How To Write? Complete Guide For Writing Career.

Writing is a nice passion and has professionally good values. A writer writes according to the subject and a perfect writer writes an article which would be long and you’ll say “Oh my god! What a long article and how would someone read these kinds of articles?” and when you read the article, you don’t even realize that the article was so long. This is the guide that will teach you how to write with such perfection.

You can read a perfect article without getting bored and you’ll not worry about time while reading. This true engrossment of a reader is the real profession of a writer. There are so many famous novels which contain the same quality of engrossment and that is the primary cause of their fame.

If you have an interest in writing then improving would not be very difficult for you. You just need to follow simple steps.

First, think about the subject and make a short story/article in your mind because a complete story/article needs to have a perfect logic. If you are writing story/article on the basis of some hints, this would be a castle in the air and this would not work so much.

A writer should write words according to the character in the story.

A writer should write simple words in an article because you are writing for all age audience.

Writers have their own quality so do not think about writing more pages. Some writers write short stories, some write long stories and some writes novels and some write articles. So do not compare your skills with other skills. Improve your own skill first and then you would be able to improve another skill too.

Write and keep writing but follow this. This would help you improve your skill. You have what others need but you need to think about what your skill needs. Think and write and read and then decide and compare your writing skill. This is an easy and perfect way to improve your writing.

Creative writing
Creative Writing

Creative Writing, the art of hand and thoughts of the mind.

Writing is an art and there are so many subjects for this. There are so many types of writing E.x.,

Stories, poetries, songs, articles and so on. Every subject has a unique identity. Writing could be inspired by someone or something else.

Stories and articles have a unique identity in his world. There are so many choices for story writers and article writers. Every newspaper needs to appoint so many writers for their articles on freelance or job basis so it could be a great and intellectual career as well.

The original content (The article or the story written by a new writer that is not published anywhere else before) and the eye-catching content (Impressive and legibly written article or story.

Which has a simple language and words) would always be in demand because intelligent and creative writers are hard to find. Creativity is a god gifted skill of a human; all he needs to do is to know about his interest and talent. He needs to understand his skills and then decide what to choose next.

Poetries and songs are also very famous.

This is a great career. Videos and movie songs are written by writers and it could be your business. Writers can sell or publish their articles, stories, songs, and poetries and earn money from it.

This is the simplest thing which can be done easily. It is a work of mind and creativity so if you have so many creative thoughts then you can make your ideas work for you. Ideas would never leave you so this is a life long job and you can do it with ease.

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Writing And Reading

Writing And Reading Books

There are so many writers that have left a really great collection of their stories which can be useful to gain great knowledge and the culture of different places. Books are the basic thing that we do for recreation and for gaining knowledge as well.

It has different categories. It is used to be very popular in ancient times as well, Such as Biography, Daily Diary and so on. Kings used to have their own diary where they used to write their thoughts and then some kings used to keep it and some used to burn it in the campfire. This was the way to be as patent as they were in such a busy life.

Some used to preserve it as it is and some used to keep it and then later it would be an autobiography of a king. Royal writers used to modify it for the biography. That is the reason why we know about the kings of ancient times.

In this world, writing has covered a huge area. Almost everything is done with the help of writing. We read detective stories of Sherlock Holmes. And, we appreciate them even when they are fictional.

We read stories of Jack London and appreciate the stories narratives. We read the story of famous writers. For example, I read storybooks of Maxim Gorky, Leo Tolstoy, Munshi Prem Chandra, Jaishankar Prasad, etc. and they help us know about bad or good superstitions and laws of some countries and you enjoy the story!

Books are the only thing that is loved by everyone in this world. It can teach us, it can entertain us and it is a good future as well. Good writers are most appreciated and awarded and encouraged for their contribution and I think it is the most comfortable thing to be a writer and to write whatsoever we want as efficiently as we could.

Writing can never be discouraged in this world and it is the only thing that can help us to keep ourselves alive as long as there is a human on this earth.

The writing is the best way to express the reality of this world and to complain about the wrong way of living that is troubling all around. It was a way to tell peoples of times of captivation that they are kept there for wrong reasons and they deserve nothing like this so they fought just because of encouragements by books and got freedom in the end.

