My Creepy Holiday Trip | Story By Mini Garg | My Imagination story for kids.

My name is Alie.
It is my story; the story of my first and last creepy holiday trip.

Actually this is really very fun story. When I read my own story then it makes me laugh every time. It was a time of my winter vacations. Actually that wasn’t like vacations for me at all because this time my parents decided to enjoy the vacation time with their parents! It was a perfect trip to the village which was not even near to our home town.

When I heard this I wondered “Wow, Unbelievable! My grandparents on my vacation trip! Nothing could be better than this!” Actually that was not my excitement; that was the light of that bulb which is not turning off!

I just could not imagine how free this vacation would be. I can say that this was really very disappointing for me but you know what, I didn’t have any choice!

Creepy Holiday
Creepy Holiday

On the vacation, Mother decided to visit some touring destinations so that it could be little enjoying for me. It was really very enjoying but not for really very long time. It was really very surprising because my vacation was filled with education. I learned so much from museums, zoos and churches.

To say the truth, it was really very boring for me that time. Finally, at night, we decided to stay in the hotel before traveling anymore for next day travel.

That night, I really felt that almost everything is going wrong and frustrating for me. That feeling was just too much annoying. Really, unbelievably annoying!

Moreover, there were three rooms but only single bed in the restaurant place. Oh god! I don’t know if I should tell that a restaurant or not. That was just like a village for me. My parents were busy with their devices and I have nothing to do but to play some old games on my cell phone! Well, with no option left, I decided to sleep.

Creepy Holiday Trip
Creepy Holiday Trip

I couldn’t sleep till late night due to annoying thoughts in my mind. Most of them were about my disturbed and ruined vacation. This is really unbelievable for me so I kept thinking about it all night.

But, suddenly, I noticed something or some kind of sound in my room. I looked around me but there was no one. My parents were not there!( Possibly working on their laptop or something else.)

That was really very cold night, almost freezy. I decided to ignore the sound but that single sound was really very surprising for me. I wasn’t thinking about my trip anymore, now I was thinking about this sound. I was wondering the reason of it and I was trying to feel like it never happened.

Few minutes passed and then I heard that sound again. This time I could not help myself so I switched on the lights and looked around.

Surprisingly, no one was there. And then the sound repeated again.

Creepy Trip
Creepy Trip

Now, this voice was becoming frightening for me. I decided to ignore the voice and I covered myself with the blanket. That sound was echoing around the room and I was really very surprised that there was no reaction from my parents! Not even a single word or movement!

I ignored the voice and, my fears from this unknown voice become even stronger every time. Finally, the sound turned into personal experiences. I experienced the touch! I remember that was a soft touch in my legs. I still ignored that or at least I tried to do so.

Then, after few seconds, I could feel the hand touch in my head! Like someone is touching my head! Oh god. What was happening to me and I didn’t scream! Actually, I really wanted to but that was my chance to be brave. The dream was now becoming more live for me.

Creepy Trip
Creepy Trip

Now I could hear clearly that someone was whispering something beside me. Actually, the dream ghost was trying to capture me! I gripped and wrapped my blanket around tightly so that no one can enter inside.

Few second passed and there was no sound and touch at all. I thought that my dream is over now. I took a sigh of relief and then decided that I will not tell anyone about this. How can one expect a creepy ghost in the hotel room?

I have heard some True horror stories about ghosts that wander in the rooms so I thought that I met one hotel room ghost in my dream! I was now little confused about my dream but after five minutes, I thought that it was the end of my dream! Wow, that creepy and horrible dream ended at last!

But no. that wasn’t end! After few minutes, I could feel like someone is trying to take my blanket. I felt touch and then I felt pressure of pulling it from right side. Someone was trying to enter in my blanket!

That was now frightening enough for me and I really felt like I should scream! But I didn’t because now I was thinking that this was a dream that was so real. I kept struggling for my blanket and then I wrapped blanket around me so that no one could pull it.

Horror Holiday Trip
Horror Holiday Trip

That was just like I met a dream ghost! I did it and finally my dream ghost ran away from there! I heard the sound of light sound of footsteps. The dream ghost ran away and finally I thought my dream ended!

Next morning, I woke up. I almost forgot about that horrible dream but I felt something was strange for me there. My parents were looking at me and, surprisingly, they were smiling. Actually, they were smiling at me.

For no reason?
No. Of course there was a reason.

They were smiling because that horrible night wasn’t my dream. There were some rats in that room which were making sound and I checked it two times. Then, my father came to see if I am okay. Well, now let me tell you, that was a dream ghost for me.

Father thought that I was frightened so he tried to wake me up but when he realized that it is not possible then he went back to his room. My father and mother slept on sofa that night!

It was unbelievable incidence. I just could not imagine how my imagination made me think that this was something horrible! My mother told my about it and then there were no words left for me to express my surprise!


This incidence made my night really very creepy and I could never forget that night. Then we visited to our grandparent’s home. My grandmother heard about this incidence and then she talked to me.
She said, “There is nothing like fear. It is not about possibilities of your imagination. Your imagination created really very good story. Your thoughts were reason of it.

You were annoyed with your parents and that is why you could not imagine positive things. Nothing could go right in anger. Don’t get angry for something that you don’t understand and if you do then your imagination will automatically create negative surroundings around you.”

That was like a lecture for me but that time I really felt that it was all a made up story of my mind. It was not a dream! It was my live imagination which made the characters and situations different!

I realized that anger kept me up all night and I decided that I am not gonna stay up this night. I enjoyed
my whole trip and I would prefer visiting to my grandparent’s place again.

But, I really wish that there should not be any rat anymore!

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