Post

Written Content > White Papers

Written Content > E-Books

Written Content > Customer Success Stories

Written Content > Product Or Service Guides

Written Content > Testimonials & Case Studies

Written Content > Comparison Document

Written Content > FAQs


1. Written Content > Blog Post πŸ““:

1. Written Content > Blog Post πŸ““:

This is a well-known form or subcategory of written content that includes various types of content writing. As we all know, the blog is a top performer category in written content. It is effective for SEO.

And blogs can help you build your status, brand, and bring new business opportunities your way. The blog is the simplest way to deliver valuable content to the audience.

But, this subcategory is not as simple as it seems. This is not a one-word definition category. This category itself includes different types of content.

Let’s explore the different types of content writing categories for blog post:

a. How-to❓Blogs:

These are instructor blogs. Such blogs help people in their topic-specific requirements. These blogs are suitable for explaining the methods, process, and final results. Adding some narratives can make it more interesting.

For example, How To Write? Complete Guide For Writing Career.

b. Quotesγ€Žγ€:

Quotes or Quotations are for creative purposes. You can express thoughts in a poetic or informative manner with quotes. Quotes are best used as a reference in the blog post which makes them almost a part of them.

For example,

β€œTrue Engrossment of a Reader is Real Profession of a Writer."
- Mini Garg

c. Q&As & 🎀 Interviews:

Suitable for the specific types of content writing that gives information. This category can be most fitting for an interview or selected questions. In this category, people expect to get the answers to their expected questions in such posts. 

For example, ESMA Q&A as per the legislative act.

d. News & πŸ“° News Release:

These types of content writing are best for audience awareness. It could be about news or update of new products or services of the company.

For example, Mac transition to Apple silicon.

e. Comparisons βš–:

Generally, these blogs are best suited for making comparisons of two or many things. And then summarising the ideal choice for the audience. But, there could be many other uses of this blog type.

It can be useful for product, service, or brand comparison. And in business, such blogs can show the growth and potential of the brand or company from year to year.

For example, Coding Standards & Scope.

f. Listicles πŸ”–:

When people search for a specific number in any search then this is the category that gets the highest preference.

These are the number-specific blogs. They give you information according to your expected searched number.

For example, 7 Different Types of Advertising That Can Help Grow

g. Step-by-Step πŸ‘£ Guides:

Guide works as a complete explanation of the subject. If a user searches for a guide then he/she will expect it to cover every possible category, sub-category, type, and form of that specific topic.

In short, it is a detailed and yet simplified explanation blog to guide the audience.

For example, Guide on How To Make Rangoli

h. Why❓:

This is another searched type of blog. When people have a question, they will prefer to get the answer specific blogs in their search. Thus, these blogs serve the purpose of answering only one question.

The answer may include subcategories if needed. But, the answer should relate the question until the end.

For example, Why Choose Professional Design For Office?

i. Research πŸ•ΆοΈ Blogs:

These blogs can include research-oriented content. Such content will involve some analysis, results, and factors as well.

These are for education, awareness, and information purpose.

For example, Coronavirus: Theories, Definition, Origin, Symptoms, Treatments, & Prevention

j. Best Practices πŸ”Š:

While writing about any known service, theory, etc then the best practice references will be necessary to build the audience trust. And that is exactly why this can be a completely separate type of blog.

In such blogs, you will add only the best practice examples for the audience. So that they can get assurance that they need from the blog.

For example, Rapid Prototyping Methods Or How To Buy Product Online?

Tips: This is one of the popular title choices for SEO practices. These types of blogs include tips or suggestions for specific topics. So that the audience can take benefits from it in their preferred way. This category is more suggestive than informative.

k. Repurposing β™Ά:

This category focuses on creative and DIY friendly choices. In repurposing blogs, the content writer gives the suggestions of reusing. It can be the reuse of junk or useless items to create something valuable.

Such a blog will give the audience some creative options for modifying/using their junk, garbage, or obsolete items. The audience will get choices to create something extraordinary and useful! 

For example, How To Reuse Old Nail Polish?

Business Tip:

If you want to expand the audience potential on your blog, try to do keywords research on Google Keyword Tool.

After that, enter your keyword in Ahrefs Keywords Explorer to get new ideas for your topic. You can also try BuzzSumo where you will get a few free searches.

