How To Find Best Publishing House?

Choosing the right Publishing Hose is the most important thing if you are going to publish your content. If you want to find best publishing house then you need to understand the basic process of it.

There could be many reasons for publishing. And you should know your specific reason. You should be clear about your requirements. And you should know your needs before you take any further step. It will help you to save your time and you would be able to find the best deal. And you can get a chance to save some money too!

If you are looking for a perfect publishing house then you would need to find out the answers to some questions:

What kind of publishing House are you looking for?

Which Publishing Service do you need?

What is the media category of your publishing needs?

What is the actual pricing of your publishing package and what are your expectations?

I will share the answers to these questions in this article.

And then you should consider the best deal. This is the best thing to consider and if you will follow these simple steps then your dealing would be perfect and profitable!

publishing House

Q. What kind of publishing House are you looking for?


The Publishing house is a simple name that looks complete package for all needs. But sometimes this thinking can lead you to some unexpected results and mismanagement. Due to higher Publishing demands, the Publishing House Services have been divided into several departments or categories so that the publishing could be best and compatible with all the specific content needs. You need to understand these categories if you want to find best publishing house.

The Publishing Houses departments or categories:

Book Publishing Companies

Simple Book publishing. Best for document and specification related non-creative book publishing.

Children’s Publishers

Basically for children. More creative and entertaining.

Poetry Publishing Companies

Creative publishing that will suggest you the best creation for your poetry books.

Academic Publishers

These kinds of Publishing Houses generally do not allow general publishing. They deal with several specific universities.

E-Book Publishers

Best for E-book Publishing.

Literary Agents

They will suggest you best for your own general or literary content.

Magazine Publishers

Best for a regular magazine because they work on a contract basis.

Specific Language Publishing

Generally, publishing house works for specific languages. For example, English and Hindi or Gujrati, Tamil, Marathi, etc. You should clear this before you contact the publishing house.

Textbook Publishers

If you are going to publish a textbook then you should choose a specific textbook publisher that will give you best for your business.
Publishing Service

Q. Which Publishing Service do you need?


You should be aware of the printing services differences because it matters the most. Your right choice can lead you to best results but your wrong choice can lead you to dissatisfaction in more investment! That is really an important thing to consider. You should think about the specific service that you would need for your stuff before you start your process to find best publishing house. And you should know what you would expect from Publishing House.

There are So many Services that makes a perfect book and if you are looking for any specific service then you can check the service list below:

General Printing

Printing would be the same and you can get all your stuff printed anywhere but this is especially for general printing tasks. If you will use general printing service for your printing tasks then it would cost you too much.

Commercial Printing

Especially for bulk printing and it would be beneficial for your book printing purposes.


The book cover is the most important task because it will attract the customer to buy your book.


Best for High Quantity Printing and it can be modified according to your need.

Publishers Association

Here you will find various publishers so that you can choose the best and most compatible one for your stuff.


This will help you to distribute your printed copies all around the world or country.


Best packaging for book safety or binding service.


Book finishing service is the combination of many services. Proofread of entire book content and then finalization checking of books publishing and binding errors.

Printing Management

To manage all the printing tasks and to give specific instructions to them according to your book.
media category
media category

Q. What is the media category of your publishing needs?


The media category of publishing needs reflects the actual need for your task. This will help you to find the best publishing house and then you would need to surf the internet for actual pricing of your content category. This will help you to find the best publishing service for your content and it would be profitable for your investments and requirements.

Publishing Media Categories Are:


This is a contract based publishing service for daily newspaper printing.


General books that would be published and distributed all around the country or world according to your budget and needs.


PDF or any other document that would be available online to buy or to read.


Offline distributive magazines that would be distributed all around the country or world according to your budget and needs.


Online Publishing so that your readers can access your content from everywhere.


The calendar back side content printing or your own calendar printing for gifting or for any other purpose.


Map creation for trading or any other purpose.


If you have Only Pictures for publishing.
publishing package
publishing package

Q. What is the actual pricing of your publishing package and what are your expectations?


You should know the basic rates of publishing when you find best publishing house so that you can get an actual price deal. There are too many publishing houses and they all offer their own prices for different works. You can check the forums or blog post for more information about it.

You will find all the required knowledge when you will surf on the internet. Everything is available on the internet and you should read reviews and customer views about specific publishing house or service provider before you fix the deal. This is the necessary thing that you should do for the best results.

Additionally, if you have searched enough to know the actual prices of your desired package, then you should define a genuine amount package for this purpose. It is so easy to fix the lowest price and it is possible that you might find someone who would be offering same prices but you would need to sacrifice on quality and there would be very less guarantee of compatible works.

Taking the best serving would need best or at least average investment. Negotiate for good and fix the average but if you will assist for lowest then you will find low-quality works which would need more checking and finalization of your content will take more time than usual. These kinds of negotiation sometimes lead to misery and in some tasks, you might need to consider professional help for error correction. So, choose the best rates for you according to your publishing needs and find best!

Famous Publishing Houses of the world.

The publishing houses selection becomes difficult sometimes then choosing internationally famous and trusted publishing house is one of the wisest ideas. It will give you definitely best results according to your requirements and expectations.

Here I am sharing with you a small list of some selected international English language publishing houses so that you can easily select one best from them. Although this list is small, these all publishing houses are trusted internationally.

