How To Identify Fraud On The Internet?

Usually fraud people don’t deal differently so it is hard to identify the difference between fraud and genuine dealers. I also work online and deal from too many people so I also face all kind of peoples. Some are fraud and some are genuine. So how do I Identify Fraud On Internet? 

Well, my way is really very quick and simple. I can tell you in a minute if the person is genuine or not. Well, this does not happen with all the cases because my results are based on internet knowledge and if there is no review about the people then I can not judge him/her. 

That is why, I always advise people to publish on the internet whenever they face any online financial fraud in their work, deals or in any other way. This is not the publicity of that company/person or agency, if the company is wrong and fraud then it will help people to identify it as a fraud and this will keep them away from it. | Judge Fraud People

My Methods Of Identify Fraud On Internet:

  • If you are dealing with online company/person or agency then its online presence is important so make sure to take a link of its webstie/linkedin/facebook profile for reference. And mobile number if possible.
  • These days, people usually prefer chat or skype so must add them for chat and clear all the payments, work related things before taking work. No one minds this if the company/person or agency is genuine.  
  • Keep good and professional language and keep professional attitude. I work and deal with so many people all around the world and if the working and work provider both are professional then you will never need to face such fraud situation.
  • Do not hesitate to mail for your payment and make the deadlines for all your works. Follow the deadlines. I provide the deadline oriented work and most of the time I provide work before the deadline. This keeps me away from deadline tensions and I manage all the things easily. | Identify Fraud People
  • When company contacts you for your services then you should necessarily search its reputation on the internet. Know how? Lets find out:
    • Copy the Email ID of a person or company
    • Open Google search Engine (
    • And then search this: “Copied Email ID
    • You would need to paste the copied Email ID of work provider company in these commas “” and then search! 

There are so many other ways to identify the fraud people but these all are highly trusted and personally judged by me. So, if you have any other advice/tip/suggestion/fraud checking way then definitely share it here so that we can make it a place to find. I will appreciate if you will share some websites, links, suggestions or advices for fraud identification and complaining.

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