The 360 Degree Picture & Virtual Reality Video Enhance The Storytelling Experience!

With the presence of virtual reality in the market, the challenge and requirement have raised to the higher level. The future of digital media is highly advanced. 360 Degree Picture & videos can be considered as a significant example of it.

In order to get complete interactive virtual experience of videos, 360° is one of the best options for video creators. It is more creative and entertaining for the user as well. However, the wide scope and area of this video make it more challenging for creators as well.

Facebook was the first to introduce popular 360° videos for users. The objective behind this advancement was to enhance the user experience and provide the content that is capable of connecting people with each other without limitation of frame.

The 360-Degree Video

360° video is capable of providing you immersive view and you will not be limited to any single frame. You would be able to look in different directions in the video. It is like you are actually in the location where you can see everything that is visible for the eye.

It is capable of giving immersed spectator user experience and this can be considered its best quality that makes people interested in it for a long time. The major flaw of this technology is that you cannot move the camera from one place to another which makes it less suitable for professional purposes right now.

The 360-Degree picture | Source:
The 360-Degree picture | Source:

The 360-Degree picture

360° camera technology is not just for video, it is also for pictures. You can take amazing pictures and selfie with 360° camera. It is possible with the advancement of technology to share stories via pictures. Now, pictures can be more than just one frame shot.

This is the brand new era of 360° camera technology where people can actually find cameras that do not cost too much. 360 Degree Picture cameras are capable of making spherical images which will introduce a new era of photography to you.

360° View | Source:
360° View | Source:

Pros & Cons of 360° Video


  1. 360° View: In general camera, the pictures are limited to a single section of the environment but now 360° technology will allow viewers to experience glory of complete environment appearance. You can view the video from all angles.
  2. 360° Control: There is a complete freedom of view in 360° videos. Viewer can decide the perfect angle to look according to their own preference. It is like the users have a liberty to control the video according to their choice.
  3. 360° Video Platform: Many popular platforms such as Facebook and Youtube are now supporting and offering 360° videos streaming. It is very simple and easy for creators to develop and publish 360° projects of their own.
  4. 360° Virtual Reality: If you will use split screen mode in 360° video then it can be translated into Virtual Reality view as well. You can simply buy inexpensive VR headset and enjoy the high resolution 360° virtual reality view of your video.
  5. 360° Creators: There are many Virtual Reality platforms such as Vive, Gear VR, Daydream and Oculus for publishing 360° videos. There are many creator products and platforms as well which will allow you to create and publish your own 360° virtual reality video.
    Virtual reality and 360 view | Source:
    Virtual reality and 360 view | Source:
  6. 360° Camera Rigs: The 360° rigs are inexpensive and can be suitable for every budget. There is a range of variety available in it so that it can be suitable for every single requirement. Personal use: Nikon’s KeyMission, Samsung’s Gear 360 and Ricoh Theta, or professional use: Nokia OZO and Google Jump Camera.
  7. Millennials And Generation Z: The Millennials and Generation Z are no longer hard to reach because 360° virtual reality videos make it easy for Millennials and Gen Z to find a similar interest.
  8. Sense Of Immersion In VR: Virtual Reality is popular from a long time now. However, 360° virtual reality videos are capable of making it much more realistic. The view of 360° virtual reality videos offers sense of immersion and presence which is impossible to find in traditional videos.
  9. Connect With User: Due to the fact that 360° VR video can offer you immersive quality and experience, these videos can actually help viewers to establish the proper connection with the digital content in a perfectly meaningful and emotional manner.
  10. Stereoscopic Sound Design: Unlike traditional videos, 360° VR videos are capable of offering you high quality sound with its stereoscopic sound design. The audio of 360° video will become a hyper effective tool that will allow you to direct the audience attention and expand your story.
    3D Filming with 360° VR videos | Source:
    3D Filming with 360° VR videos | Source:
  11. 3D Filming With 360° VR videos: If you decide to film 3D video then 360° VR video will open thousands of different opportunities and possibilities for you. It can be helpful for best video recording with its positional tracking feature.
  12. Innovative Storytelling: Since the 360° VR video itself is an amazing innovation, you can get innumerable opportunities to explore and redefine the storytelling techniques of the video. It will make your video more interesting and ground-breaking.
  13. Equipment And Editing Software: Although there is a limited resource available for general users, yet there are sufficient equipment and software available in the market for creators to develop extra ordinary 360° view digital content.
  14. Leave An Impressive Mark: Since the 360° technology is brand new trend of the digital media market, it will allow you to leave a mark of “Wow” impression on the viewers. Therefore, it can be an additional advantage of producing 360° videos.
  15. 360° To Democratize VR Content: It is quite possible that future of VR content gets merged with 360° camera technology. Since 360 Degree Picture & Video technology makes Virtual Reality content much more realistic and authentic, it is fair to consider that there are huge possibility of VR and 360° technology merger.