2. Written Content > White Papers πŸ““

Every business needs to prove its services to potential customers.


So that they can trust your expertise. That is exactly what you can do with White Papers.

Businesses usually offer free digital copies of white papers for audiences. They help them solidify their reputation.

It helps them stabilize and improve their search engine optimization, aka SEO as well. It will also give you the added value of SME, aka subject matter expert.

For example: Privacy & GDPR

Business Tip:

Create white paper on the most popular topic of your blog posts.

Give its reference in it so that people can consider it an upgraded version of the content. 

3. Written Content > E-Books πŸ““

Publishing e-books are trendy these days. Most of the companies focus on their expert areas. They provide informative guidelines and suggestions via e-books with these types of content writing services.

These are digital content that can deliver information. And it gives the added benefit of lead generation as well.

For Example: Corona

Business Tip:

Create an e-book on the most important topics.

Valuable topics can give you lead generation and audience attraction benefits.

4. Written Content > Customer Success Stories πŸ““

Today’s market comes with too many options for almost every service. And of course, all types of content writing service out there is not any exception.

But, you can make a big difference by showing what your customer thinks about you. You can share your previous customer’s experiences to gain more potential customers in the future.

For Example: Adobe Customer Success Stories

Business Tip:

When you provide service to your customers, ask them for feedback.

Publishing actual results will help you gain the trust of people. 

5. Written Content > Product Or Service Guides πŸ““

If your product or service is too complicated or too simple, it can lead to many questions in the customer’s mind.

But, if you don’t want them to skip your option because of their confusion?

Well, then you should consider giving them a guide that can help them get the answers to their concerns.

It will be great for SEO practices as well. Because this guide generally includes a lot of low competition keywords. Your content can get easy ranking on these keywords.

Publishing such a guide on your website as a free digital resource will increase customer trust. It will increase the potential customer ratio as well.

For Example: Understanding Skill Training

Business Tip:

Try to upload video content on streaming sites like YouTube.

And link it back to your written detailed guides.

6. Written Content > Testimonials & Case Studies πŸ““

Business case studies work like testimonials.

But, they are more detailed.

They can prove the fact that your service or product is effective in the real market. Providing such informational type of content pieces can help the customer understand the value of your business.

The best use of testimonial and case study would be using testimonial as a gateway. A gateway to redirect the customer to a more detailed resource, which is a case study.

For Example: Importance of Client Feedback

Business Tip:

When you write a case study, don’t forget to include a few common challenges that customers face.

And then explain how your business or service can solve it.

7. Written Content > Comparison Document πŸ““

Having too many competitors in the market is not always a bad thing. If you have too many competitors then you can take it as an opportunity of doing comparisons.

You should take one or a few competitors of the market and then analyze the data. In comparison document, you should share the details that are important for customers. Compare the data and prove how your services are better!

This can be one of the most effective ways to win the trust of a potential customer.

For Example: WordPress Vs Blogger

Business Tip:  

Don’t make the list too complicated.

Try to include only 5-10 comparisons that are considered by clients. Simplifications of comparison documents will lead to better results. 

8. Written Content > FAQs πŸ““

The FAQ is the least expectant page for business owners. But, if you write this page with research then it can contribute to potential sales more than you expect.

In a perfect FAQ page, customers should be able to find the answers to actual and real-life questions.

This might need some research and analysis. But, the result of careful FAQ content writing can lead to amazing results for the company.

Business Tip:

Keep your FAQ page updated for even better results.

It would be better if you separate your questions into relevant categories instead of presenting them all on one page.

Exploring: Content Writing > Interactive Content

Exploring: Content Writing > Interactive Content

1. Interactive Content > Contest, Polls & Quiz ❒

If you want to engage new users then contest might be the best way to attract them with their interests. The readers and users join the contest for the prize value.

But, it also increases the user-generated content opportunities for your business. It will increase your company’s brand engagement level as well.

You can engage the audience with polls and quizzes as well. It will help you to get the attention of people of various interests. Well, you never know where your potential client might be.

For Example: 360 Video of Brain

Business Tip:

Try to reach out to the audience via social media platforms.

And you can maximize the results with the help of newsletters and advertising.

2. Interactive Content > Other Content ❒

The list of interactive content can be creative. You can create interactive white papers, brackets, assessment, service recommender, interactive video, countdown, eBook, games, surveys, infographics, etc.

