How To Choose Jewelry?

Choosing jewelry is never an easy task. There is so much to think, so many questions to ask and so many options to consider…! How would you be able to make quick and accurate choice? Well, no need to ask, ‘How To Choose Jewelry?’ to yourself. There are a few tricks to it.

Whenever I try to select jewelry for my dresses, I choose to select options that are best fit for my persona rather than my dress. Choosing right jewelry that suits me the most is way more important than choosing a jewelry that suits the dress most.

Accessories According To The Dress
Accessories According To The Dress

Jewelry Choice: According To The Dress

Choosing Jewelry is the most complicated thing I have ever seen because there are so many designs and colors and so on and the main problem is that you have to wear only one to look like you have Jewelry and not Jewelry shop on you!

It is a really challenging task and it becomes even more complicated when we would choose it according to dresses because there are so many confusions around! Just think what kind of Jewelry would you wear on Coat-pants? / Pant-shirts? / Skirt-Top?

There are so many questions but the answers are few and there comes the problem of choice because you must understand the dress and Jewelry both to select a perfect combination.

As I know that there are so many dresses but we would talk about a few dresses like Traditional (Sari, Lahanga, etc.) Official (Coat-pants etc.) and party wear (Other dresses like Skirt-Top, Frock, etc.)


Traditional Jewelry should be selected according to dress and it should contain matching Jewels. It looks more impressive and in traditional dresses, Gold and diamond platinum are best for Jewelry and Heavy Jewelry with Heavy Dresses Looks good.


Official Jewelry should be sober and not too heavy. Simple and little Jewelry like pendants with chain gives more impressive look than the heavy Jewelry would do.

Party Wear:

Party wear Jewelry is selective and creative thing. It is the most challenging part as well. Party wears Jewelry should be sparkling to be more attractive and diamond is an evergreen choice for it but it defers according to dresses.

If you are going to wear sari in the party then you would wear a necklace of Gold or Diamond and if you are going to wear a middy dress then you would need pendent of matching color or diamonds.

There are so many other things and ideas…

In fact, the list is unlimited but it is not possible to write all the things at one place here…

So, If you also have some ideas, then feel free to share them in comments!

Creative Modern Dresses Jewelry
Creative Modern Dresses Jewelry

Jewelry Choice: Modern Dresses

We wear modern dresses without Jewelry and it looks… okay. But yes, of course, you can wear Jewelry on modern dresses and it looks pretty but as I think most of the modern dresses have their own Jewelry kind which is called modern Jewelry.

It is a little different than the Jewelry we usually see. Modern dresses need attractive and creative Jewelry. That is when you choose long earrings. Really long ones…

Small and light necklace matching to your earrings and same rings to wear would be an added advantage to your style.

There is nothing fixed in Jewelry and especially modern dresses need even more attention of designers and thus Jewelry should be antique. Perfect matching or good contrast Jewelry would look pretty.

As I said modern dresses needs more creativity and uniqueness in Jewelry, the choice becomes different according to the dress but if we will talk about little suggestion about Jewelry of modern dresses, I will suggest light-weighted Gold or Diamond Jewelry with so that your dress would look good.

Jewelry According To Astrology
Jewelry According To Astrology

Jewelry Choice: According To Astrology

Astrological Jewelry is very famous nowadays because there are so many peoples who wear Jewelry like rings and necklace, according to Astrologers advise. Astrologers suggest the stone/Jewel according to the Rashi and decide what will give you success and all that…

There is a problem with handling it. It is deemed to be a careful decision to choose Jewelry according to Astrology and you would need to take more care about real Jewels so it is advised that never buy Astrological Jewelry from unregistered showroom or shop. Take a quality certificate of guarantee and that is all you have to do.

This is the best way…

There are many other ways, of course. So, if you think there could be another way, feel free to comment and share it!

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