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Fiction Stories

Fiction Stories And History

Imaginary fiction stories are very popular because it reflects the prosperity and possibilities of future or sometimes it holds the stuff that is UN-imagined and impossible like. It is just what is possible in the future or what can’t be true.

Is it all about a fiction?

I don’t think so because the fiction is more than a story itself. Fiction paintings, fiction stories, fiction novels, fiction movies and so on are the different parts of it.

Leonardo da Vinci was the great artist and his drawings were more than just black and white pencil drawings. He made a sketch of a running helicopter in his times which was just an imagination of him but after decades, it really happened and now we all know that the helicopter exists. Some writers wrote about the future and it happened exactly the way they dictated.

It was unbelievable but it can’t be denied because they were just fictions written by them in their times and it is a really amazing thing that their fiction came true and it became the reality of the present.

Osho is also a writer in these kinds of writers because they said about the good and bad possibilities of the future and it really happened. “Mukt Gagan Ke Panchi” is a Hindi book of Osho describing it.

Fictions were famous in the old times as well because that was the kind of prosper things and some superstitions are a significant example of it. Fiction can be good or bad. It depends on the writer what he writes and it depends on the life of him which is the result of a writer’s writing type.

Fictions of superstitions were made in the times when peoples blindly believed that the god exists and nothing is more effective then worshiping their gods.

It is good to be religious but not to be blindly driven by superstitions.

That was the fictions who build the superstitions and that was also a fiction and stories which were helpful in understanding the reality of superstitions. Not all the superstitions were wrong but some were extremely bad, so it was done by the contribution of writers which led, at least some people, to the reality of superstitions.

Fiction has a great contribution to developing science and inventions. We could think more efficiently about prospering and developed future by science fictions which made us feel exciting and we actualize them. This is the process of success and it can’t be denied that fiction writing was the most effective thing in developing the future.

Writing Poem
Writing Poem

Writing Poems And Poetry

Poem writing…


It is a matter of creativity. Or, simply put, It is good for passing time creatively.

Poems writing is considered to be a creative task but it is hard for most of the people. Maybe because it requires creativity and effort at the same time.

I say…

It is not really hard. It is easier in story writing comparison. And, it is much more enjoyable than any writing form you can imagine. How? Well, the simple explanation of it is that the poem can be written in a few minutes. However, the story needs much more time and attention.

Basically, Poem is the creative explanation of your inner thoughts. You put your thoughts creatively on paper and you rhyme the words in a creative manner so that the words can be enjoyable for readers and hold a specific meaning altogether.

The first step of learning to write a poem is:

Sit comfortably, remove all extra thoughts, take a pencil in your hand and start thinking about it. (Pencil is more creative in my view)

A poem doesn’t bind you in any particular category, so you can write on anything around you. You can write about how you feel or how you felt the day before. For example, School, Home, Your toys, your friends, your thoughts, TV shows, Cartoon, Pet dog, incidence or circumstances.

Keep it in mind…

No one was born a master. Your poems could be funny and even you can find lack of rhyme in the beginning and it is certain that they would be less impressive in comparison of other poems. However, do not take it to your heart.

Read your own poems again and again. Read master poetries as an example or explanation for the improvement in your work and try to understand what was wrong. Next time… try not to repeat the mistake which will eventually lead you to make the poem better.

You need to describe only one thing in your poem… well, it is not necessary, you can choose to describe the whole world. But, before writing a poem, you need to decide what you are going to describe. It is important to choose the theme of the poem before you start writing it.

Write in the common words, try to make it as a rhyme.

For example, if you are writing a poem on life then the poem could be like this:


Life is a thing, which left its strings

        Like earth’s ring, it makes memories swing

                    It gives joy in the beginning and 

Throws its shadows on everything

        And when you become busy in recollecting 

That old memories make your eyes glittering

Every happy moment from beginning

        Will make your eyes moist till ending

And after crossing the world’s surrounding

        After beholding sad feelings

                    One will surely know life’s meaning

Then there would be no meaning of questioning

        After knowing the meaning

                    And after crossing the world’s edge

                                Like a stream from bounding
9-2-2010 By Mini Garg 

If you will keep writing, your work will improve with time. I am no master of poetry myself. This is an example that I provided for your understanding and this basic poetry writing principle stays the same in all languages.