Intend behind this is to make the content more user-friendly. And also appealing so that your customers can find it helpful and entertaining.

For Example: T-Rex Runner – Chrome

Business Tip:

Try to keep things simple.

There are too many available options but it is not necessary to use them all. You can use them as per the need of your business.

Exploring: Content Writing > Visual Content

Exploring: Content Writing > Visual Content

1. Visual Content > Image, Infographics & Call-to-actions (CTAs) πŸ–Ό

According to a recent study, it is certain that the audience prefers visual content. It is the case in almost every category of content writing.

For general blogs, there is the option of choosing stock free images. And for business websites, infographics is the best. especially where people can get analytical or advanced information in a simplified manner.

When you add infographics in your business content, it becomes more likely that your content will get more social share value.

For Example: Chorona Virus Nature

Business Tip:

Be accurate and simple with the infographics and images.

Making complex choices for your business content is not usually the best practice. 

2. Visual Content > Embedded Video & Tutorials πŸ–Ό

When you are giving a reference to testimonials, interviews, or any other topic, it is best to embed a reference video instead of content.

This can be the complete form of content that the choice of the audience, customers, and search engines as well.

For Example: Article With Video Example

Business Tip:

Don’t force video into the content.

Adding unnecessary references can reduce the value of business content. 

3. Visual Content > Screenshots & Data Visualizations πŸ–Ό

When you are writing tutorials or guides, it is best to add screenshots. It is to make the written piece more credible.

It will help you to deliver more accurate information. Such info can be useful for the audience without much effort.

Fo Example: SOS Alert In Google During Corona

Business Tip:

Don’t add too many screenshots.

Adding unnecessary explanations can lead to confusion. And the reader might skip the part that is most important for them.

Exploring: Content Writing > Video Content

Exploring: Content Writing > Video Content

1. Video Content > Demonstrations & Reviews πŸ“Ή

Sometimes when word fails, video can be the best choice. But, video content writing should be precise and simple.

You can show your services via video so that people can get real-life examples and ideas of your services.

For Example: Review Of Anki Cozmo Toy Robot

Business Tip:

Complex theory or demonstrations are not recommended.

Simplification is the best way!

2. Video Content > Vlog & Interview πŸ“Ή

If you want to get a more personalized approach for your business then Vlog can be the perfect example of this. You can analyze the market and choose the topics that are most relevant to your industry.

With the right content, you can deliver your ideas with the reference of your services to potential clients.

Business Tip:

Don’t add too much promotional value to your vlogs.

Keep it personalized.

3. Video Content > How-To Tutorials & Presentation πŸ“Ή

There are always some topics that need extensive explanations.

And if you think that the audience might not like the lengthy literature, it is way better to describe the topic in simplified How-To video tutorials.

For Example: MiniWrites – How To Avoid Fraud Online

Business Tip:

How-to tutorials should relate to actual research and references.

Try to make it as relatable as possible.

4. Video Content > Webinar πŸ“Ή

You can connect with more audiences and customers with the help of the webinar. It will need an expert script writing. But when you have completed your job, you can add great value to your business with it.

B2B marketers give it the highest preference. Because the webinar is one of the most effective and powerful strategies of the content market.

Business Tip:

Extensive research is necessary for the webinar.

It allows you to make them valuable for the audience. Later, You can edit and published the webinar content as a blog.

5. Video Content > Podcasts πŸ“Ή

When you have completed all other things, there is only one thing left and that is the podcast. You can use a podcast, either video or audio, to engage with the audience.

Here you will get the audience that shares a topic-specific interest. You can get great market exposure with podcasts and it can be a helpful resource for the audience as well.

For Example: Unresponsive Senior? – Hindi

Business Tip:

Podcast should be helpful for the audience.

So that they can use it as a reference when they need the service that you provide.

Content Writing Factors That Matter

Different Types of Content Writing Factors That Matter

Content writing is not as simple as it may seem. Many factors should not be compromised. Let’s start with the most common factors. These are usually overlooked by content marketers.

1. Content Writer ✎ For All Types of Content Writing:

When people search for content writers, they usually focus on one or two-goal.

For example, experienced or cost-effective content writer.

Well, do you believe that you can get a low-cost writer with legit experience?

And how can you define the efficiency of their service by their experience?

There are way too many loopholes in this approach.

