Machine To Human: Transcription & Data Processing

Transcription is a task that is easy on the outside but difficult on the inside. It looks like a very simple and not-so-useful approach for business, but you will be amazed at its benefits. 

By definition – transcription is the process of voice-to-text conversion. But there is certainly a lot more to it.

It is estimated that a person can speak approximately 150–170 words per minute. Most of us have had the experience of having to rewind a video clip because the spoken word was unclear. Or maybe because you missed it in the flow. That is when the transcript helps us the most. 

A transcript is very commonly used for meetings, corporate videos, and entertainment content. Other examples could be webinars, court hearings, interviews, conferences, etc. So many uses! And user understanding is not the only reason for its popularity. 

Transcripts help significantly in the rankings.

Search engine algorithms analyse the transcript and it gives you the opportunity to get more SEO benefits. Also, when the transcript is available, their content can be converted into downloadable materials. Such as PDFs, e-books, and white papers, etc. Or it can be presented as a blog for more exposure.

Long-term Benefits of Transcription 

Transcripts will be easily searchable and referable in the future as they can be easily secured digitally. 

It can also become reference material for researchers. And most importantly, having transcripts will allow you to keep a record of everything.

Presenting transcripts for your multimedia material will expand your business towards the Hearing-Impaired as well. 

Key Points:

  • The Rangoli programme leaped from 25% to 56% viewership after adding Same Language Subtitling (SLS).
  • Transcription market revenue is $1.50 Billion with 17.1% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR).
  • On average, adding transcription to the video can raise revenue by 16%.
  • Legal proceedings rely on transcriptions of previous hearings.
  • With captions on your video, you will be able to get 12% more viewers.

Software Vs. Human: What to prefer?

AI is progressing faster day by day. But when it comes to accuracy, human transcription is still ahead in most languages. 

The accuracy of AI transcribed results usually differs from language to language. But when we talk about the ideal choice, the human transcriptionist will always have the upper hand. A human can check misspoken words and utterances and present a finished copy. The correct version can represent an accurate message to the audience. It will, directly and indirectly, help your brand gain more audiences and clients, which will lead to success day by day!

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