One work of your poetry would be better than another and it will teach you the method of writing the poetries. Try this and see you’ll be able to write a poem that would be good enough to gather some appreciations from your friends.

Story Writing
Story Writing

How To Write Short Story

Stories reading and writing are great recreations but it is more enjoyable sometimes if the stories are short and interesting.

We read short stories more than long stories written by famous writers of this world.

Some peoples try to write stories but don’t continue writing because:

  1. Their stories are not impressive
  2. They could not write short stores and long stories were not appreciated by anyone
  3. They don’t know the rules of writing
  4. People said that they need to learn about it and so on.

So this is the main thing people often feel themselves not having a writing skill.

But this problem can be solved by these tips:

  1. First, imagine a story in your mind and then make it a reality in the words. It is the way to make your writing impressing.
  2. Look around what you know and write on it. This would be the best way because a person can write only on the basis of knowledge of a topic eg, if you like to play a video game then you can write a story about your game animation and his adventurous way.
  3. You should primarily write an introduction of two-three lines about the character on which you are writing a story
  4. You should add the description of difficulties and adventure afterward.
  5. Then your story begins and now you will tell the reader about the drive of your character.

Like this:

The Mario decided to go to rescue his brother Luigi and went to the Mario world which was unknown to him. He faced… …and he met his brother Luigi and then they both went back to their world.

Here your story ends with the little description

He faced… …and he met his brother Luigi and then they both went back to their world by defeating the dangerous dragons of a Mario world and by winning the battle cup of a Mario world.

Write Play And Script
Write Play And Script

How To Write Plays And Scripts?

Plays and scripts are not written like stories. Grammatically, it contains so many paragraphs and it shows the conversation and not the feelings or thoughts.

The story could be a description of the past. But, if you are going to make it a script then you would need to write it like the present. All the conversations should be like a normal conversation.

Be aware that you are writing or going to write a script that could be a story of a life and should be explained properly by sentences and a proper conversation.

There should be little about feelings and more about the conversation in a script.

Write For Children
Write For Children

How To Write For Children

Children story writing is really an interesting job but also little challenging because the writer needs to write more interestingly and more description is needed in the story of children but in the way of children’s interests.

Children mostly like the fantasy stories and the stories of children, animals or cartoons are also very popular because they drive them in the imaginary world of their thoughts.

We need to remember that children like soft and happy ending stories which should be like an incidence of life. It also depends on the age of the children you are writing for.

If the child is of age 4 to 9, he would surely like the fantasies stories, stories of animations and comics. Comics are loved by all age’s peoples but stories vary the types according to the age. If the children are small then the writer can write the stories of wit and funny stories of animals.

If the child is above 10-20 then he would like to read detective stories, success stories, real-life incidences and the possibilities of life. Write the interesting, little long, and little adventurous story for this age of children. These are evergreen tips for writing a story for children.

For example,

1-9 Age Group

  • The title of a story according to story theme
  • Description of a lead character of the story
  • Describe the realness of a character to make reader involved in it
  • Show the fun of character and point out the funny things and intelligence of a character
  • Give a description of his incidences and not struggles in the story
  • Then end the story by making your character a real hero. No matter he is silly of an intelligent guy, you need to make him win somehow or the end should be cheery.

10-20 Age Group

  • The title of a story according to the story theme or similar to a story theme
  • Add some words t let them know what they are going to read
  • Description of a lead character and of other characters
  • Describe the surroundings of him to add the life in a story
  • Show the true feelings of a human being in the character
  • Give a description of his problems or difficulties/ Give a description of his zealous life
  • Give a description of struggles of incidences he/she faces
  • Then unravel the hollow truth of the story
  • End the story by taking it toward braveness of a character
  • Make him win or lose according to his capacity and power. The end could be anything but it should be with the moral of a story. It is not said to write a moral separately, affix it in the end lines of a story and sometimes said thru the character of a story.
Write Novel
Write Novel

How To Write A Novel

Novel writing is a hard task to do because the writer needs to keep a reader involved in the novel as long as the novel doesn’t end so the writer’s writing skills are best judged by a novel writing.