Thus, you must have a good understanding of your content writing needs. Research it before you start looking for a suitable writer for yourself.

High-quality content will give your strategy a quick boost. Thus, give quality more preference rather than cost.

2. Definition of High-Quality Content πŸ’―:

This is a funny thing to say. “A certain piece of content is of high quality.”

And thus, it is suitable for every purpose.

Well, people have different definitions of high-quality content. Content quality evaluation standards focus on its value that can benefit the purpose.

Let’s look at the scenario where you have a piece of high-quality content.

A content that is suitable for informational and educational purposes. But, will it be a high-quality piece for SEO or marketing purposes?

It is unlikely to find a single piece of an article suitable for both purposes.

Thus, the best way to produce high-quality content is: you need to come up with the highlight requirements.

It will highlight your expectations in content. This will be the right measure to raise its standards for content benefits.

3. Audience-Focused Marketing For Success:

There is a standard unspoken rule in marketing. “Always being audience-focused in marketing content.”

This is something that gives you the most value. In marketing, a piece of literature will not be as valuable as a simplified piece of summary.

Here the audience can get all the information they need without boiling their brains with academic words.

Well, that is what makes the content so preferable for the audience. And when the audience will prefer it, your content becomes a high-quality piece. It will be perfect for marketing.

4. Researched Writing 🌐 Is Necessity Of All Types Of Content Writing:

Here is a universal truth of the content. “It is hard to put enough value to the marketing content without doing some research on it.”

Why is that?

Well, because this content is in the competitive market. A place where many others might have the same content elaborations as you do.

So, the motive here is to become better than the existing content with the help of research.

When you can add more value and more information to your content for an audience with in-depth research,  it will become a valuable and competitive piece.

Such a piece of content can give you a high marketing boost.

5. Best on Readability Scale πŸ“:

When you want to deliver a big piece of content to your audience, make sure you serve it right.

Giving them walls of content will do you no favor. You should use marketing strategies and content formatting strategies.

That will help you increase the readability of your content.

Make your content super readable to get the added advantage of audience preference. This might also help you to get the right result of all the in-depth research in the article. In simple words, analyze how people read the content.

And make changes to your content. So that it can meet their reading requirements or expectations.

6. 3-Second Rule πŸ•‘:

Here is the factor that might change your perspective on writing titles.

When you are publishing your article, do you know how much time will you get to convince your audience?

To convince them to choose the information that you have posted?

Well, it is 3 seconds.

You will get 3 seconds to convince the audience that your article is the right choice for their search.

That is why it is always needed that you put your best efforts into the title. And article description as well because it will be visible in search engines.

7. Negative Impact of Content ☹:

Have you heard of the negative effect of content?

Well, if you haven’t then let me expose this fact to you.

According to the Salesforce Survey on the importance and impact of content in the market, it is clear that the content can leave a big impact on the image of the business.

And, it might change the perspective of the customer as well.

Having bad quality content or unorganized content can lead to a negative impact on your business.

And so, if you are aware of marketing and content strategies, your content will increase the 3x trust percentage for your business. Isn’t it amazing?

Pro Tips - Using Content Writing Services In Right Way

Pro Tips – Using Specific Types of Content Writing Services In Right Way

Writing content is all about following the required strategy. If you have command over marketing strategy then you can be the best content producer.

But, in case you have a writer that doesn’t have expert-level knowledge, you can help him get the necessary training.

Every category requires research and writing specialisation so that the article can be produced with perfection and accuracy. But that is not an easy level to achieve.

You can still narrow down the list of to-do things or strategy points. That can help the writer to write a piece of content that can meet the marketing content standards.

Let’s see some of the obvious & some Pro tips that can make a big difference in the outcome.

βœ… A headline that meets 3-second rule.

βœ… Single-purpose oriented content.

βœ… Start with Keyword Research.

βœ… Say no to keyword stuffing.

βœ… Start attracting the audience from the first sentence.

βœ… Optimize reader friendliness in content.

βœ… Prefer powerful CTA / calls to action.

βœ… Choose the modern trend for writing.

βœ… Source linking helps the internet.

βœ… Emotional impact makes a huge difference.

βœ… Vary the style of the sentence to add structure creativity.

βœ… Use Active Voice to add an action in your sentence.

βœ… Keep your links updated.

βœ… Use SEO tools like SEMrush or AHrefs to get an audit.

