Top 10 Home Decor Trends & Interior Design Trends For 2020.

The décor of your house can reflect your personality. So, when the season change, people often think of changing the theme or styling of their home décor. Well, that is not something new. That is the reason why home decor trends renew every year. And doing this change can lead to a bright change in your life as well.

While doing the change in your home décor, let’s take into consideration the change of the home decor trends that have been going on in the market recently. When we are stepping into the new trends of the year 2020, it is better to consider the new trendy home décor ideas that will help you hop into the new trendy world.

Home Decor Trends & Interior Design Trends
Live By Design

With the new and trendy design of this year, you would be able to make your home much more lively and appealing than ever before.

So, without any more explanation about the value or worth of the new change of décor in your life, we will not explore some most trendy designs and décor ideas of the year 2020 that will make your home a place where you can think of futuristic ideas without losing yourself back in time.

1.   Off-Trend Décor

If you don’t want to make a big change in your house décor then you can go with the off-trend design ideas. Many ideas will inspire you to look back into your life. With off-trend decors, your home will become a place where you can recreate your old memories and live with the past that you have always loved.

Old Memories

This will give you a chance to keep your old memories with your new year home decor trend. This is a highly appreciated idea of home décor because this will bring your old and cozy family feeling in your home once again.

New Era

What to do:

If you want to follow off-trend décor for your home then you might need to change your stylish furnishing style which will highlight the home decor trends the most. You can also decide to alter your interior or exterior designs a bit to match the trend.

2.   Swags & Easy-To-Do Décor

Do you think that any home décor idea can be easy and yet free of trendy swag? Well, yes this certainly is possible when you take the help of your creativity instead of taking the completely new pieces together in a new place.

Swags & Easy-To-Do Décor,Home Decor Trends & Interior Design Trends
Happy Home

The best and most suitable home décor option is to make the most important changes that can complement the rest of the home. And then you can make a big change in the overall décor according to the home decor trends. This is an extraordinary choice that you can make. And most importantly, with a bit of creativity, you can do much more than you expect with the little options that you have.

Swags & Easy-To-Do Décor, Home Decor Trends & Interior Design Trends
Soothing Feel

What to do:

You can consider selling the old and junky furniture and rent a new one that will not cost you much but can bring a completely new appearance. Also, changing the placement of furniture and appliances can make a huge difference that you might not usually notice.

3.   Chic Style Décor

Have you heard of this style? Well, if you have not heard then let me explain the small definition of this décor. In this décor, your home will give the feeling of happiness which includes “Live, Laugh & Love.”

Chic Style Décor, Home Decor Trends & Interior Design Trends
Live Happy

These are the most common things that we aim in a perfect family and when your decoration will inspire those feelings in you then what can be more efficient than this choice? This is a perfect idea for those who want to make their home more lively and a better place to cheer for themselves.

Chic Style Décor, Home Decor Trends & Interior Design Trends
Laugh & Love

What to do:

The idea of this decoration is to change the entire furnishing and interior so that your home can express the happy feelings that you want to express towards your family members. You can hire the professional decorators to do the décor for you or you can buy the most suitable chit décor themed items to make your home lively this year.

4.   Colour Your Home Décor

If you are a person who prefers to look at the paintings and old drawings in the free time then this might be the best idea for you to use this idea in your home décor this year. You can choose the best painting for your walls that can bring the liveliness of paintings in your life.

Colour Your Home Décor, Home Decor Trends & Interior Design Trends
Live In Art

And then you can follow the theme of that chosen painting in your home to make your entire home a distinct part of the painting itself. This is an amazing idea for those who prefer to live in a life of colors. This will help them to become a part of their favorite art this year.

Colour Your Home Décor, Home Decor Trends & Interior Design Trends
Bring Art To You

What to do:

When you have selected the painting, you should then purchase the furniture and decoration items that will help you blend your home decoration with the painting. If you think that purchasing the furniture can become a costly investment then you can simply consider renting them which will save a lot of money and you will get exactly what you are looking for.

5.   Smooth & Clean Décor

If you like to live in a place which will give away the feeling of space and a clean atmosphere then you should go with a slightly modern and spacious décor. This is usually done with a place where you can find sufficient space to create a clean and spacious atmosphere.

Smooth & Clean Décor, Home Decor Trends & Interior Design Trends
Live Simple

But, if you don’t have a huge house then you can decide to decrease the size of the utilities or furniture of your home. Or, another option is to decrease the number of furniture and make them highly attractive and suitable for your new décor theme.

Smooth & Clean Décor, Home Decor Trends & Interior Design Trends
Live Classy

What to do:

If you have a lot of stuffed furniture and decorations in your home then you should check which is necessary and which can be avoided. Make the space by removing unnecessary decors and stuff. Then, if your furniture doesn’t suit the décor requirement you can simply rent the new furniture which will allow you to make the new change the new year as well!