Even I write stories of 25 to 30 pages but not more than this. So, I think it is a little hard even for me to write a novel of 100 to 500 pages. But, it is not impossible. I am giving here some tips for you which could be helpful in writing a novel according to your desire.

  • Never imitate the imagination; this will make your imagination power week. I know it is a hard task to imagine a different kind of things, but, believe me, when you’ll try your best, you’ll find that your imagination is not worse than that of any writer’s.
  • Starting a novel needs a description of your main character of about a page. A novel holds more description than a story about the main character
  • Write a description of surroundings of a character and then specify all the characters of the novels one by one that is good for your character and then start a real life-like story of character and try to be what the character is.
  • If you’ll try to describe your character in haste then it would be of no use. Remember, writing a novel is a subject of great patience and it can be done only with the help of full concentration and devotion.
  • Novel writing should be done by giving a description of little things and the main subject should never be changed in a novel. E.g., if you are writing a novel about nature then you should write like this.


Nature is full of great and incredible things which are a wonder of this universe.


Nature adjoins us with this world so this is the time to understand nature. Nature is talking to us and this is the time for conversation.


Nature have taught us a lesson of true service and the great lesson of patience which we should learn and change ourselves according to it or we can try to be a trace of qualities of nature and drive it in the human believing that nature would not end our teaching.
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Autobiography of life

How To Write An Autobiography.

Autobiography is a great thing for sharing our thoughts and for keeping some of our memories alive as long as we want. It is a great way to memorize some old memories because some memories don’t knock our door for recollecting them and we often say them faded memories. These memories can be kept alive by autobiography.

An autobiography is an antique idea to speak to our innermost self. We don’t generally do this but this is important to keep us away from uneven lasting feeling such as loneliness and stress. We would feel laughter every time we read in our biography something funny done by us or we would be glad to read some moments of appreciations given to us that will help you understand yourself that you are not a fool guy or a stupid one.

It is not important to be a writer for writing an autobiography. We are not born writer, painter or something else but we make our contribution towards it, which is why we are a writer painter or something else.

Tips for writing autobiography:

  • Leave the first page white because it calms the mood of a reader.
  • Start your Autobiography with your introduction and not of other things.

Like this:

Name: Mini Garg      
Residence: India
Occupation: Linguist services
Passion: Writing, Reading, Watching beautiful sceneries of nature, etc.


You can write it as a poem or as a short story that would tell a short description of your life and the content of your autobiography.

Note: It shouldn’t be more than 400 – 500 words.

  • An autobiography is a conversation with your innermost self so please stay away from writing unoriginal thing just to make it long or impressive.
  • Write all the incidences of your life and try to explain it in your manner of talking so that you’ll feel good every time you’ll read the autobiography written by you.

It is good to be a writer for our memories because the autobiography is the most effective way of preserving your precious memories in words!

Our memories drive our thoughts to us every time we need so let us now do something for our memories to help them being evergreen forever.

As long as you would be there, you would read and appreciate your autobiography and after you, your young generation will learn something from your experiences and then it would be a good teaching for them to understand where you made a mistake and where you were right.

So, just because of it, they won’t be facing the problems as you did.

It is a great contribution so what is the delay for?

Write it today and write your true memories.

Quality Content
Quality Content

Quality Content: What Is It?

There are some kinds of articles which are deemed to be Quality article and there are no specialty in them but the engrossment and knowledge of a writer.

Every writer can write a quality article but he should understand some Claus and then he should follow them. All the readers can’t write a quality article and that is the reason it is a category of the article which is called Quality article. A quality article can be written on any subject but the most important thing is your knowledge and interests.

First thing you should know; article is a source where you are going to teach or guide someone so the explanations should be clear and in simple English so that any reader can understand it easily because it is to guide them and not to impress them.

Never break the flow of article which is the life of everything. An article should be interesting and it should never contain repeating words to write more words. Readers never see the length of an article, they see the subject and then they read an article so the primary thing is to choose the right title to attract a reader.