βœ… Integrate SEO Practices in your content.

βœ… Include graphics or infographics to add more value.

βœ… No Spelling or grammar mistakes! It is poison for content.

βœ… Whenever you have a doubt, look it up!

βœ… Making unique doesn’t mean losing creativity.

βœ… Add more value by providing more useful references.

βœ… Share your content to enhance its value.

And if you think that hiring another content service provider is better idea then you should make your choice without delaying the matter too much.

If you don’t know where to start, you can order your first content from our professional Content Writing Services that will help you grow.

We have the best writers that are trained to do the best job from SEO and Readability perspective which will save your time and effort. Additionally, you will get the best result of marketing when you will use high quality content for your requirement.

Importance of Editing Content

Importance of Editing Content

You should do content editing before publishing the content. It will ensure that you get 100% value from the content for marketing.

When you are writing, regardless of what category or any types of content writing you might be doing, you will likely miss some points. Or add some unnecessary sentences that might decrease the impact.

Well, you can point out and correct all the content deficiencies in the editing phase.

When you will edit your content, it is always suggested that you do it with a fresh mind.

There is a standard rule that a writer should not edit and write content on the same day. If you are a writer.

And you have drafted the content in half-day. It is not suggested that you use your remaining half-day in editing the draft.

Many people will question this theory.


Leaving the rest of the day empty when you can use it for editing can result in a lack of productivity.

Well, it is true but writing and editing are not about productivity.

As we all know, writing is a more creation focused task.

It cannot and should not be a productivity-focused task in any form. If you want the best outcome from the content, focus on the creativity of mind rather than tic-tac of your wall clock.

Refusing Publish-&-Forget tendencies for all types of content writing

Refusing Publish-&-Forget Tendencies

Why do you think that our blogs become outdated?

Well, that is because we don’t update them as we need to do it. And it is no surprise if you say that you have never considered editing your post once you published it.

But, since the search engine rules and preferences change with time, you must update your blog. So that it can meet the basic SEO and marketing requirements.

When your article becomes outdated, you will start losing your audience. And simple editing can make a big difference in this problem.

But, it is also necessary for you to understand that too much editing can also be harmful to your ranking and SEO stability.

So, you must draw a line that determines where and when your article needs editing. It will help you to update the article only when it is necessary.

This will save a lot of your time.

And, analyzing the need for editing before doing it will help you to keep the old value of your content while adding new value with the editing.

Help from Content Writing Tools & Resources

Help from Different Types of Content Writing Tools & Resources

Content writing doesn’t end with writing.

If you will take the help of content writing tools, your process will become much more accurate in less time.

In the modern-day, many helpful tools can help you in various types of content writing process.

Let’s see what are the main assistive tools that can help you with your content writing and editing.

1. Grammar Check – Grammarly β’Ό:

This is a simplified grammar check plugin. You can use it with MS word (Windows PC), your browsers and you can download the software for your computer as well.

Grammarly will give you suggestions for grammar changes. And it can also improve your writing style. This will correct Grammatical Errors, Spelling Errors, Incorrect Punctuation, and Misused Words.

2. Grammar Check – HemingwayApp β’½:

This is the application that will assist you with grammar correction along with simple formatting. This is an online and software-based tool.

In this tool, you will see readability score, reading time, count of letters, and characters or words. 

3. Google Trends for Topic Suggestions:

Google Trends can help you understand the topic trend.

So, when you decide to write about any topic, google trends can help you understand the popularity and value with real-time estimated data.

It will help you choose the right topics that can drive more audiences to your blog.

4. Portent Creative Titles Generator:

Do you have the topic or keyword but you don’t have any idea about the title?

Well, you can take some suggestive help from Portent’s Content Idea Generator. This tool will give you random heading suggestions. And you can use those suggestions to create a new and creative heading for your articles.

5. Plagiarism Check – Copyscape β’Έ:

Plagiarism can be a big problem for high-quality content.

Regardless of how good your content is, if there is even a slight percentage of plagiarism, it can decrease the expected outcome.

So, before you make the mistake of publishing a plagiarized content, why don’t you run a plagiarism check?

You can get rid of any possible plagiarism in the content before publishing it.

6. Power Thesaurus for English Thesaurus:

This tool helps you find Social media Synonyms, other Synonyms, and treasures. It will be of great help in SEO and marketing strategies.

