Responsibility Of A Translator And Work Provider In A Translation Job!

It is obvious that translation has become the main source of connecting people with each other. This is the only source that allows people to connect to content of other language in the most efficient manner.

For example, subtitle translation provides viewers a possibility to get suitable meaning of the sentences which might be not known for the viewer. It is possible that the subtitle might not provide you the exact word to word literal meaning but it still provides meaning that can be understood by the native language audience without them losing their interest in the subtitles.

It is adventure itself to read the subtitle and view the entire movie or serials of the language that is completely unknown for you. Talking from personal experience, it is a kind of fun to watch movies with subtitles. I have also experienced that most of the people find it rather a challenging task to read the subtitle and then understand the movie.

Well, they are right from their perspective because this is actually the procedure that you have to read every line like you are reading the book and then you have to understand the meaning of present dictated sentence.

This procedure does seem a little “Not so Easy” option of watching the movie but I will still say that I like it! I have watched Korean Dramas, Korean Movies, Chinese movies and many others with subtitles. Maybe because no other English Language Dub option was available but I still enjoyed it.

To be honest…

I preferred it more than the dubbed version because I was able to get the actual feel of the situation which is not always possible in dubbed versions.

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Now, the journey of subtitle starts from the very beginning as a job for a translator to do and for work provider to assign. Well, this is the part where subtitles are developed. Time coding, translation and proof reading… there is a lot to do before the single subtitle file is ready for an audience.


For a work provider, this is a part when “A Cookie Mixture Is Prepared” and then when it is handed over to the translation then this is the part when “A Big Cookie Gets Into The Oven”. I must say this is very delicious example but let’s talk about subtitles here.

If you are a translator then it is necessary for you to understand the importance and responsibility of this role. Same applies to the work provider as well. There are certain standard obligations that work provider and translators must follow in order to attain the best results.

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For work providers:

When we enter in the professional region of work regarding translation, decoding or another kind of work in subtitle files, then this does not count as entertainment. Entertainment sources become business and therefore it is necessary that they are understood and handled with professional business procedures.

Most important requirement of professional work area is Genuine Price so that translator can give deserving quality that is necessary for Perfect Subtitle Experience. There is a fine line between good prices, suitable prices and cheap prices. These prices will also affect the quality of translation quality that work provider will get and this is also important that the expectations of work providers are realistic when it comes to the prices and services.

According to my personal experience, I would like to say that the consistency and reliability in work procedure is the most important factor required. All work providers must follow the deadline of payments since this is the responsibility that they have towards their translation workers.

I have been lucky enough to find some good sources where I am able to rely on the genuineness of payment procedures but this is not the same with everyone in this market. Therefore, the most important thing for work providers is to take their payment deadline seriously just like their project deadline.

For translators:

When it comes to the translator, then it is their responsibility to understand that the subtitle file is not just a file, it is a file of entertainment which will be used by other people for perfect watching experience in their preferred language. Therefore, now the quality of translation will make a big difference and the result of overall watching satisfaction will also depend on the subtitle file.

When you are translating the file, you need to make sure that you understand the difference between book language and general use language. General use language provides the best experience to the subtitle users because it allows them to feel like they are watching dubbed version in their mind.


The responsibility of good translation and perfect on-time completion lies on the shoulder of the translator.

This is the obligation of the translator to fulfill the expectations of work provider since the employer is practically trusting translator for quality work done on the estimated deadline.

Of course…

The price will determine the quality of the work but it is also the ethic of every work provider that they don’t accept Cheap Costs or Too Cheap Costs where they would not be able to offer good quality translation at all. It is necessary to maintain a balance between price and quality. This is something that should never be compromised in any situation.

When a client demands quality with good price, it is translator’s responsibility to fulfil the said requirement. And if he/she fails to do that, it is against the proper conduct and professionalism of freelance work. And finally, every deal should end with the short and precise feedback so that the conclusive result can be seen. 

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