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If you need some professional guidance on your career on your first step, so that you can ensure that you get the best opportunities, then MiniWrites Professional Career Counseling can be helpful for you.


But, of course…

Career Counseling requires investment…

And, investment requires trust.


Here I am with a “Just Right” deal for you.

miniwrites career consult

You can choose to invest in your career consultancy after the first “Free Of Cost Career Counseling” (Limited) on your skill or career.

This first step: to encourage you to take some time for yourself and for your skills so that you can access the prospects you deserve.

In case you are confused about your career…

Or you are not certain about your potential in certain area…


And you want to ensure that you don’t make a wrong decision in hesitation…

I am here to help you with all your confusions.

Here I have a plan that will help you to Increase your worth and trust area with professional language training and career planning.

I am a professional service provider and I have been in this industry long enough to understand the necessary aspects and challenges of every step of career exploration.


I will be providing you expert coaching/consult/guidance on your career whenever you need it.

Professional Consultancy

Gain Some Wisdom, Get Direction

by Mini Garg – Mini Writes Initiative

Career Counseling Plan

Start With – A Smile (That’s FREE)

Continue With – 1000 per session

Are you asking yourself why must you choose Career Counseling?

Well, here is why.

Being a career coach…

It is my responsibility to ensure that you get the consultancy advantage.

So that you can kick start your career.

Career Counseling can be a matter of big help in your career and I can be the first person to give you necessary guidance.

 Career Counseling, teaching, student, teacher

I think…

It is necessary to be guided in order to get an assured result in the end of the road.

I was lucky enough to find a Career Counselor from professional IT Consultant and Expert. It made me less confused in the matter where most of the people find themselves helpless.

teaching, guide, Career Counseling


it wasn’t IT consulting that I needed, but I did get the personalized Career Counseling at the right time that helped me to pursue my career…

… Without losing myself in the process.

Career counseling…

It can be a miracle for someone who is serious about their career.

If you are willing to make the necessary change in your management structure and career planning according to the advice then there are high chances that you will get success more than you could do before recieving Career Counseling.

This service is not just for freelancers who are stepping in this field…

I am also a job coach and can help you find the right guidance on job search and every professional aspect. Also, I am a career consultant and you can consider me a life coach and I would be glad to share the bits of my experience with you.

I will examine your potential with the personalized career test that I will create on the basis of your personality and skill. This will help you to know yourself better and you can create your own business strategy and career plan on the basis of your personal skill test.

Career Counseling…

It is just like service marketing where you enhance the potential and the coverage area of your service. So that, you can get better results of your efforts.

It can lead to a successful career planning strategy…

…And it can help you to become professional on your own career management.

Instead of buying thousands of life coaching books, it is better to get some personalized guidance from an expert.

It can be from your family, friend or Skill Coach.

Life coach education itself is an important subject that every business person should understand. You can find solutions of your problems with the right life coaching resources.

Miniwrites Online Career Counseling Services…

I’ll help you to get everything that you want from your career.

I will be your personal career advisor and will help you to give you expert guidance which will be the summary of best Career Counseling books and personalized service industry experience of decade.

It is never too late to take a step ahead for career exploration.

Career Counseling

Professional executive business coaching will be the best step you take for your career.

There is no need to make a list of investments for business and management consultancy…

And there is no need to read life coaching articles all the time

Simple advice and the right student are the perfect combination for your success.

Life coaching sessions will help you understand yourself so that you can make decisions logically.

Career CounselingIn my opinion…
And according to my experience…

It is best to seek Career Counseling when you are in need. If you think that you are in the middle of your career ladder…

Then it is best to try all options until you find your right place in the industry.

Check out Consult Plan Brochure for more details about Career Counseling service.

Note: This is not a FB specific service. You can choose Linkedin/Skype/Hangout and Facebook chat option for counseling sessions.

If you are on facebook, Leave your comment below to enlist yourself in this initiation or get in touch via FB group.



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