Revenue Sharing Websites & Uses.

Revenues are spread over the internet for online publishers and this is a big topic on the internet. Because countless publishers are looking for the right revenue sharing website. Revenue sharing websites are commonly effective for those who are looking for well-paying advertisement website.

So many scams are there and so many peoples could not get what the think they should get. Then there could be another way which is called revenue sharing website. These websites are based on third party Accounts which means you will get an account. But via revenue sharing website and for this, they will charge you in percentage when you will get payments.

Revenue Share & Google AdSense

Today Google Adsense is in the list of highest paying website. And it pays good amount to their publisher. But the main problem which everyone knows that Google Adsense has some typical rules and these rules are problematic sometimes.

So many publishers couldn’t get Google Adsense account. And once you are declared not able to get Adsense account then there is no other way but to consider something different. There are so many websites which are providing publishers account but they are not paying worth.

Why AdSense Revenue Sharing

There are so many websites which are called Google Adsense Revenue Sharing Websites because they provide you third party account of Google Adsense. And they get some percentage from your earnings. You can read what percentage of the amount would be deducted from your earnings.

This point would be clearly written on the website when you would register. But I would suggest you to see on the internet what other people think about a specific website. This is the right way to choose the right revenue sharing website.

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Why Rare

Revenue sharing is a very famous word for Google Adsense because Google Adsense is said to be the highest paying advertisement network. And it is said that Google Adsense has hard policies. This is a problem for some publishers because they could not get approved Google Adsense account for their website sometimes. Mainly because of “Insufficient content.” And sometimes because of “Not in our criteria.” This is a big trouble that is hard to fix.


There are so many websites who have Google Adsense approved the account for their websites. And they say that Google Adsense really pays well! There is a trouble for those who do not have a Google Adsense account due to some reason. But they want to earn money from online advertising.

Best Options

Here is the best option which is called revenue sharing websites. These websites give the user a chance to get Google Adsense account. And then publishers could use the Google Adsense high paying service.




There are so many websites which can provide you Google Adsense account. But they take a small part of your revenue which meant they will take a small part from your earning.

For example, if you have a Google Adsense account of 20% revenue sharing, your earnings are 100$. And when you will get paid, you will receive 80$ and 20$ would be deducted as a revenue-sharing fee.

Still, Google Adsense is the highest paying and Google Adsense sharing websites is also well-paying websites.


First read about revenue sharing percentage and then create an account on revenue sharing websites. This is a decision of responsibility and matter of payments. So, must check the reviews of internet users. You can find it on internet forums and blogs.

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