Importance Of Topic In Academic Writing

Development of theory starts with a topic. Therefore, it can be considered a topic is the most important part of your theory. Therefore, we can say that the importance of topic in Academic Writing is similar to the research importance.

Academic Writing Basics:

Proper Writing without Errors

APA Writing Format

APA Citation

Note: The Writing Format can be different as per the academic paper requirement. For example: MLA, APA & CMS

Additionally, the selection of the topic should be done with proper attention and research.

In fact, when students get a chance to select their own topics for their theory, it increases their productivity and performance.

According to the EFL (English as a Foreign Language) student’s research on Topic Selection And Writing Performance, it is discovered that students perform better on Self-selection topics rather than Teacher-assigned topics.

acedemic writing analysis and Topic Selection And Writing Performance
Topic Selection And Writing Performance

Criteria of topic selection:

  • You need to have complete knowledge about the topic that you have selected.
  • Self-selection topics should be selected based on influences, interest, and knowledge.
  • Topics should reflect the perceptions and observations of students.
  • The ideal topic should be able to act as a Focused Researched Question for your theory.
  • Brainstorming is needed to come up with the ideal topic.
  • It is highly recommended for a student to create a list of topics and then finalize best from the list.

Criteria of theory development on a selected topic:

  • Successful topic development requires skills like writing, reading, and creativity of your imagination.
  • Topic development should include natural writing of student.
  • Topic development should include qualitative studies to prove the dependability and authority of literature.
  • Teacher-assigned topics should be theorized as per the guidelines provided by the instructor.
  • The topic introduction is important to realize the effect of topic selection on your theory.
  • The topic should not determine the estimated word count of the theory. It should be based on research and explanation requirement.

S.O.C.R.A.P.R. Model for Topic Finalization

Choosing the right topic can result in impressive theory development. That is why, it is not right to neglect the importance of topic in academic writing. However, on the other hand, if you choose to develop a theory on a random topic that does not meet the characteristics of topic selection, it might just be a waste of your efforts. Therefore, it is best that you finalize your topic with a lot of brainstorming and then write a theory with extra assistance of S.O.C.R.A.P.R. Model.

S.O.C.R.A.P.R. Model

S Similarities
O Opposites
C Contrasts
R Relationships
A Anthropomorphisms
P Personifications
R Repetition

Effects of Accurate Topic Selection

When you have selected a topic that has proper authority and sense, it will bring you the opportunity of proper research as well. If you have selected a topic with the right approach then it will be worthy of academic qualitative research. The precise topic will give you an opportunity to explore new literature resources and content to get ideas about your researched theory development. You can refine your theory with the new researched ideas from online resources.

When and if the selected topic has qualitative research worth, it will provide you the following research opportunities:


While researching your topic, you will get to know the elements that are not suitable for theory. You will find the example of criticism on the work of different authors which will help you understand why it is not satisfactory for readers and you will learn the fundamentals of theory writing on that specific topic. You can view the argument, counter argument, discussions, and comments on that topic to understand the do’s and don’ts of theory development in that topic.

New Ideas:

Research can help you discover new ideas or sub-topics for your topic. In the beginning, you might have a single perspective about the theory of your topic but your research will influence you in many other ways. Therefore, it will give you an opportunity to come up with some other creative grounds of your theory description.

Historical Context:

Literature writing can become even more refined with historical context because it will give your theory more shreds of evidence which will increase the authority of your theory. You may find related historical context for your topic with the help of research which will help you add the past sources and comparison elements. It will naturally increase the importance ratio of your theory.

Interdisciplinary Insight:

There are several academic databases available on the internet such as EBSCOhost and ProQuest etc. Researching here will give you an advantage of studying your topic from several different perspectives.

Theory Of Research To Provide Validity To Your Topic Theory

Direct and trusted sources:

It is important that you understand the difference between primary and secondary information sources. When you will do your research, there will be many available sources for you to collect information, however, you need to consider primary sources. These are the direct or authorized sources or information like Wikipedia and Educational databases etc.

The need for practical sources:

Adding interviews or historical evidence can improve the dignity of your research. However, you need to understand the place where they will make the most sense. Placing historical evidence randomly will not give the result in your favor.


The importance of topic in academic writing is defined by the approach of topic brainstorming. If the topic represents research and literature worth, it can give you added advantage of inspiration and suggestions. When your topic is selected randomly just to complete the theory with words, it loses its worth and doesn’t succeed to prove its authority as a literary theory.

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