6.   Natural Luxury Décor

Do you love nature? Do you want to stay close to it all the time? Well, if that is true then why don’t you make it a part of your home décor this year? To make your home look a perfect place to live with nature, the first thing you need to do is to make your decorations a little more nature-friendly.

Natural Luxury Décor, Home Decor Trends & Interior Design Trends
Nature In Luxury

For example, a lot of wood and plant decors will be perfect décor ideas.

Additionally, you can choose to buy or rent furniture that will compliment your decorations and it will be perfect for your new home decor trends and decorations.

Natural Luxury Décor, Home Decor Trends & Interior Design Trends
Live With Nature

What to do:

Try to choose plants for decorations that will help you increase the oxygen flow in your home along with the beauty of decoration. You can choose the wooden racks, wooden chairs or wooden sofa for your living room and other parts of your home to make it more naturalistic.

7.   Two-Tone Décor

This might not look like a great idea but it certainly can make your home look a modern and spacious place. Choose two colors that are the perfect fit as a contrast.

Two-Tone Décor, Home Decor Trends & Interior Design Trends
Black & White, Simple and Bright

For example, black and white or wooden color with rustic color.

Doing the contrast of two colors in your living room or kitchen is the best choice. You can choose to do this either in your entire home or separately in all different parts of your home.

For example, black & white in the kitchen to give a clean feeling and wooden & rusty color in your living room to give a cozy feeling.

This can make your decoration a highly unique and yet appealing this year.

Two-Tone Décor, Home Decor Trends & Interior Design Trends
Brown & cream, Place of Dream

What to do:

If you want to follow this décor idea then you will need to change the color and theme of your entire home along with the appliances and furniture. If you decrease the investment of this décor then you can consider renting the furniture that matches your new décor perfectly.

8.   Rugs Décor

Fabric always adds love to our design. So, when you add rugs in the home décor, it increases the appeal and liveliness of your overall decorations as well. You can use unique style rugs for your walls. Using rugs as tiles will give you a soft décor feeling that will make your home a perfect and loving place to live.

Rugs Décor, Home Decor Trends & Interior Design Trends
Relax Time

You can make your décor even better with unique and artistic rugs decoration on the floor. Or you can consider using mats and other fabric materials to complement your fabric décor idea. This will be perfect for your cozy and lively decoration this year.

Rugs Décor, Home Decor Trends & Interior Design Trends
Happy Time

What to do:

Every part of your home might represent different feeling so make sure that you choose the rug colors and designs accordingly. And, this design will require you to pay more attention to cleaning so make sure that you clean your house more frequently to ensure the best experience of this décor throughout the year. 

9.   One Colour Décor

One-color décor is highly popular in modern houses. But it is not limited to modern designs. Grey, pink, peach, blue, dusky, green and red are some common colors that are highly preferred in one color theme and décor.

One Colour Décor
Peach is Simple

These are the colors that can fill your entire house graciously and your house will look like you are in the photograph of one shade! You can easily purchase or rent the furniture and other stuff to match your color theme this year! Doing this decoration might be a hard job but the result of this is worth all of that.

One Colour Décor
Brown is Sweet

What to do:

Choose the color that you think is best for your home architecture and interior. It will help you get the additional advantage from your home which will make your designing, furnishing and decorating process a little bit easier and more effective. 

10. Dark Wood Décor

This is one of the best home decor trends for those homes that have wooden sealings or flooring. But, if you don’t have anything that compliments this design that you can simply make it the way you want.

Dark Wood Décor
Brown is King

There are many wallpapers and tiles available in the market. It can help you turn your house décor upside down in a matter of a day! You simply need to make sure that every part of your house has one shade of wood. Color should complement the overall design.

For example, you should pick one color of wood that should then be in the wood of house structures (ceilings or columns), the wood of interior & exterior floors, wood of decoration, the wood of finishes, wood furniture in all rooms and wood of doors & windows.

When every piece of wood present in your home will be of the same color that you have selected, then, it will become a home wood décor of the year!

Dark Wood Décor
Brown is Luxury

What to do:

Choose the color that is best for all occasions and seasons. And in most cases, dark wood color is considered the best choice. Because it suits almost all themes and it is perfect for almost everything that you can think of.


When you choose from the list of Home Decor Trends and Interior Design Trends, you will need to use your imagination to understand which design will be the best choice for your home. This process will take time. And, you should give sufficient time in this process so that your creativity can give you the best results.

To spice things up, you can decorate the personalised craft items in your home. Unique and creative craft items will add warm and creative feel to the environment.

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