Psychology: Understanding Human Nature & Behaviour.

Psychology is a science of mind and human behavior. It helps us to observe the mental conditions of a person. The psychology has its numerous definitions because there are so many great psychologists who contributed their researches, point of view and ideas to develop the psychology subject.

Psychological Dimensions:

Psychology and anthropology provide a different description of the human mind and human behaviour. Everything that we do is determined by our mind and Psychological Dimensions do their part to establish a proper environment for proper idea establishment in our mind.

There are many different cultures, environments, and societies in the world which affect the human mind psychology. Human mind catches interesting things or behaviors and then they become a part of your own personality.

So, significantly you will learn from the things around you.

Human Learning Cycle  Psychology
Human Learning Cycle

Human Learning Cycle

Whatsoever you find so obvious around yourself can be the part of the human learning cycle and it can provide you knowledge that is sometimes crucial for our life. We can say it is basic psychology and nature of human being to understand things in different and creative ways.

Additionally, desire or interest plays the most important part of psychological development. Every person thinks differently and everyone possesses some internal or individual qualities, skills, and behavior of preferences which lead our mind to catch the good and preferable things. So, we can say that psychology is actually a science that reveals your true self and helps you to do useful advancements in your life.

There have been many literature contributors in human psychology subject and development of field theory (Kurt Lewin, a Gestalt psychologist, in the 1940s) is one of the most evident examples of it. This theory explains the pattern and fields of our mind. The psychological interaction method and physical phenomena are described in this theory.

Types Of Theory

There have been many types of theories, including – Developmental Theories, Grand Theories, Mini-Theories, Emergent Theories, Behavioral Theories, Cognitive Theories, Developmental Theories, Humanistic Theories, Personality Theories, and Social Psychology Theories. These theories represent different patterns and structures of our persona and psychological state.

Researchers work to find the exact pattern of human behavior and interaction. Theories of psychology are the work of their research and study that represent patterns and interaction behavior structure of our mindset in different situations.

Presenting Your Own Point Of View
Presenting Your Own Point Of View

Importance and Advantages Of Presenting Your Own Point Of View!

The point of view of every single person holds different ideas. We can find distinct advantages in everyone’s point of view. If we will analyze a few then we will find out the advantages of the personal point of view and individual point of view. And of course, everyone’s own point of view differs from each other and that is what directly leads to the differences in everyone’s personal and individual point of view.

Everyone takes and understands the things, matters and situations in their own way and they present their own point of view on the subject or situation which definitely stays advantageous for the one who is presenting and the one who is involved in it.


People who present their point of view freely with others, they include their conceptions and beliefs to reach any conclusion or result so the point of view of people is subject to change from person to person and it provides different advantages as well.

But a changed point of view advantage rests different and new ideas and reflects or highlights new things and the possibilities of the matter which helps us to gain deeper knowledge about the specific subject or topic.

And when we exchange our point of view with others so its advantages significantly become more highlighted and thus we finally see how beneficial and satisfying presenting our point of view could be. And when we talk about point of view sharing, then we cannot miss Group point of view sharing at all.

Group Point Of View Sharing is really very beneficial for the enhancement of our knowledge.

Viewing different kinds of point of view and presenting your own Point Of View helps you to understand the real piece of knowledge and to enhance your intellectual power.

Additionally, sharing and listening to the point of view also reveals the hidden points that you might have missed and explores the knowledge that you can gain for even better understanding.

Thus we can say that the point of view sharing will help you to understand your skills, and also to polish them. As a conclusion, we can say that presenting Point Of View provides us various advantages and helps us to discover our qualities and deficiencies so that we can make enhance our knowledge and decrease our deficiencies. And also sharing the point of view enhances your personal knowledge in the process!

Gift Of Creativity
Gift Of Creativity

Imagination: The Gift Of Creativity…

Our imagination is a God-Gifted talent of every human being. We have excellent minds but the absence of care and curiosity creates the differences in mental powers and capabilities. Nevertheless, still, this is not a temporary gift; you can polish your imagination anytime.

The ability to imagine things from different and out of the box perspective is the most creative part of human brain functionality. We can imagine our dreams that could be similar to dreamland. Basically, imagination does not have any limitation of reality at all.

Human Brain & Imagination

It is the fact that the human brain is capable of imagining things without any limits. However, sometimes we restrict our brain with the chains of thoughts that become an obstacle in our creative approach. In most of the task, we handle in our life, the creativity of imagination can be really very helpful.

