Research On The Concept Of Low Cost Paying Customers And Employers In The Present Internet Market.

Being a writer, I feel that this is my liability to understand ethics and standards of working. I believe that being a writer is a skill. But when you enter in a professional and corporate world then it is necessary to learn and follow the copyright regulations. We should not harm ethics and ISPs (Internet service providers) ethics. But I think there is a glimpse of such violation in form of Low Cost Paying Customers.


Research On The Concept Of Low Cost Paying Customers And Employers
Behavior Pattern Of Low Cost Paying Customers And Employers | Source:

Behaviour Pattern Of Low Cost Paying Customers/Employers

Feeling of superiority is quite common aspect of their personality. Although it is not actually their factual position but still they seems to believe in it. I am pretty sure that fact this is far from their actual reality but still I would like to say that they are strong believer of Bossy Behavior in front of their working team.

In fact, this situation and behavior pattern doesn’t change even when they are freelance service providers.

This is quite funny actually because I have experienced it personally. And it is a fact that there is nothing more important than a feeling of superiority for most of low budget employers.

I have worked with many Low Cost Paying Customers/Clients and I must admit that not all of them are same but most of low paying employers are willing to question your skills just to show their knowledge. Most of the employers prefer using blunt languages with one side fairness.

I also found out the fact that use of the words like mistake and correction are now replaced with better words like blunder and deduction. If you want to improve your skill then they can really help you but some will actually underestimate you unnecessarily.

I really don’t understand and neither have I favored this kind of concept but yet I can’t ignore the fact that this is the condition of present freelance market of low price.

Research On The Concept Of Low Cost Paying Customers And Employers
Fake or Genuine | Source:

Genuine Or Not? Who Decides?

Anther very major problem that I discovered in the low budget employer’s market is the lack of genuineness. Work ethics and standards are at stake here and let me tell you that these kinds of things are already compromised to the unfair level. I just don’t understand the concept of unfair traders.

I mean, if you make a mistake and then problem occurs in your deal then this can be viewed a matter of wrong situation and wrong time, but not always. However, when someone does this willingly with the intention of not paying the person who actually provided you work sincerely then I don’t find any other fitting word to use for this situation because Fraud is the actual personality definition of such employers.

It is becoming really very hard to identify fraud people in low price market because this is actually a market filled with a lot of people with great expectation at lower than minimum payouts.

Personally, I would suggest people to be sure about doing some research about the employer at least on the internet so that you can find the information if someone has already marked that specific employer as a fraud one.

Research On The Concept Of Low Cost Paying Customers And Employers
End and beginning of creativity |

Where Does Creativity End?

In broad market of content, you can find big words about content creativity and innovative content but do people actually comprehend the meaning of it? I mean, do people actually need that kind of service because they certainly don’t seem to expect suitable budget for it.

From employer’s perspective, it is hard to trust everyone but that doesn’t mean it will come in the way of genuine dealing. For example, I had an idea about team development so I hired one content writer. I discussed all the details of payment and shared the deadline but unfortunately that was not a success because the writer could not comply with the deadline.


I returned writer’s work because that was just one article and I dropped the idea of teaming irresponsible people. That means I became more careful but that does not mean I ended up being bossy too. There is a big difference between straight forwardness and nonsense behavior. Well, I think people have to identify the thin line between these two behavior patterns.

Research On The Concept Of Low Cost Paying Customers And Employers
Creativity in Customers And Employers | Source:

陰陽 ☯ Yin And Yang Of Creative Industry

As Chinese philosophy and religion clearly dictates, this ☯ sign is a mixture of good and bad. Dark side represents the negative and dark part of our personality and light side reflects positive and bright side. It also reflects the motive of quality in feminine (yin) and masculine (yang) personalities. Same applies here in the creative service industries.

I have worked with many clients and I appreciate when I find someone who points out your mistake genuinely and also appreciate for the hard effort that you put in your work. I have a worked with clients who don’t actually pay you too much but at least they know how much is below genuine cost.


I like to see innovation and appreciation in my work, no matter what the cost is. I am always ready to accept the collaboration opportunity when the client or employer understands the importance of sincerity and work ethic at least.

Good behavior is always top on my client listing. I appreciate clients when they have good behavior because I don’t have a business that just pays me well, I believe in having a business that allows me to feel good about my skill and contribution to the industry.

But of course…

There are both kind of people and I can argue about importance of good behavior in the industry but I will still say that it is really very hard to reach to a specific result of your discussion when the topics are about importance of ethic and behavior. You can really say which one is most important and which one is least.

I think Yin and Yang balance would be the best idea.

Research On The Concept Of Low Cost Paying Customers And Employers
Genuine Customers And Employers | Source:

My Step Forward

“Since I Am In A Content Industry, I Have Personally Experienced Many Frauds. Therefore, I Understand How It Feels When Any Fraud Service Provider Becomes Your Client. So, On My Website, I Have A Listing Of Fraud Service Providers And I Welcome Content Writers To Do Their Contributions So That No Other Beginner Could Face The Situation Like This. I Would Certainly Like To Do Something Big On This Matter Because I Really Want This Kind Of People To Find Their Rightful Answers.

Other reference links that might be useful for your reading:


I will look forward to hear from you. I will appreciate your reviews and feedback on Work Ethics And Rights Of Online Market.

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