My Deep Sea Experience | Story By Mini garg | My Imagination story for kids.

It was a time of summer.

That was a perfect day for me because everything was going really great! I saw new places along with my best friends! Usually, I used to visit there with my family but this time the trip was arranged by the school so I was really enjoying the freedom of this travel and tour!

I ordered pizza for me! I went out for an hour without permission! I took so many pictures without worrying about numbers! Well, now I am trying to express the original value of freedom. No one actually counts photo numbers when you have digital camera and neither did my family but I just tried to explain the excess of restrictions.

Deep Sea Diving
Deep Sea Diving

Anyway, that was my fun filled tour. Just I and my friends were with me. Both were thinking same thing and it was amazing experience for all of us. We were traveling in the train that was taking us to our destination.

We all were enjoying the beautiful scenery of blue sea that was spread all around us. The sea was just too big. Bigger than our imagination! We all were gazing at the scenery and I was enjoying full freedom so I was standing at the train door for this! Some teachers forbid me for that but I was enjoying too much from there so why would I always stay in safe side. I know nothing is wrong in standing here. I am still in the train, aren’t I?

To say the truth, I don’t like sea and water experience but it Is not too bad from the distance. Actually, it is amazing! I could notice that I forgot about everything when I started to gaze at the sea. In our tour, the sea diving view was also included. We were going to see how divers do this.

Deep Sea Experience
Deep Sea Experience

I really felt happy when I heard about sea diving view because I just don’t like sea diving at all! Why would I go in such a deep sea which is filled with wild and unknown fishes and other creatures! No way!

Well, i was enjoying the view of sea from the door of the train. I could see that our destination was near!

I think it was not too far for a train. Maybe a distance of few minutes or half an hour! But suddenly, the train got some problem and it stopped with a sudden pull. It was really very hard shock and everyone who was standing in the train fall on the benches and, I, I was standing on the door so what could have done with me?

Well, that was worse possibility that actually happened. I fall down in the wild ocean! Woosh!!!

That was freezy experience and it was filled with fear! The sea was really very frightening. The teachers came there from their cabin and then quickly gave me life jacket to wear. I really didn’t know anything about it! What a horrible joke that was!

Anyway, I pulled myself over that jacket. That was the only thing that came in my mind so I did that! I could feel the presence of fear in my body! I could no longer bear this situation. It was so frightening!
Our stop was just too near from that sea area but of course, I was not aware of the skill of swimming so how could I cover that horrible distance?

Surprisingly, one diver came from the train! That was a well-dressed person in diving costume; perfectly dressed and well skilled in swimming. I really took a sigh of relief that there was someone who could pull me back to that train!

The diver or swimmer came down and helped me to wear the life jacket. Finally, I was in the train and that time, I really missed the restrictions of my parents. If I would have listened to the teachers then I would be in the train instead of in the sea!

Finally, we reached at the destination of our tour. I was really very frightened about the sea now. From that accident, the beautiful sea was more horrible for me. The diver was one of my teachers. He realized that the fear of the sea was enhanced in my mind due to this situation.

Deep Diving
Deep Diving

So, he came to me and said, “What is the thing that frightens you the most?”

I replied, “Deep Sea.”

Teacher asked me again, “Is it because today’s experience?”

Well, I said no but that was the real reason of my fear. And of course, that wasn’t like a pleasure at all so why would I like that?

Next day, our tour’s last activity time came. We were there to see the divers! That was not enjoying for me at all. In fact, the sea was not beautiful for me anymore. I stepped backwards and then sat on the chair, waiting for the end of this vacation.

Teacher came in the diving costume and surprisingly, he was holding one more costume and was coming toward me. I looked behind me but there was no one. I looked again at my teacher and I realized he was going to ask me for diving!

Sea Diving
Sea Diving

That was really unbelievable. And yes, he asked. Actually, he didn’t even ask, he said, “Common kid, wear this suit. We are going to experience deep sea diving. It is only for 5 minutes. ”

I was surprised. Today the truth, every one there was looking him with great surprise but he was acting
like he is doing nothing strange!

I said to him, “I don’t like sea diving. I think that is not for me, At least not after that experience!” Teacher smiled and said, “It is necessary. Common, wear this suit quickly; we both will experience deep diving. Believe me. It’ll be fun. ”

Well, that was unbelievable for me. I was thinking that restrictions are much better than these kinds of orders. Anyway, I had to do so and I did. I dressed up for deep sea diving and my teacher instructed me.
Then, we entered in the sea.

I can tell you that were the most frightening experience for me because I was expecting same experience this time. It was really very hard for me to enter in that horrible sea again. But, I had to do it so I did.

Sea Diving
Sea Diving

Finally, we both entered in the sea and stared to go deeper and deeper. I know I expect myself to appreciate that but I did not.

Eventually, we entered in the fish filled sea zone! Well, I don’t know what people call it but in my words, it was a complete fish zone. And to say the truth, it was beautiful! I forgot my fear when I stepped in that beautiful world!

The fishes were swimming here and there calm fully with no fear of water. They were following each other and they were always in the group. I saw many colorful creatures of the sea and I can say that I have never seen these amazing fishes even in photos!

All deep sea creatures were worth appreciating. I did not express my words but I really appreciated that view. I didn’t realize how much time we have passed here in the deep. Suddenly, teacher started to pull me up. I was surprised because I didn’t realize that five minutes were over! I thought five minutes should be more than this!

Anyway, we came back to the ground and I really felt that something was wrong with the watch. I asked to my teacher, “Teacher, I thought you said 5 minutes.”

Teacher said, “Oh yes. But I thought you were enjoying so that is why I spent 15 minutes there.”
I was surprised because I wasn’t expecting this answer. Anyway, I didn’t say anything but the smile on teacher’s face was dictating clearly that they know what I was expecting.

I was not allowed to go for diving but I really wished to. To say the truth, when I will grow up, I will surely go for deep sea diving again!

It was amazing!

Really amazing!

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