Why Finalise Content With Professional Editing? 

Content can have a huge impact on your audience.

That is true. But, presenting your brand with the wrong content is the worst mistake a brand can ever make. The incorrect content presentation will do more harm than good. And we all know that negative marketing can damage your brand’s presence to its very core.

The editing process eliminates standard and critical errors. That is why 71% of businesses claim that reviewing and editing is the most important part of their content strategy.

Positive/Negative Side

According to the study, the formal editing process can gain 50% more SEO and user attention.

And even a minor error in the presented content can have a negative impact on your audience. Majorly, it can drive your potential customers away.

AI Editor vs. Human Editor?

AI-based software can do a decent job of correcting grammar-level errors.

Some can do more than that. But still, they will not provide a personality and feel to your material.

Content is identified by its personality.

  • Educational content has its own tone of voice.
  • Marketing content is usually free-flowing and easy on the eyes.

Different categories have different presentations. And this is what engages the target audience. This is something a bit too complex for AI to achieve.

Key Points:

  • Proofreading corrects grammar errors & editing adds flow, readability, and structure correction.
  • The Media, Technology, and Education industries invest a substantial amount in content editing.
  • 78% of companies hire more than 1 content specialist for their business content.
  • 84% of marketers prefer outsourcing content creation and editing to improve productivity.
  • 30% of bloggers work with editors to professionally edit their draft content.

Why Editing Over Proofreading?

Editing does more than just correct your errors. Initially, punctuation, typography, syntax, and spelling corrections are done. And the next

phase makes content more search engine friendly. Analysis and corrections in flow, readability, & structure improve the quality

and ranking of the content. And finally, improve the tone and voice of the content to win over your audience too!

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