Become Writer & Get Paid! Learn How!

Before you jump into the ocean of jobs, let’s think what kind of writing you like? When you want to become a writer, step back and think – What kind of writer you are? Do you want to specialise in specific category or you are a professional writer? These are a really different things. 

Category specific writing will require expertise in the target area.

And being a professional writer doesn’t really mean you are a best writer on the list. Professional writer writes according to the trend. They know what the client needs. That’s really the main thing.

A professional writer will convince the client with the content, not with the talk.

Your job will mostly depend on research. You will gather best information and put them in best word to craft great piece of content.

How To Start Writing & Become A Writer?

Now, let’s talk about how you can start writing. Then we will discuss some best ways that can make you professional writer, not just a good one. And then at the end, you will get tips on getting paid for your writing.  

Start writing:

1. Don’t hesitate with words. Write a lot.

Choice of word is a big issue in writing process. But, at least when you are writing, don’t let it bother you. You can always edit the draft and make necessary corrections. 

2. Understand the topic. Research to clear the doubts. 

Your guesses during the writing process can kill the outcome. Don’t make random guess, make it solid with true topic research.

3. When you research, use trusted websites or sources to gather the information.

If you take untrusted information from a site, which turns out to be a wrong fact or knowledge then it will decrease the credibility of your writing. You should prefer popular sites that can give you the assurance of accuracy.

4. Try to be Conversational. Imagine you are talking with audience. 

When I say – you can write well if you practice. Can you see any potential of conversation in this sentence?
Now, when I say – Do you want to write well? If yes, then you should invest your time in a lot of practice. Do you feel like it is a conversation?
Yes. Minor things can contribute to the audience engagement in your writing. Use of “You” and adding questions in your writing can do a great job.

5. Learn the format. Make it pleasant for the eyes.

Writing Wall of Words is like saying bye-bye to your readers. If you want to welcome then, use proper format.

6. Don’t use fancy words. Simple words do the best job. Use words that we hear in our daily life.

Can you understand – I didn’t comprehend as to why the Utilization Information Booklet was not provided?
Well, it was hard. So let’s make it simple. – I didn’t understand why the User Manual was not provided.
Doesn’t it seem easy now? Adding fancy words will decrease the readability and credibility of the piece of content unless it is intended for the academic purpose.
When you will write sentences that makes sense to the general audience, it will help the audience trust your advice. Use plain language and convey the message right.

7. Short sentences are the best. Don’t confuse the audience. People will be reading this content. 

“Let’s go to the park because I am free today and we can go there by the train of this morning.”
This wordy sentence can be more efficient if we make it short like this
“I am free today so let’s go to the park. We can go there by morning train.”

For best results, try to shorten the sentences with these suggestions:

I came to the realisation thatI realized that
She is of the opinion thatShe thinks that
Concerning the matter ofAbout
During the course ofDuring
In the event thatIf
In the process ofDuring, while
Regardless of the fact thatAlthough
Due to the fact thatBecause
In all casesAlways
At that point in timeThen
Prior toBefore

8. Use active voice. Speak in present. 

Use active voice while writing your articles.
Active voice: “The dog found his baby.”
Here, the dog is active. He is actively finding his baby.
Passive voice: “The baby is found by his dog.”
Here, the dog is not primary active party. The baby is being found; the dog isn’t finding.

9. Impeccable spelling. Use additional plugins for quick grammatical check

When you read – I want to Sea the beauty of Arctic See.
What will your mind think?
Or what will you think about this? – I am getting Board now, there is nothing to do for me.
Make sure your spellings are correct so that you can convey right message.

10. Understand basic seo. Keyword integration is the must.

Writing is incomplete without audience. And now search engine is the part of the big picture.
So, use basic SEO techniques like Keywords integration, topic research, using H1, H2 headings and etc. for better results and formatting.

11. Maintain positivity. Say things in a positive way.

When you read a comparison article, Do you want to read – don’t buy this, it sucks.
Or you will prefer to read – you might not like it because… ?
The answer is clear. Negativity is not suitable for a writer.

12. Write on point. Don’t build up.

Ask yourself:
Will you prefer article that gives you information after 100 words?
Or detailed article that gives you info in first sentence so that you know what to expect from the beginning?
Confusing the audience is the worst mistake a writer can make.
Reading Iamgoinghome will be hard for you. But it makes more sense when you write it I am going home.
Or another example, can you count this amount easily? 10000000? No. But now, do you see the difference? 10,000,000?

13. Use punctuation properly. Do not cross the thin line.


14. Try to be creative. Experiment with words and format.

There is no standard format that is best for any user or search engine!
So, feel free to experiment with words and format.
It will lead you to something that is best for both!

Improve writing:

Be A reader. You Can’t be a writer without being a reader.

It will help you understand how picky a reader can be when it comes to reading. 

Love your job. Understand your role & motivate yourself.

Readers will see your dedication and appreciation in your words. So, loving what you do is must.

Edit your content. Understand your mistakes and fix them.

Editing can help you understand your mistakes in the root. So, it will help you identify and improve your mistakes.

Read what you write. Experience being a reader of your own content.

When you are done, give yourself a chance to experience being a reader.

Understand the target audience. 
Find out what they know and what they want. 
Fact, subject or decision?

Not all audience will prefer quote, long discussions or references. So, make sure that you understand your audience before you create a piece for them.

Write with professionalism, not just with creativity. 

When we enter the professional word, our creativity doesn’t define the content. Especially when it is about informative content, we need to make sure that our content is accurate and suitable for the audience who will eventually read it.

Understand what result you expect. 
Set goals. Sale, traffic or specific audience approach?

When your piece of content is published, you should set your goals and see what results you received. After that, you should analyse the result and try to do better in next.

Note: Basic education is sufficient. But you can get writing course, if you want learning support. 

If you don’t have any inspiration then you can read books or research to get some motivation and inspiration.

Get Paid Job:

  • When ready, introduce yourself to the clients. let people know your skills. Create a social presence.
  • Create your portfolio. Start a blog. Showcase your best writing samples.
  • Create LinkedIn profile. This can help your client know you.
  • Sign up for freelance job platforms. It can be Upwork or Freelancer.
  • Participate in communities. They can be writing groups and webinars. 
  • Search for openings on LinkedIn. My personal favourite, follow the hashtags. 
  • Apply for jobs and freelance gigs. You can get started right away! 

Things To Understand:

Writing is the professional of patience. You will need to invest your time and effort in learning before you get any result from it at all. You can face rejections, many of them until you get your first paid job. But if you keep on walking on the right path, your destination of success is definite. 


To test yourself, you can try comparing your writing with other paid proof reading and writing services. It will help you understand mistakes and you will get a chance to improve them as well.

And if you are ready to become a writer, let’s take a step ahead and start your career with some of the custom study packages that will help you boost your skills and presentations!

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