What Is Music? Are There Any Boundaries?

There are just so many languages in this world and every language has different categories in this music world. There are so many singers and writers and there is a huge list of songs. But there is a question “What is music of choice?”

Do people choose to like their native music or do people choose the music that attracts them? Well, both aspects are true.

Music is valued by people around the world. Music can satisfy almost all kinds of listeners and there are so many listeners who don’t even know the meaning of a song but yet they like listening to it.

Many of the songs on our favorite list don’t belong to our native language and yet it is a pleasure to listen to them. Most of people know English with their native language but there are not so many around the world who knows other languages. These languages have different categories and people like to hear some of these songs because of the music and perfection of singer attract them.

Lyrics-Music Connection
Lyrics-Music Connection

Lyrics-Music Connection

Everyone likes to have a good song. A song that has nice music, great lyrics and appealing video, we like that instantly. Lyrics are the most important part of a song. Why? Because music can not work if the lyrics are unimpressive and idle.

A writer have the responsibility to think about a situation and suitable words in a lyrics. Because, it is not a poetry where your focus should be mainly on rhyme. Here, you have so many choices but the main point says that a writer should write sensibly and nicely to express the meaning of its own.


You’ll see a song with great music but not every-time there will be the best lyrics. Then again, what is right music choice of people? I am sure you hear this often. You will surely listen to the song that has good music but not attractive lyrics. But eventually you’ll get bored and then you’ll have to listen to the song with nice lyrics-music combination. A song needs to be completed with lyrics-music combination to gain fame and identity.

There are so many songs and this counting is higher day by day but we don’t even remember some of these even after hearing them.

Reason Of Choosing Music
Reason Of Choosing Music

What is the reason?

The reason says that those songs didn’t impress you and that is the reason why you do not have any interest in those songs and some songs we like so much and remember from the first time because of music and lyrics. In the video, there is also a responsibility to create a specific background and location to make it even more impressive.

The video needs to be created nicely and professionally to gain reputation. Because a video is more challenging than a movie. We get 3 hours in the movie but only 5-10 minutes in a video. It is just too short and a movie can hide the tiny deficiencies of its own. But it cannot stay hidden in a video.

A video is a short movie or a short part of someone else’s life. 

And, you have to think about this situation and the video should be a perfect picture of that. If the video contains good music, good lyrics, and a suitable direction then there is nothing more needed in your video. It will be considered perfect and attractive and would be loved by all.

Entertainment Sources

Entertainment Sources

We usually talk about television and music when we talk about entertainment. But, the time is changing and I think the role of television was replaced with the home computer.

Whoever knows the computer would certainly say that computer perfect machine. You can do anything with it! It is an all-rounder machine which has everything in it.

Computer attracts people of all age group. 

For Kids

Kids Like to play computer games like Need For Speed racing and combat games. This is a different world for kids where they can enjoy the space games like angry bird games and many more!

For Job

The computer has a perfect solution for home-based workers. And, it is easy for them to keep soft data on the computer and to keep everything managed. Why? Because of the softwares like Microsoft Word. It gives them a lot of amazing facilities. Users like students, job workers, home managements experts and expanses chart creators, etc can use the computer for their ease.

For Business

There is more to do with this super machine. There are so many software choices available on the internet to buy or as freeware to download and use. It helps in business and some businesses are totally dependent on the internet and of course with computers.

And of course, the Internet is the second perfect entertainment source. Because, you can access music and media directly with the help of internet.

Internet & Music Connection

The internet has made it possible for people to connect with a different kind of music very easily. Everything is accessible for everyone on the internet. Sites like YouTube make it easy for people to browse and discover new music. People discover the music along with their other hobbies with the help of the internet. And that also creates opportunities for new singers and artists of the industry.

In short, it is right to say that the internet has helped a lot of people all around the world to establish and create new audiences who appreciate their skills and talent.

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