Random House

Random House
1745 Broadway
New York, NY 10019
(212) 782-9000

Random House Publishers are:

Crown Publishing Group

Random House Children’s Books

Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group

RH Digital Publishing Group

Random House Publishing Group

RH International

Penguin Group

Penguin Group (USA) Inc.
Library Marketing Department (Adult Division)
375 Hudson Street
New York, NY 10014
Phone: 212-366-2372
Fax: 212-366-2933

Penguin Group Publishers are:

Ace Books


Dutton Books


Alpha Books

C.A. Press

Amy Einhorn Books/Putnam

Blue Rider Press

Gotham Books

HP Books

Dial Books for Young Readers

G.P. Putnam’s Sons Books for Young Readers

Hudson Street Press

G.P. Putnam’s Sons


Berkley Books

Frederick Warne

Dutton Children’s Books


Grosset & Dunlap

Times of India

The Times Group
Times of India Building
Dr.D.N.Road, Mumbai-400001, India
Contact Address and details: Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, New York, New Delhi, 10, Daryaganj, Noida and Pune.
Get full contact information on the Times contact page

Times Group Publications are:

Times of India

The Economic Times

Maharashtra Times

Ei Samay Sangbadpatra

Navbharat Times

Mumbai Mirror

Pune Mirror

Bangalore Mirror

ET Chandigarh

The Illustrated Weekly of India

Parag (magazine)

Vijay Times

Vijaya Karnataka

Delhi Press

Woman’s Era

Alive (Earlier called Caravan)

Satyakatha (Hindi)

Champak (published in 7 Indian languages and English)

Farm n Food (Hindi)

Grihsbhobha (published in 7 Indian languages)

Mukta (Hindi)

Saras Salil (published in 5 Indian languages)

Sarita, a Hindi monthly magazine

Suman Saurabh

Manohar Kahaniyan (Hindi and Urdu)

The Caravan, an English-language literary magazine

Nimmellara Manasa (Kannada)

Butti (Kannada)

Motoring World

Discover more popular publishing house on the internet.

There are so many other publishing houses but I am sharing a small list of publishing due to lack of research. If you find another trusted and internationally famous publishing house then you can comment here and I will add it in my blog with the reference of your name.

Research On The Concept Of Low Cost Paying Customers And Employers
Social Media

Social Media For Audience Publicity

When we want to do publicity, social media is quite a popular platform for it these days. Therefore, it definitely is a great source of reaching out to the audience. I make easier for the audience to find themselves involved in your buzz. In this discussion, we will talk about the lack of audience attraction in articles published by new authors.

The long and big silence and gaps in the waiting period can be really very harmful to your reader’s interests in your articles and now the question comes,

“How to handle writing and social media buzz at the same time?”

Generally, the writers, who give their primary preference and most of the time to their writing, tend to stay away from doing efforts for gaining readership. Well, this could be due to the lack of social activities updates. Writers, who stay updated to their social media connections, usually overdo the task of sharing because they don’t get enough time for writing.

So now the question is,

“How can you manage all things together to grab audience interest and find proper time for writing?”

What To Do?

Well, this clearly is something that every writer or blog website owner will want but this is a tricky thing. You would need to do so many things in order to manage things up which will require a lot of time investment. However, with the research and perfect analysis, you can find out the perfect way to manage this task.

Right now, according to the analysis and research from many popular universities, it is concluded that books are turning into E-book and that is why it is actually a very good opportunity for aspiring writers to get public attention with their skills and attractive content production capabilities.

Since the number of internet user keeps increasing day by day, the scope of internet popularity for new contributors is also increasing. As long as you can give something interesting to your audience, there are higher chances that your contribution will not be neglected.

So, here I would like to share with you some amazing tips which will help you to manage everything easily without getting away from your writing mood!

Care about sharing:

Today, people like to find everything on a single platform and that is why most of the people don’t get an audience to their new releases because they don’t share it on social networks like Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest or Twitter, etc. Well, sharing will definitely help you to get attention because that is the primary source of reaching out to the audience.

Don’t be packed up scrooge:

The article is not all about the details. Of course, you should add details and information but you should also make it interesting with the addition of your own writing style and it is completely okay if you get a little personal with that.

Add attractive image Sharing:

People usually don’t read random post on a social network but they sure see the pictures so you should pick something like picture or video that people would like to share and this will definitely boost your share power and you will get boost up readers.

Provide good information:

The article is a source of information so doesn’t forget that. Make the article on point and deliver useful information thru your article because that is the main reason why people will give their preference to your articles.

Access everywhere:

Don’t set your limits for sharing. If sharing just simple post links is not good enough then adopt different techniques of sharing your posts references on different networks.

Discounts on purchases:

If you are offering anything that readers might like to purchase after reading your article then make sure that you set attractive prices and good discounts for attracting audiences.

Make planning:

And, most importantly, all these things cannot be done simply one by one like you share other posts. Do proper planning so that the sharing task can be accomplished efficiently in a short period of time! Also, with the right planning, you would need to be able to access more and more audiences by different methods.

Following these guidelines will allow you to make things perfect and then you would be able to manage everything so conveniently and efficiently that your readers will stay involved and you will not feel that you are getting down with too much task to do.

This simple and yet impressive planning will give a chance to manage everything effectively and then you can sit back in free time to watch your TV while your audience appreciates your work!

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