Cassette Tapes Craft Idea – Old And Unused Cassette Tapes. Buy Old Cassette Tapes.

We are living in a digital era. Most of the people follow the trend of digitalisation. And, of course, digitalization is advantageous and highly convenient for our lifestyle. However, what will you do with the things that are replaced with the digital revolution? Like Cassette Tapes.

Between 1985 and 1992, most of the people used to give their higher preference to the Compact Cassette tapes. Even entertainment companies and wealthy record labels were experimenting on the creative packaging designs of these tapes to make them eye catching for buyers.

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Originally, the Compact Cassette tapes were the innovation of Dutch Technology Company – Koninklijke Philips N.V. (Philips). These Magnetic tapes were designed with the Analog signal encoding. These tapes had Read mechanism of Tape head and Write mechanism of Magnetic recording head.

Basic use of compact tape was Audio and data storage.

These Cassettes had the capacity of 45 minutes recording per side in C60 and C90 formats. In advanced versions, some Cassettes had 120 minutes recording capacity as well.

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Music was not “Free Of Cost” hobby in the back of the time. If we look at the picture of a decade ago, we can clearly see that it was a costly hobby. When the Cassette tapes were in trend, people used to purchase it in much higher cost than their production value. The hit audio Cassette tapes were even more valued and highly priced. It was the time when music was the hobby of wealthy and music loving people.

However, as the time passed, Cassette tapes became expensive option and now, it is not even a convenient option. People, obviously, don’t like to choose tapes over C.D. No matter which aspect we view, compact disc is definitely better than Magnetic tapes. C.D. can be highly cost effective, durable, compact and sharable. It is a digitalized music source and now people can easily download mp3 via official source.

The fact of today is digitalization.

People can purchase and download music in reasonable prices on any device of their choice. In fact, there are thousands of sources where people can get good quality music files in their devices without paying anything.

Keeping that in mind, definitely there is no value left in Magnetic tapes for general users. There are some people who still follow the trend of Cassette tapes but it is unquestionably a rare case. Most of the people like and prefer digitalized versions of music.

So, what will happen with the old Cassette tapes? Well, there is not much that you can do with something that is not needed anymore. You can get mp3 of your Cassettes and it will save you a lot of money and a lot of space as well.

Therefore, let’s not waste the old Cassette tapes anymore. If you have any tapes left in your home and if they are unused then there are still many options that you can consider. These options will help you to explore the possibilities of utilization of unused Cassette tapes with the added benefit of cash or décor.

Sell Cassette Tapes Online

The Internet is the best purchase and selling market. There are so many buyers and similar number of the purchaser listed on the internet. Since it is a worldwide network, it is easy to sell or purchase anything on the internet.

You can sell your old cassette tapes on the internet to the people who are looking for it. Or, you can list your cassette tapes online on tape selling directories and groups so that the listing can be found by the people who are looking for old tapes.

If your tapes are in good conditions, you can get good resell value. Even if you don’t get a good amount, there are so many places where you can definitely get a reasonable amount for your treasured Cassette tapes. All you have to do is to spend some time in research so that you can find good places for tape listing.

Home Décor Crafts

Cassette Tapes

You can make a creative table lamp, home lamp and even other decorative stuff with old cassettes. For example, take four cassettes and fix them together with glue. You have to make a wall of the lamp with this cassette so that you can put the bulb inside of it.

If you want to make a medium size lamp then it is advised that you use 4 cassettes each side so that you can get good space for bulb inside of it. This is not just an ordinary craft idea. If you will try this, you will definitely fall in love with this idea.

You can make lamps with transparent cassettes or colored ones. If you have many cassettes then choose a theme for lamp creation and then you can use as many cassettes as you have. Making cassettes lamps will only enhance the charm of your place!

Useful Items

You can make a box with cassettes. The built of cassettes are strong. If you will create a box while using tapes as a wall then it will be classy, durable and appealing item for you to use in your daily life. You can keep it in your drawing room or in your personal room to keep things inside it.

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You can make a pen holder on your office table with it. This will certainly be One Of A Kind Creation. You can make the walls with tape and you can use strong cardboard to support the wall. You can fix the wall into a card board to make it a durable and appealing pen stand.

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You can use the case of cassettes to keep small things inside of it. You can even make a flower vase with the same Wall Creation Concept of old cassettes. You can also try making a flower pot where you can keep actual mud and grow a flower in it. It will be perfect for your flowers. You can create so many home utilization items with cassettes and your home will become a cassette’s theme décor place.

Other Options

Cassette Tapes

You can use cassettes to decorate certain areas of your home with it. I have given an example of this idea below. This idea can be limitless. There is no limit to your creativity. You can choose however you would like to use it in your home.

If you like unique accessories then try making cassettes bracelet. This is an interesting and unique idea for old cassettes. Or, you can decorate your purse or anything else with a tape reel. You can make a bag, purse, photo frame, dispenser, Cassette tape notebook and much more.

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If you are actually looking for creative Cassette craft ideas, then all you have to do is think what you need. You can do just about anything with your old and unusable tapes. However, if you are out of ideas then these ideas will definitely help you to decorate your entire home with a Cassette theme items.

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Buy Old Cassette Tapes

Do you like this idea? Are you out of Cassettes? Do you want Cassette? Are you interested in buying Cassette tapes for such crafts? Well, if yes then you can contact me because I have a full box of old Cassettes that I don’t use anymore. They all are working just fine.

Cassette Tapes


If you have old cassette then there is no need to feel disappointed with the digitalization. You can just use your old cassette in a different theme. You can make them useful for décor of your home. In fact, this classic décor theme will only bring charm to your place! Just give it a try and share your views!

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