Learn English – Self-Learning & Quick Course.

What is English? Is it a language? Well, of course, it is. But, does it give the feeling of a language? Of course not! We think that it is important to learn English. In fact, we consider it a part of our basic education.

When people talk about English, most of them think of it as an Educational Qualification which is definitely much different from the perception of language.

If we talk about the feeling that a language should give then it should be something like this: A language that is learned either by a native background or by your own choice. The language of choice is what makes the most difference in the learning process. It is necessary to see things clearly before you make the decision of learning any language.

In my opinion…

Even if you have to learn any language just for professional purpose, don’t just consider it a part of your duty or plan. It is much better if you make it a part of your personal growth. This will make the learning process much easier.

If you will feel like most people do, that the language learning process needs to be short and if it feels like a burden to you then this process will likely give you dis-satisfactory results. Therefore, it is best if you just skip the part where you find it trouble and just go to the part where it is something exciting and new discovery for you.

I understand the ups and downs of the language that a person can face while learning the English language. However, most of the people don’t give it much of a thought.

Well, it is necessary that you pay attention to the details of the process. Especially, when, it is necessary for you to learn a second language. You must be aware of the success ratio that you are achieving with the process.

English learning guide
English Self-learning Guide

Self-English Learning

Do you wish to expand the knowledge of the English language? Do you need to expertise the conversational English skills so that you can have a proper conversation in the English language without embarrassing yourself?

Well, this is something that will require some of your personal interest and time. You can never successfully follow and complete the personal learning process without actually having an interest in the process and efforts are definitely a necessary requirement.

Step by Step Guide

Learn To Understand

The first step of the process connects you with an understanding of the conversation. It is necessary in order to respond to other people. If you want to be capable of making conversations in any other language so it is necessary that you understand what they are referring to.

In simple words, the primary thing in the self-learning process is to enhance the understanding of vocabulary. If you would be able to understand some generally spoken words then this can be the first step of your self-learning process.

No one is an expert from the beginning. Just start with what you have and if you have sincerity in learning, you can certainly learn the basic understanding of language without much of a hassle. For added benefit, try reciting and memorizing general words from a dictionary in your free time.

Learn Language Basics

The basics of language start with grammar and sentence structure. You should learn the proper and grammatically correct sentence composition process. There is a proper sentence structure that allows you to speak the correct and understandable language in conversations.

If you are the person who is willing to give some time in this process then don’t skip the process of learning grammar. Although learning grammar can be the less fun part of the language learning process, this is one of the most important parts that will help you in all further steps of this procedure.

If you understand the basic grammar and sentence structure, then this will certainly be the added benefit for you. It will give you both a written and oral understanding of the English language. This will help you to get the best results from your efforts.

Learn The Basics
Learn The Basics

Make Conversations

In this part, when you have obtained basic vocabulary knowledge and basic grammar knowledge, you should consider starting the conversations. You should establish a conversation with the people in your group.

First, try to establish a conversation with the people who are close to you. Having a conversation in the people of your network will allow you to speak comfortably without worrying about right and wrong grammar during the conversation.

Then, when you are completely comfortable with the conversation in your comfort zone then try to make conversation with the people who are not from your comfort zone. This is the step which might be a little inconvenient for you but you need to take an initiative so that you can proceed in the language learning process.

Listen To English Literature

The easiest thing to support your language learning process is by listening to English language literature. If you have a problem with understanding English in US Accent then try to listen to the UK Accent English or Indian Accent English which will be much easier for your understanding.

Show interest in first level English television series such as Animation Movies, Animation TV Series such as KungFu Panda, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, etc. The list is endless. Or you can watch the English interview shows. Just choose what suits you the most.

If you like fighting then WWE is the choice for you. Don’t just enjoy the fight; try to understand the commentary as well. This will be very helpful for you in the process of learning the English language. If you play games then hear the dictation of characters. Possibilities are endless.

Make Corrections And Remember

Then, this is time for you to self-test yourself. Test your own written and oral skills. For communication skills, try to make conversation with someone or try to explore your views on any selected topic and record the dictation. Listen to it later and see the percentage of right and wrong grammar in your conversation.

For written skills, try writing your views on any topic or try writing your daily activities on a notebook. In my view, it is best to write it in MS Word document since it will save a lot of paper and extra investment. Apart from cost-saving benefit, you can make Track Change corrections on MS Word document which will help you to understand your mistakes and you can keep a record of your corrections.

These are the records that you need to keep for future reference. You need to see what are the repetitive mistakes in your language and then you need to make changes to your learning process accordingly. You need to make sure that you memorize the corrections so that you can avoid the same or similar mistakes in the future.

Improve Pronunciation And Try To Translate
Learn And Improve

Read E-Books, Improve Pronunciation And Try To Translate

The best thing that you can do to enhance vocabulary and improve pronunciation is reading English literature. Read out-loud without worrying about your reading speed or accuracy. When you will keep reading the language without a break along with listening to English literature, then it will be much easier for you to catch up.