When we look at any object or person, our mind creates its picture to show us and here, our imagination tells us the difference between attractive-ugly, notable-ordinary and memorable-forgettable, etc. We take these suggestions of our imagination and then we keep some remarkable pictures safe in our minds.

We can think of our mind as a machine that records the main highlights and major points of the visuals that we see. It is hard to remember every single detail, however, our mind allows us to archive some pin-point data that allow us to structure a different mind structure and imagination itself.

Image - Imagination
Image – Imagination

Image – Imagination

This is a simple procedure that converts the views into imagination. All that we see significantly contributes to our imagination and polishes or nourishes our imaginative power.

We all have the imaginative power and we all use it in different parts of our lives in different patterns. The only difference is in our habits, schedules, preferences, flexibility, thinking, and environment. These aspects can change the power of imagination level but still, the gift of creativity stays as it is!

Imagination is the most creative gift that every human being possesses. If we are capable of thinking then we are capable of imagining. In fact, dreams and nightmares are also part of our imagination circle. The imagination circle is considered to be the most important factor that influences our psychological development.

In fact, many major companies adopt the imagination freedom policy for their employees so that new ideas and new perspectives of their present approach can be presented. Giving employees the freedom to think and present their ideas improves the efficiency of work and it creates a better work environment.

Basically, we can say that imagination is the most important part of our life.

No matter what we do, imagination is always the best support we have to develop ourselves and it allows you to find a better persona of ourselves as well.

Feel the feelings
Feel the feelings

Feel the feelings: There is Truth behind true feelings…

The test to know your innermost truth.

There are so many feelings you can notice every day and it is usual to feel like you have uncommon feelings too, like you are special, like you are feeling something that others not feeling.

What is the fact?

I think that mind is like a computer and it gives the same feelings to everyone. But we all ignore what we think unnecessary and we catch what we like. This is something like computer settings, everyone who has a computer, creates its own settings or installs a different kind of software according to his need or wish.

For example,

I like to install Games and creative software in my PC and My brother like to install different software of his use.

All the difference is in choices of the mind.

We all are aware of all feelings but still, we need to understand that we do not understand it all!

Test Yourself

Let’s take a test of ourselves…

Start with me. And here is what I want you to do.

Copy these questions on text/word document. Just sit at ease and think for a while and answer these Questions attentively –

  • Q. What is your Name and describe the quality of your name. Do you like your name? If yes then describe why?
  • Q. What is the specialty in you? Write down your Qualities and creative arts here.
  • Q. Do you think you can judge others without saying a word?
  • Q. What are the things that you hate? Write down the things that embarrass you or make you feel anger. Things that make you cry.
  • Q. What are the things that can make you laugh at any time or at any moment of your life?
  • Q. Write down your desires for the future of your family.
  • Q. Write down what you expect from life in your future as a gift? What is your wish?
  • Q. What would be the one wish to go in the past and change one thing? ( For others and not for any family members or you.)

Now remove all the questions from your document and now you have the answers left.

Remove the gaps between your answers and then read it once again as an article…

This practice is useful for the mind and it gives you satisfaction. It is highly useful for the people who stay reserve and don’t like to share things with others.

It gives you a chance to say what you want or who you are without telling a word to anyone.

Do it with your true attention and you will find it is the truth!

This would be a perfect article of you, a description of you, and a story of you.

New generation VS Old generation
Quotations and Sayings

Quotations and Sayings- Mixture of philosophy and experience.

Quotation is a thought of a man that expresses his own feelings. Anything that is written logically could be a quotation. Quotation does not have any particular subject or category of its own because every unique thought can create a brand new category which can be identifier category of the quotation.

A quotation is a short and simple line that has a meaning and/or that teaches something. It can be an experience of you or an idea of you or any suggestions.

A quotation can not be of a particular category. For example, there are some quotations:

  1. Motivation alone is not enough. If you have an idiot and you motivate him, now you have a motivated idiot. – Jim Rohn
  2. Growth, in some curious way, I suspect, depends on being always in motion just a little bit, one by another. – Norman Miler
  3. Peace of mind is not the absence of conflict from life, but the ability to cope with it. – Mahatma Gandhi
  4. People who look for the easy way out seem to have trouble finding an exit. – Louis Bromfield
  5. Worry pulls tomorrows cloud over today’s bright sunshine. Adrian Rogers
  6. If God shuts one door, he opens another. – Alexander Graham Bell
  7. It is better to hold out a hand than to point a finger. – Amish Proverb
  8. Doing your best is more important than being the best. – Shannon Miller

Quotation teaches the lesson from the education or experience. Saying always has it’s moral and it is not only a thought but teaching. Saying necessarily contains something inspiring.

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