Contact Lenses – Color Differences

Apart from the eyesight improvement, contact lenses define fashion and trend in today’s world. However, it is important that you properly understand the nature of colored contact lenses before you actually wear them.

Contact Lenses Cleaning Method

Colored Contact Lenses Categories

Visibility Tint: These kinds of tints give a little tint of blue or green color.

The purpose of this tint is to enable you to make them easily visible to you. Your eye color doesn’t change with this tint. Because, it is just a feature that helps you wear the lenses more conveniently.

Enhancement Tint: These lenses have a solid see-through the color structure.

It allows you to darken your natural eye color. It is highly preferred for those who want to darken their light shade eyes with lenses.

Opaque Tint: These are considered to be fashion lenses.

They have a non transparent structure which is why they can completely change your eye color. You can find these lenses in most of the color varieties. Theatrical contact lenses are also opaque tint lens. We can see these kinds of lenses in movies and shows.

Making The Right Choice

It is not so hard to make the right choice of content lenses. You just need to ensure that your lenses are suitable for your needs. Below are some factors that you might need to consider before choosing your contact lenses:

  1. Wearing lenses at night is not advised. However, if you need to wear it overnight then you should purchase overnight wear lenses.
  2. The contact lens must fit your eyes perfectly.
  3. Contact lenses must provide correct vision from every viewpoint.
  4. Consult your doctor to get a recommendation of the type of lenses that you should wear.


Contact lenses are no longer just a medium to enhance your vision. In fact, with the different kinds of color lenses, you can enjoy the fashion along with visual perfection.

The only thing that you would need to keep in mind is the right lens selection. It is best if you consult your doctor for a choice recommendation.

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