How To Reuse Old Nail Polish.

When you have a collection of nail polish, you will certainly not use them all frequently. Therefore, it is best that you know some reuse old nail polish options so that you can reuse your nail paint in all phases.

Use of nail polish or nail paint is common between girls. Well, if you like nail pain, you’ll definitely stock them in a bunch. I think, it is rare that a girl will use single nail polish until the end before buying another. Right? Well, this is common. Even a shade change of nail paint makes a big difference in your fashion and appearance.

Generally, all girls who use nail-polish faces these situations. They stack too many nail polishes and then the main problem comes. When you have few nail paint that you use frequently, they will turn thick with time. Sometimes, when you check the nail paint, you find that you can’t use it anymore!

What if that was your favorite one! What if that was a suitable one! If you love the nail paint shade, well, it would be a pity to just throw it in a bin. Well, you no longer need to do that. Just chill because there is a way out!


Tips On How To Reuse Your Old And Thick Nail-Polish

how to reuse old nail polish at home

Easy And Quick But Temporary Way To Reuse Old Nail Polish

Shake It!

Shake the nail polish bottle. Turn nail paint bottle upside down. It will allow you to ensure that your nail polish blends properly. It will restore the smoothness of your nail polish temporarily.

Roll It!

The warmth of your hand can do the trick. You should roll nail polish bottle between your hands. Your hands will do the job of temporary nail polish thinner and you can reuse it instantly.

Wet It!

It is best when your nail polish bottle is too old. Or when nail polish is too thick. You can take a bowl of hot water and dip your nail paint bottle in it. You should keep the cap of nail polish bottle out of water.

Clear It!

If you have clear nail polish, you can also add it in your dried nail paint. When you will add thick nail paint in clear nail polish, it will give you a completely new shade. Also, you can use the best quality nail paint without any compromise!

Test It!

If you are not sure about the nail polish smoothness, test it by applying on your nail. While you do these quick tricks for nail polish reuse, regularly check them consistently. It will allow you to get the smooth texture.


Long-Term And Reliable Way To Reuse Old Nail Polish

enhance life of your nail paint

Thin it!

Use nail polish thinner to smooth your nail polish texture. For one bottle of nail polish, 3 drops nail polish thinner would be sufficient. You should test the nail paint consistency and then you can add more if needed.

Slim it!

You can use Acetone or Nail polish remover to slim your dried nail polish. You should add a few drops of Acetone or Nail-polish remover in nail paint bottle. However, this will not work in thin gel nail paint.

Mix it!

When you use the nail polish thinner, it may not give the same result on the second use. So, when you use it, make sure to mix it well by rolling the bottle between your warm palms. It will ensure that you get a consistent texture in every use.

Repeat It!

Although when you will use nail polish thinner, your nail polish won’t dry for a long time. However, if it does go dry or thick, you can simply repeat the process. Just make sure that you don’t shake it, just roll it.

Dry It!

If you add too much nail polish thinner or acetone or nail polish remover. It will make the texture too thin. Well, don’t worry. You can just keep a bottle open for a few seconds and then re-test the texture of your nail paint. That’s it and you will get a perfect texture of your nail paint.


How To Store Nail Polish At Home?

how to store nail polish for long time at home

Keep it!

  • Make sure that you keep it in a cool, dry and climate-controlled area.
  • Keep your bottles in the standing position. Don’t just let them roll around.

Use It!

  • Make sure that you keep the lid or cap close when you are not using the nail polish bottle.
  • It is best to close the nail polish with a coin when you are applying it on your nail.

Clean It!

  • When you have no use of nail polish bottle, make sure that you clean the bottle with cotton (acetone soaked).
  • Remove the leftover nail paint on the bottle and the neck to ensure that the nail polish bottle is airtight.

Prevent It!

  • Check the expiry date of nail polish and make sure that you don’t reuse the nail polish after their expiry.
  • while applying an unknown brand nail polish, you should use a base coat before applying nail paint.


How To Check Harmful Nail Polish At Home?

check quality of nail paint for good health of your nails

Check your nail polish. How much harm will it cause to your nails? First thing I would like to say; I will never recommend direct application of nail polish without base coat. It is bad for the health of your nails. There are some categories in nail-polishes which can harm your nails. The percentage of harm may differ.


Check your nail-polish; how much it will harm your nails:

  • Take two small pieces of Thermocol Sheet
  • Apply nail polish on it.
  • If the sheet is fine, your nail paint is good to use.


  • If you see burn in the sheet, your choice is not right
  • If you see no burn in the sheet, your nail polish is safe for your nails!

This is just a test that I tried. However, there are many other factors that can harm your nails. Therefore, I will advise that you should purchase nail polishes of trusted companies.


Be picky about brands.

pick nail paint brands with care

My Favorite Best 10 Picks of Nail Polish Brands Are:

  1. Revlon
  2. Lakme
  3. Elle 18
  4. Faces
  5. OPI Nail Lacquer
  6. Maybelline
  7. L’Oreal
  8. Essie
  9. Nails Inc. Gel Effect
  10. Sally Hansen Miracle Gel

These Best 10 Picks of Nail Polish Brands are my trusted choices. You can prefer their colors and nail paints. They are not harmful to your nails. Using local brand nail paint is extremely harmful to your nails.


An experiment On Nail Polish Shades:

experiment with nail polish to get new shades

There are so many nail polish shades available in the market. It is a trend nowadays to keep multiple trendy colors in your collection. However, it is not possible for anyone to have a complete library of trendy shades.

If there is a situation when your dark shade nail polish did not match your dress shade. There could be a way out!

  • Take a flat glass surface.
  • Put some dark shade nail polish in it.
  • Mix some transparent nail polish in it. Mixing transparent nail polish with dark shade nail polish will automatically make the shade light. You can make it just perfect for your dress shade!


nail dryer machine

Nails Care Tips For Healthy Nails:

  • Take some coconut oil, Johnson’s baby oil, or moisturizer and rub it into your nails.
  • Massage your nails daily with oil or moisturizer to ensure their best health.
  • If you want to make your nail paint last longer, don’t use nail color dry unit machine for it. Simply apply vinegar on your pained nails and let it dry! That’s all you would need to do.


How To Reuse Old And Empty Nail Polish Bottles

make craft with empty nail polish bottle

  • Primarily, you can clean the nail polish bottles empty with nail polish remover. And after the paint is all gone, you will have a clean and empty bottle. Well, this is the time to make use of your old nail pain bottles for some craft! You can get rid of the brush from the cap if you don’t need it.
  • Furthermore, you can remove the outside decor of nail polish with alcohol and then decorate it. Probably, you can keep some sprinkles in it or you can reuse it in other decoration options.
  • Similarly, another idea is to keep your cosmetic or other things in an empty nail polish bottle. Well, it will help you to keep your cosmetics with you in the most compact way.
  • You can probably find more way to reuse empty nail polish bottles. Almost all bottles of nail paint could be a great traveling buddy. Keeping your necessities like gel, medicine, liquid detergent or other liquids will become easier with these bottles.
  • You can use empty nail polish bottles as a glue dispenser. Most importantly, the brush will be extremely useful in this purpose.

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