It will also give you suggestions of global trending words that you can add to your content for wider accessibility on the internet.

7. SEO optimization with Yoast SEO:

If you have a WordPress blog then Yoast SEO plugin will be a great help.

You can make the necessary SEO marketing corrections in your content with this. Using this plugin will help you maximize the marketing potential of your content.

So that you can attract more audience to your article.

8. Infographics with Easel:

This website will help you create customized infographics for your content. So you can enhance the audience engagement ratio in your article.

You can create simplified reports, eye-catching presentations, and boost conversion rates with this website.

9. Find Global Trend Information:

If you want to find what topics are getting most audience attention all around the globe, then Alltop and feedly can be a great help.

These are the tools that will help you find the inspiration for your content in the most efficient way.

10. Google Search Shortcuts:

We know that Google is suitable for searching for any subject. Since articles require research, we can avail its advantage in all types of content writing process.

But, do you know that many shortcuts can help you cut the time consumption?

And also maximize the productivity of your search?

Let’s explore some of the most useful Google search shortcuts.

a. Site:search –

This will allow you to find the keyword specific data on a certain website. When you use quotes in the search, this will ensure that your search results will necessarily include that keyword or phrase.

For example, Site:miniwrites.com content writing / Site:miniwrites.com β€œcontent writing”

b. link:site –

This will allow you to see the linked websites and webpages. You can use this shortcut to find link pages of any website or any certain page.

For example, link:miniwrites.com

c. β€œkeyword” –

If you want to search the keyword specific page where your keyword must be present then this will help you a lot. With this search, you will see the keyword included.

For example, “miniwrites”

d. β€œkeyword * keyword2 * keyword3” –

This is the search that helps a lot when you need to come up with the titles.

When you use a quotation mark then it includes the necessity of keyword. And when you use asterisks or star sign between the keywords then it will add other words between your keywords.

For example, “SEO * marketing * tools”.

When you will search this, you will get long-tail ideas for your titles that will give you high search value. 

e. related:website –

If you want to find out related or similar website suggestions for your search then this quick trick can give you a big helping hand.

For example, related:amazon.com

f. Keyword OR keyword2 –

If you want to focus on many keywords in your search then this trick can help you a lot.

For example, content writer OR SEO content.

You can use quotes to exclude all the other results.

g. Other shortcuts:

πŸ’‘Weather *zip code*,

πŸ’‘What is *celebrity name* Bacon Number,

πŸ’‘definition of *word* or Define: *word*,

πŸ’‘Time *place*

πŸ’‘*kwyword* filetype:pdf.

11. Google Webmaster Tools:

We all know how hard it can be to keep track of your website’s audience.

But, this tool will make things easy for you. It will help you track everything that you need.

12. Blog Format Ideas:

If you are not sure about the format of your article that will be good for search engines then you can use readymade templates from online template sites.

For example, a HubSpot can be a good start for you.

13. Interactive Graphics:

If you want to allow your audience to get some fun with interactive graphics then Thinglink can help you a lot with this.

You can create interactive images, videos & 360Β° media with this website for your blogs.

It will make graphics even more interesting for the audience.

14. Concentration Tool:

If you find that it is hard for you to concentrate on your busy and crowded working environment, you can use A Soft Murmur tool.

It will help you generate random ambient sounds. Such sounds will help you stay concentrated in your writing.

Since concentration is the most important rule of creative writing, this simple tool can help you a lot.

Right Flow of types of Content Writing

Right Flow – All Types Of Content Writing

Now, as we are concluding this blog, let’s discuss the right flow of content writing that is necessary in all types of content writing

A flow that is important for creating a high-quality piece of content. These elements will ensure that your flow aspects gets 100% score!

✍ Figure out the concept
✍ Work on the tile
✍ Outline the sub-headings
✍ Research for trusted references
✍ Write in general voice
✍ Be interactive & provide proof
✍ Add media and graphics
✍ Conclude with the summary of important parts
✍ Finish the draft and re-edit before publishing

When you have done your check and confirmed that your article has all these elements in it then you are ready to go!


Content is the soul of marketing. If done right, it can give an instant boost to your marketing value. Thus, from the keyword selection to the editing phase, your content should follow the necessary guidelines.

Maintaining the necessary flow in all types of content writing will ensure that you can get the best outcome from your marketing or business content.

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