You can choose to read your favorite e-book, or your favorite magazine, or any other content of your choice. Just read whenever you get a chance. And not just in your mind, read orally, not loudly, just read it so that it can improve your pronunciation and speaking skills.

For best understanding and speaking of language, try to Translate English into your native language. You can take help of dictionaries but don’t take help of automatic translation tools. This will be the ultimate language learning phase for your self-learning practice.

Write Your Daily Diary In English

After this process, it is necessary that you don’t stay out of touch. Therefore, either try writing blogs for your own website or write daily emails to the people you know or just maintain your own digital diary so that you can get the best chances of improvement.

Why am I insisting on Digital Diary, Digital E-books here? Well, this is the question that has a simple answer. If you are willing to put so much effort in a process of learning a language then why don’t you learn to enhance your English language typing speed?

This will be an added advantage for you in your daily life as well as in your career. You don’t need to do anything else for this. Just make sure that you give your major preference to E-books and E-documents in the entire English learning process. Doing this will help you master the typing skills without even adding any effort especially for this.

Free Courses And Learning Options
Free Courses And Learning Options

Free Options To Learn English Online

The learning process itself doesn’t necessarily need any kind of investment. There are so many websites where you can avail the advantage of free of cost learning. You will get all the learning material in one place so that you can learn a language without any problem.

I have checked personally a few websites and I am sharing four selected websites that I found on the internet for free online courses. You can avail the advantage of free of cost education on the internet and expand your knowledge circle for your profession or personal ease.


English lessons that are authorized by colleges and universities.


Institution authorized free online courses that gives certificate.


Easy and quick courses for 30+ languages on mobile app or web.


Authorized universities & educators offers courses on various subjects.


Free courses for learning and training with completion certificates.

These websites will be sufficient for you to get what you need for step by step learning. However, the learning process of these websites is different from each other. In simple words, these four websites are four different choices. Hopefully, at least one of the provided options will be suitable for your requirement.

English Counseling & Consultation
English Counseling & Consultation

Learn English with Quick Counseling & Consultation (Skype/G-Talk) (Paid)

The purpose of English Counseling and Consultation is to get the right advice on how to learn English language in your surroundings. There are certain things that keep you away from being successful in the English learning process and the conclusion of English Counseling and Consultation will help you to realize the barriers of your English language learning process.

For most of the people, counseling works like therapy because it helps them to get perfect guidance that they need for proper English learning. They get motivation in life so that they can understand the reason why should they devote themselves to a single language learning process.

This is the confidential counseling service that can be helpful for you before you make your language learning decision. This is recommended for everyone to take one session of English Counseling and Consultation before proceeding to the course because it can help you understand your Level Of Course requirement.

Sharing of personal information on online Chat-Based English Counseling and Consultation is strictly prohibited. No personal information will be shared unless it is connected to the language learning process during Academic Advising and Counseling Service sessions.

(1000 INR or $20/One Hour Session)
English Learning Tests & Courses
English Learning Tests & Courses

List Of MiniWrites English Learning Tests & Courses (Skype/G-Talk/Email) (Paid)

When you need professional assistance in your language learning process or when you need a teacher to guide you thru the English learning process, you can avail the advantage of a paid course. These courses will help you to achieve the best results in your self-learning practices.

It is best to repeat the test every three months or as advised until you reach the language expertise level of your choice. Also, it is best to take a course session weekly or twice a month so that you can get proper advice in your self-learning process.

The expert advice sessions, counseling, and the test will help you to improve your knowledge and understanding of the English language. It is best to consider it an opportunity to motivate yourself for better and devoted learning.

Learn English And Improve With Tests
Learn English And Improve With Tests

Learn English And Improve With Tests

(Each Test In 1000 INR Or $20 1-Hour Session) These courses are custom made for each student. Tests are for 1 session. Student would need to commit for 10-20 sessions so that I can make course for that accordingly.

1 Test Yourself – English Language Counseling

2 Test Yourself – English Understanding Level Test

3 Test Yourself – English Written Level Test

4 Test Yourself – English Grammar, Spelling And Punctuation Level Test

5 Test Yourself – English Vocabulary; Written And Pronunciation Level Test

English Language Confidence – Conversational English Course

English Language Confidence – Written Grammar Course

Newbie Poet – Poetry Writing Course

Academic Writer – Educational Writing Course

Become Author – Book Writing Course

*Note: For any of the course or test inquiry, connect via skype - MiniWrites. 

If you want to learn English via skype lessons, following are the available payment options:

Pay Via Services.Miniwrites.Com (India),
Bank (International)
Or Paypal (International).


It is not necessary that you pay for education. The Internet is always available for your help. However, you can get some paid assistance for your self-education sessions. Either way, it is your own choice how to make it easy for yourself to pursue your language learning process.

In my article, I tried to cover all basic knowledge of English learning options. Options to learn English, free and paid both. Taking a step toward education is always a better choice for you.

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