  1. No Hide And Seek: When you are using 360° camera for shooting then you will not get the privilege of capturing ideal frame and hiding less than ideal set or environment. You will have to be 360° prepared for shooting.
  2. No Extra People: There cannot be other people around the camera. For example, director or other actors etc. It is strictly necessary that there should be only ideal environment around the camera and live-stream from another room would be the only way for monitoring.
  3. Single Takes: Lights, Camera, Action! It is the sound that should not be heard too much. 360° camera videos heavily depend on a single take because it is really very hard to hide cuts in virtual reality 360° camera takes.
  4. No Zoom: There is no zooming in 360° camera. You cannot zoom out or zoom in. 360° camera have Work-Around advantage, for example, positional tracking paired with volumetric capturing. However, it is ideal to keep the camera as it is for the best video.
  5. Confusion In Movement: If there is are requirement of moving the rig of 360° camera then it is necessary that the movement of 360° camera rig should be motivated. For example, driving in the car. If you don’t do this then it will become really very confusing and hard for viewers.
    Extreme Smooth Camera Movement | Source:
    Extreme Smooth Camera Movement | Source:
  6. Extreme Smooth Camera Movement: No matter how small the movement is, it is necessary to make the camera movement as smooth as possible. Slight movement can cause the viewer distraction and confusion.
  7. Stitch Lines Of 360° Camera: Actors need to be careful of the stitch lines of 360° camera. If any actor will cross the stitch lines, then it can cause the blurriness and mix-up. It is hard to correct however, it is possible.
  8. Camera Rigs Capability: Right now, 360° camera rigs are capable of capturing movements and pictures accurately when lights are sufficient. However, the performance of these 360° camera rigs becomes poor in the low light.
  9. Camera Rig Warping: Another problem with the 360° camera rig is that it requires consistent distance management of at least three feet from the object in order to provide best 360° camera video.
  10. Stereoscopic Depth: In order to maintain accurate stereoscopic depth, it is necessary for objects to stay within the diameter of 20 feet. If any object is 20 feet away from the 360° camera, then it will lose its stereoscopic depth.
    Stitch Lines Of 360° Camera | Source:
    Stitch Lines Of 360° Camera | Source:
  11. Extensive Editing: 360° video editing is hard since they require 360° labor intensive and 360° set dressing editing which takes much more time and effort than any 4K full resolution video. It is best to avoid mistakes that require editing in the video.
  12. Incompatible Textures: Although the 360° high resolution advanced videos are now in trend, still there is a requirement for current technology to advance enough to meet the expectations and requirements of people. It is necessary that all devices and sources are capable of handling 8K textures and video.
  13. Expensive Video Shoot: Since the 360° high resolution videos are in new in the market, they are also expensive option for shooting. In order to produce good 360-degree content, it is a necessary requirement to have a good budget for the investment in this task.
  14. Limited Apps: Although there are so many applications available in the market but still they are not enough to fulfill the requirement of everyone. There are still some uncovered and hidden areas where you might feel that 360° filming is lackluster.
  15. Compatibility And View: The 360 Degree Picture and video is maintained only when the receiving device is compatible of 360° content. If not then the video and picture will lose its interactive panorama feature and you will see no special difference in it from general video or pic.

Conclusion & Feedback On 360-Degree Video And Picture

360° video and picture | Source:
360° video and picture | Source:

There are pros/benefits such as Immersive User Experience, Industry Thought Leadership and Accessibility along with the cons/limitations such as Lackluster Quality, Availability Of Equipment and Compatibility of 360° video.

We can say that it is not always a best idea to choose 360 Degree Picture & Video. However, there are some areas where choosing 360° video can be a big advantage point for you. There is no doubt that the result of 360° video can be exceptional if you choose it for the right purpose and at the right place.

Example Of 360° Video

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