Environment And Traffic Tragedy!

The environment of the earth is one of our best friends. However, it is hurt every time we pollute our residence places such as street, park, and playground. Environment and Traffic are both connected with each other.

We simply read articles related to Environment pollution and seem serious about it. However, just after reading, we forget all about it. It is no surprise if we make a same kind of mistake after understanding it well.

We do not use any tips for prevention just because we generally do not understand the use of it.

“The more we pollute our environment, the more we'll need to pay for it.” 

It is not the money what you will pay for it; it is the days of our young generation, the days of our children and family members. Those who would be very dear to us might face the difficulties because of the mistake done by us in the past.

For example:
Projected population of the world, Pollution statistics

In 1950’s, there were no such pollution around and the scenery of our lives was just opposite. 100 years was the common death age for 50’s but it looks like a joke now.

No one imagines oneself to be alive till 100 years now a day! Now, it is 70 years which is the common death age. If we see someone more then 70, we wonder ‘He is so lucky.’

We are giving an invitation to the environmental troubles which are more destructive than any other thing for us. This is still in progress and the days of our life is being subtracted continuously.

The days of our young generation is not secure because of the progressive change in the Environment and Traffic. However, there is no big change in our perception and routine.


Pollution is not an insoluble task but it is the most difficult matter this time due to the delay by us in everything that was in the list of most important tasks. We just don’t take it seriously because it doesn’t look terrible as yet.

It is caused by coal burning, wood burning, using the vehicles that are not repaired well, throwing garbage anywhere in spite of dust-bean, and so on.

This is not always done by mistakes, sometimes we do it willingly just because we don’t want to pay for it or don’t want to find any other way when the cheaper way is available. This is not the clever thing to do but most of us do this.


Does anybody have an answer?

Earthy Pollution
Earthy Pollution

It is “No” for sure because we are not taking it seriously. And there is a reason behind this; we do not know what this thing can do to us, and how earthy pollution can harm us?

There are so many examples to give but the main point is, ‘what this will do if you would not learn anything from it.?’ Generally, we burn Coal, Wood and it releases the gases that are harmful.

Also, we use the vehicles that are not repaired and leaving black visible clouds of gases behind which is just like a poison.

We throw the garbage on the plain or somewhere else we shouldn’t have thrown so the earth feels more exhausted which results in uneven earth quacks and other natural disasters which can’t be resisted by any human effort.

It is not the gases that are responsible 100% in pollution; we are cutting the trees so the pollution is not releasing.

We are constructing so many buildings by cutting dense forests which are resulting in less purification and more pollution.


Tragedy Of Traffic

Traffic is now the second name of tragedy. It is the most common thing we often face in our daily life.

Some people do not fear of any accident because:

  1. They know how to cross the road or they follow road rules.
  2. They know that they could never be such a fool to be subjected to anything wrong.

Is this right or wrong? No one can imagine what traffic does to us. No one knows that the traffic is worse than a poison that kills within a second.

The poison will give you no time to suffer and to feel ill and you would be aware of the causes of the poison before or after having it ingested but the environment pollution is the most poisonous thing that is now wrapped with our lives.

You could not understand that the disease that doctor couldn’t understand might be the result of traffic pollution and our irresponsible behavior for our own earth that is giving us a place to reside, to imagine and so on.

Some resident of china says that they had to face heavy traffic and extreme pollution every evening or noon when they return to their home or go to the office. They say that sometimes traffic police constable needs to use oxygen to breathe between heavy traffic and the smell of fuel.

Some say that China has a high population that is why they are facing this problem. But this is not the reality. It is because of those vehicles which are not repaired and burn more fuel than usual.

These kinds of vehicles are the most common reason for this unexpected misery of Environment. All these things are generated by us and we are the only one to solve it.

Environment-Friendly Airplane

The airline is one of the commonly used services by all of us. We generally use the airline for a comfortable journey. It is really very comfortable journey but it is not Environment-Friendly.

An airplane burns very high quantity of fuel that results in pollution. It is also one of the many causes of pollution in the environment.

Scientists were trying to make this service of airlines Environment-Friendly somehow. So finally, they found a way out and first biofuel-powered flight flew with the help of bio-fuel.

Accident Avoiding Tips

Motor Vehicle Accident Avoiding Tips

Motor Vehicle Accident really becomes very serious sometimes and a person can be seriously injured. No matter if you are driving Car, Bike or any other vehicle but you would need to drive safely to arrive home safely all the time. It looks unnecessary sometimes because usually people start driving without any driving tips and they do not face any accidents.

