How To Get Search Ranking With Backlinks?

I think you would be aware that backlinks are power drink for website search engine rankings. It affects significantly but it is also true that the role of backlink is dependent on the process. Only good backlinks can give ranking to a website. Therefore, before you start creating backlinks, it would be better if you learn how to get search ranking with backlinks.

Now it is a question that, ‘how to get search ranking and what is the quality of backlink?

What is this category for? 

There would be so many questions in your mind.

First thing you would need to understand is the proper procedure of Backlink creation that can lead to the proper ranking.

Basically, for search engine algorithm, backlinks are sign of websites popularity and trustworthiness. That is true regulation of search engines and it is the most popular rule. But, to protect this quality standard of the search engine rankings, they decided to categorize the links in two parts. These are called No-follow and Do-follow.

Link Definition
Link Definition


No-follow: A link that search engine is not instructed to follow and crawl.

Do-follow: A link that search engine is instructed to follow and crawl.


The more do-follow Links your website get, the more your website gain ranking. This is a Link wheel. But while you are a part of this wheel, you should understand that a website could not be popular without proper and trustworthy content. You need to have solid base to attract the visitors.

And No-follow links are of no value to search engine. But, if there are too many such links then search engine will get suspicious of your authority. It might get considered as spamming the web. As result, search engine could ban some or all results of related website.

Role of backlink
Role of backlink

What does backlink do for a website?

Do you know, what is the use of backlink?

And, what is the benefit of it and why the website needs a backlink?

There are so many questions and the answer is the same for each question. It says that the backlink is an accelerator for the website that can give you what your content deserves.

In other words, backlink can increase the popularity of your website and this is the reason why a website needs backlink. Backlinks can help search engine like google to recognize that the website has a worth and then search engine algorithm pushes the website up in the results according to authority and quality of backlinks.

This is truly amazing process. And, it drives traffic to your website. This is the only way to get your website on the top of the Google results and this is what search engine optimization does.

Backlinks are necessary to drive traffic to your website. And then, the more visitors you will get, the more publicity you will gain. And of course, it will result in even more earnings as well.

This works like a magic for a website. Especially, Google creates ranks between websites which is called page rank and this is depended on the quality of your content and your traffic.

Backlinks can help you increase page rank or website rank. And this is exactly the reason why backlinks are just like a party for a website. It is a medicine for a website and it heals all the gaps between the search engine and website. So, with its help, the website appear better in the results.

Types of Backlinks
Types of Backlinks

Types of Backlinks

Everyone knows that backlinks are the most important thing if you want to increase traffic your website traffic. But, there are so many things what you would need to keep in mind.

First thing you would need to understand is, ‘creating countless links is not the quick trick.’ Why? Because there are several types of backlinks that search engine recognizes differently. And you will never be able to get proper ranking without understanding them properly.

Do-follow backlinks:

Do follow is a rankable backlink category which meant that your backlink is right and it would work properly for your website because google considers it a quality backlink. There are so many tools to check the backlink type but there is one easy way that I can tell you. If you are Mozilla Firefox browser then you can easily know it.

Just right click on the website page

Click on the inspect element

Select inspect element with mouse (Ctrl+Shift+1)

No-follow backlinks:

No-follow backlinks are insignificant for search rankings. This kind of backlink is useless for google search engine. No matter how many no-follow backlinks you would crate, it will not add any value to your website. Backlink quality is necessary to get the result according to your need.

I have shared a Link Quality Checking Mozilla Technique with you. And here is another one. This is for Mozilla Firefox browser.

Right-click on the website page and select “View page source”

One window will open and then press “ctrl+f” to find “follow” on that page.

This will give you true information.

Improve Ranking
Improve Ranking

Create Backlink To Improve Ranking

Creating backlink is useful for website traffic and ranking. It works like medicine for a website. Quality Backlink can enhance the page rank of your website. Everything is a part of the chain.

This chain starts from Website and goes directly to the links that are divided into two categories which are no-follow links and do-follow links. Then this chain goes to the traffic and page rank which shows the stability of a website. And then, there are so many other ranks and results which are effected by quality backlinks.

Website is your internet home and backlinks are guests who appreciate it.

Page rank or website rank is a quality check and resemblance rank which is closely related to backlink.

Quality Backlinks
Quality Backlinks

Get Quality Backlinks

There are so many ways to give backlinks to the website. But giving a link is not enough. Because, there are several kinds of web-links which can be categorized as quality links as well as useless links. There are several ways for this. Here are some effective and proven way to get quality backlinks.

