Education & Development: How Are They Connected?

The importance of education & development are almost similar in our life. We cannot live happily without some change in our life. Change is the result of development. And education is the source of each and every development that we can think of.

School For Growing Children & For Youngsters As Well

School is most important for growing children and for youngsters as well. Children learn primary things from school and try to do it in real life. Home is the second place to learn other qualities and habits in this subject of their outside life and the attitude for others. We build them as we teach them or do before them.

Children & Parents

A child seeks to learn more from home rather than any other place because the level of reliance does high for a home in his/her view. Parents, who do not allow their children to be friendly, mostly do not understand their children and seem to be saying him/her to do what they want.

Some parents do not take the education & development seriously. And it is most common in the villages. For example, according to the National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) results, Literacy Rate in rural India is 71% and 86% in urban areas.

In such cases, children face several difficulties. They do not understand what children might face in the future, they just go on the longing that the children would be safe as long as he or she would be obedient.

Children Behavior Analysis
Children Behavior Analysis

Children Behavior Analysis

They want to make children what they want or what they are. Sometimes they drive their children’s lives towards their way of living and thus face the hatred behavior or lack of resemblance.

All we need is understand or try to understand the child or youngster and then teach him or her as well as change yourself according to his/her desire because whether anyone believes or not, parents are the primary beam of happiness for a child.

If he is satisfied with parents and the parents are satisfied with him then no other thing can make him/her dull or sad unreasonably.

Some parents think their children with partial view. These kinds of Parents believe that the girl is only for kitchen work and not for any other so she does not need any education. They think it is wastage of their money. The boy is the one who will help him to grow their business and need little education.

This is the most common partiality in the villagers who don’t know what the carrier is. What education does to us. Until they change their mind, the villages will stay backward.

New generation VS  Old generation
New generation VS Old generation

Compare: New generation VS Old generation

New generation; Greater than everything else in this world,

Old generation; Managed and tolerant to discover the factual peace of psyche and sensation.

This is a world of a new generation that seems to be perfect for it and ready to be all that what the time says. A new generation is intelligent and clever and has the ability to create own identity according to one’s interests. Everything is perfect but yet this generation seems to have the deficiency of a peace of mind and patience in some paths of life where they get in trouble.

Old Generation

Old generation has this quality of patience and peace because they had a control on their minds and they were aware that there could be nothing more precious than a healthy atmosphere and a peaceful mind for a happy life. No riches can bring happiness for a long time because it all comes and simply passes by just like a routine but only the peace of mind helps one stay happily and peacefully in ups and downs of life.

There are some peoples who know the co-ordination value of the new and old generation. They know what was good in the old generation and what is good in the new generation. They just don’t waste their time comparing themselves with someone or something else. The youth of today makes a new generation. And we all have the ability to make it better than before by our efforts and it is all for our life and our peace.

New Generation

The new generation has the right ways. And so many choices so all that is needed is to use it the right way.

Learning peace and patience is the work of the young generation. There is a responsibility to drive the future to the glories and to fulfill the dreams.

The old generation would do their part and would learn from the new generation. And makeup all the deficiency according to the time. The day when the old and new generation would be together – holding hands, new generation would get a new identity.

Computer & Internet for education & development
Computer & Internet

Computer & Internet are two friends. They help in your career & education.

A computer is in the list of most popular things of this world these days. Why? Because there are so many simple ways of assistance. And this is the way where people can get their education & development help. And career help, business help and can build an online business. There are so many websites which offer free online study. Where people can examine their skills. Or learn freely whatever they want but these are just for learning and not for certificates. You can gain your knowledge and sharpen your skills with these free courses.

Internet For Career

The Internet has so many ways for everyone to make online money within their capacity. If you are a writer then you can signup for pay per posting websites. Or you can buy a Domain and Hosting Service and make your own website. If you are a teacher then you can teach online and help other students learn.

You can place advertisements of Google Adsense, Infolinks and other websites which will help you monetize your traffic. If you are in another field. Then you can make a related website then advertisements are a simple way to earn on the internet. And then you can write about you and you can get deals from the internet.

There are endless ways for every user of the internet.

Internet For education & development
Internet For Education

Internet For Education

The internet is very useful for the student when it comes to education & development. Student gets an immediate update of their results and other education-related stuff on the internet. The Internet can show you a huge list of universities. Anyone can get international updates on the internet immediately.

This is the most important thing which is a work of the internet. And thus, it is very important for all of us. It can be good or bad according to your style of using it. Because, the internet never forbids you to use something else. Whether it’d be good or bad so it is your responsibility to pursue a right way and not wrong one.

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