But when they will face the accident, they would be injured really harmfully and it can cost their life too. Life is a really very precious thing and risking it for something is not right. You would not need to do anything especially for it, just some basic cares and awareness is all that you would need to stay safe and drive safe.

Driving Tips

Here are some driving tips that will help you to drive safely and if you will follow all of these then you would be the best driving and it would not demand more than your concentration and serious considerations.

  • No matter how perfect you are in driving but do not drive fast in the narrow streets. Make sure that your driving vehicle speed is according to the streets and weather situations. For example, if you are driving in the rainy day then you should drive slowly because the roads would be slippery and it reduces the smooth handling and turning abilities of your vehicle.
  • Make sure that you observe the limits of your driving speed all the time and never drive too fast on the crowd filled roads.
  • We all know that seat belts are important so make it your habit. Never drive without putting a seat-belt. It will help you to stay safe even in the condition of an accident.
  • Make sure that your vehicle is in good condition and you should regularly maintain your vehicle. If there is any damage then you should repair it right away. Replace the tires and other necessary parts whenever needed.
  • The road signs reading are the most important thing when you drive because if you are new in that place then it will warn you if there is an unexpected turn or anything else.
  • Never forget reading the road signs and if the sign says that the speed should 150 km then you should keep less then this because this is a maximum speed for the specific road but if you are new then you should drive slowly.
  • Stay away from heavy and large vehicles. Drive in the lane of general vehicles.
  • Alcohol drinking and smoking is one of the greatest mistakes of driving and if you want to drive safely then never risk your life like this.

Why Motor Vehicle Accidents are increasing

Today, we can see the newspapers and news channels always show some Motor Vehicle Accident reports and they all are true! It is really very bad to see but it is worse when we face it. Usually, Motor Vehicle Accidents occurs due to careless driving.

There are many other reasons of Motor Vehicle Accidents which I am sharing here with you so if you want to drive safely then you should always remember all of them and you should make sure that you will not make these mistakes in your driving.

  • Speed Control: Speed Control is the most important thing which can prevent accidents so speed control is recommended for everyone who is driving. Fast driving is enjoying but you should never forget the road structures and all that. You should drive according to the roads and this is the safest way of driving.
  • Drinks while Driving: Drunken Driving is legally restricted by the government and traffic rules do not allow drunken driving because it can cause lethal crashes and accidents.
  • Seat Belt: Seat belt is the most important thing which is necessary for gentle and safe driving. Seat Belt is not a formality; it will save your life in case of any crash or accident.
  • Call and Drive: Doing two things at the same time is good for time-saving but it can be bad for life-saving because it can lead to serious accidents.
  • Vehicle Lock: If you are driving a car or any other four-wheeler then you should take care of door locks because if the vehicle door lock is not closed perfectly then it can cause collisions and serious injuries.
  • Lane Discipline: Lane discipline is the most important thing that every driving person should know and follow. Because if you didn’t then it could be the last driving mistake of your life.
  • Indicators: Make sure that you see all the indicators that will guide you for the path.
  • Drive Accordingly: You can see some signs that say Speed limit but that is not a target, that is the maximum range of the speed for that specific path and you should drive according to the weather and road situations.


Check the speedometer and maintain the speed according to the weather. If you are driving in the rainy season then drive slowly and do not use too old tires because they can become slippery in the rainy season which can cause accidents. If you are driving in the Fog then make sure that your headlights are on and you should drive at minimum speed because it will give you a time to see the way.

Green Home & Garden

Green Home & Garden

A Fact…

Green home, Green life, Only greenery will stay forever

The green color is called a symbol of calmness…

It is the tree who gave us life and we made our lives better by being helped by the trees which we are cutting today. The trees hold uncommon treasure which can never be controlled by a human. Humans are cutting down so many forests every year and every day is the end of so many trees.

The forests which used to be the pride of nature are now disappearing due to this routine of some human being that is not thinking about any other and not even about themselves.

People who have done this thing could never be called wise and in fact, he would be in the list of a fool. A fool, who is looking at the present and wondering what he would cut the trees and gain prosperity for his family or for himself but the results are just opposite to what he thought. Flood, Strong gale Tsunamis, earthquake, tornado, landslides and whirlpools are some of its results.


Environment and Traffic are highly connected with each other. And thankfully, they can be controlled together as well. If we do some efforts then our efforts will help us in the control of Environment and Traffic easily and efficiently.

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