Forum signatures

Forum signature or siggy is the link that a forum user get automatically in the end of his post in the forum. And, it is considered a powerful link for ranking. It works great for the website. Because Due to the strict rules of quality forums, it is not easy to get many for your website. And if you do get a few then there are chances that it would be considered spamming. It might not be a long-lasting technique. You can stay connected with forum links. But, it is not the whole world of link building. There are many other ways of creating links that you would need to try.

Blogs/Articles comments links

Blog/article comments are considered good and quality linking. It happens only when you know two things: First – the blog is offering do-follow link in comment and second – comment should be relevant to the original context. It should not look like spamming. This is an easy way but there are some issues like approval of comment and all that so it is not guaranteed links generator technique.

Individual Blog links

If you are creating link for link building purpose then it is definite that you have a website. And if it is a Blog then doing internal linking of website in related topics is a great idea. It will be a quality linking when you will offer a reader necessary information along with suitable internal link references. It is called quality do-follow linking which can help you get ranking. However, don’t over do it. There are several rules and every rule holds its reason. Just understand the rules of linking and then you are good to go.

Directory submission

Directory submission is a professionally built system for this purpose. It provides do-follow links easily for a website. As I said, it is developed website listing purpose, you can get considerable amount of links without being considered spam. This is idea option to choose because there is great flexibility in it.


Guest Blogging

Guest linking and Guest blogging are one of the most efficient ways to get the ranking of your website. Create a piece of content that, you think, will give the value to the readers. It should cover the requirement of search intent. When you will give you link to such post then your guest blogging will give you amazing results.

Also, if you will link to the post of some other website that is relevant to your topic then it will give you great ranking boost. For example, if you have written a blog on Search Rankings then you can get your link as a reference in this, ‘How To Get Search Ranking With Backlinks?’ blog. Or, you can find another similar blog that is established from a considerable amount of time so that the search engine can recognize their links. This is the right answer to your question, ‘How To Get Search Ranking’.


Pinging is also a link building function. But it is not exactly as powerful as other linking methods. It works like healing but not without other types of link. Although it is not a useless source, but it works combined with other link strategy. Or say, it works a little and it is not significantly noticeable in search ranking if you do it along. Basically, it might not be the answer to your, ‘How To Get Search Ranking’ question.

Other Link Building Strategies

There are so many other link building strategies like link exchange and software link building which can provide you rank. But that can never be long-lasting because it is not the right way to get links. There are high chances of being considered as spam and it is not good for the website.

SEO For Ranking

SEO is a great service for all the website holders but it is mainly for the people who have a business website. there are two reasons of it:

First of all, most of the personal website users create their blogs or websites on the free services websites like, or, etc. they don’t even think to drive unlimited users on their websites.

And the second reason is, they commonly don’t spend money on their websites so this is a part where they think it useless because it is a thing which does not give you quick results, it takes time and a website holder’s trust.

Search Engine Optimization is a service that provides you an upgraded ranking on Search Engines like Google, Bing, etc. It is a paid service.

SEO Process

It takes a period of time to show result but it is a very useful service for every business website holder. every business needs to grow higher and SEO is called “The key of Quick success” because usually, it takes more than a year to make your identity on the internet.

And to be famous on the internet as a website is difficult because there are countless websites appearing every day on the internet. so, there are only two perfect ways to get noticed in the crowd; Either work hard on your website socially and other way or Pay for it which is called “SEO”.

Benefit and Uses of Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is a Multi-Use Service. It is useful in Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other rankings.

When you take the Search Engine Optimization Service, it gives your website a chance to be perfect because they judge your website and decides where your website should appear and which keyword would be right.

There are so many things which we don’t notice; it is optimized by Search Engine Optimization.

More and more visitor visits your websites and your ranking becomes good on Search engines.

Your result appears on the front page of your desired keyword.

Care Tips

There are so many Search Engine Optimization Services providers but some of them are not trustworthy.

First thing you should see is a client list and public view about that website. There are many forums and people write there about their experiences.

See the traffic rank on Alexa to find out the traffic of a website.

There are so many things you can do but these are some of the most common ways.

You would be aware of some other things or ways of SEO care tips, so just post a comment and share it with visitors.

Research about the search engine optimization company and search for the customer’s reviews so that you can get more information about the SEO service of a specific company.


There are so many peoples who believe that the manual link building strategy is best. And I agree to that. Why? Because it is the truth. Manual link building is the strongest known type.

If you want to learn ‘How To Get Search Ranking’ then manual ranking is the beast way. Another most important thing that every link building user need to understand.

“Greed in need is the most lethal poison.”

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