Grammar is the soul of an article. This is the most important thing which is important for the Quality of an article. Grammar is needed to say what you exactly mean and to guide right thru your article, and then your writing style should be understandable. Use the full description in easy words and use simple sentences to describe your subject. Simple words are more impressive than typical ones.


The main purpose of the title is to show what an article contains. It is a one-line article summary so it should match your article description and should be attractive. Online users from search engines see the titles of an article so if the article title would be interesting then it could get more audience. The title could contain simple or typical words; it depends on your choice. All you have to recognize is this; you would not go far beyond the description and it would highlight the main subject of your article.


It is most important to make it as good as the article title. Describe the meaning or subject of your article clearly and you can give examples for more explanations. Simple language with concentration is all that is needed in engrossing writing. It is key to write a perfect article.


Images are to make your article look more impressive and attractive but it is not a necessary part of an article. An article can be with or without an image but if you insert an image then are sure that your image is according to your article. Image is to identify article so it should be perfect and there are so many pictures available on the internet. If possible, create your own image (because sometimes it is considered copyright images), no matter how simple but your own stuff is the most important thing in the article.


Tags are just like a keyword which is used to identify your post in search engines keywords. Your subject would be the main direction for the keywords but there are no strict rules for keywords. if you will suggest “writing an article, reading a book, making a sketch, Quality article, etc.” then you are going to apply these keywords for your website post and no matter on the first page or last but your post would be visible somewhere on all of these keywords. There should be 15-20 keywords in one post and more keywords would be confusing so 20 are enough.

Links, Paragraphs:

Links are not important but you can give links to another website in the article but it depends on the type of an article. In the normal article, 3-5 links are considered ok and then it changes the category of an article so if you are going to describe something in an article, give 3-5 links and if you will add more links, then it would look like a list.

Perfect article needs at least two or three paragraphs of approximately 200-500 words. This kind of article is called “Complete Quality Article”.

If you will follow all these steps before writing your best article, you will find your Quality Article easily and I can say, knowledge is not a thing to gain again and again. it is a one-time lottery! So enjoy.

Writer Career
Writer Career

How To Start Your Career As A Writer?

Writing is a really very creative task but creativity is not that a writer gets. If you have writing skills then there would be endless opportunities for you in every way. There is no field which can be completed without the help of writing service because writing makes everything complete and explainable.

There are so many things that you can consider for your writing career. This is the perfect thing to choose as a career if you have passion and proficiency in this field. There are so many things that you can do here. I really meant so many things when I say “so many opportunities” because it is true.

If you are good in writing then you can consider starting your career with common article and website content writing and then it will broaden your circle and then it would be beneficial for you and for your career. It will affect your skills and it will polish your proficiency and then you would be able to handle and provide quality works.

It is the most important thing to know that stepping out in this field is just starting. Your consistency will help you to achieve what you actually deserve or expect from this field.

Of course, you would not be good and proficient in the beginning but the important thing is that you will still do efforts to make yourself proficient and a quality worker. It will take time and patient and you would need to give your career proper attention and you would need to give it importance.

Here I am sharing with you some step by step tips that will help you to start your career as a writer.

  1. Do not just decide what you want to be. Research about your skills, your passion and your ability and then take a step.
  2. This is a step of responsibility and thus you should understand that you should take your work seriously.
  3. Not all the efforts would work the way you expect. This is the most important thing that you should know and understand.
  4. Do efforts continuously. Maybe for a week or a month. But then you will surely get results.
  5. Be responsible for your work and respect the deadlines of work providers.
  6. Ignoring emails or calls is the worst behavior that will ruin your career and will spoil your reputation. So, never do this.
  7. Be clear whatever the matter is. It is better to be rude than to be a liar.
  8. Start your career and accept your mistakes and learn from them so that you would not repeat it again.

These are the most common things that you should keep in mind. This is not only for writers but also for other individuals who are staring their careers. It is most important to respect the needs of work provider and you should give your best to your work and then you can expect the best in return for your work and efforts.

Become a professional writer
Become A Professional Writer

How To Become A Professional Writer

Are you interest in the content writing business?

Do you think you have the potential of becoming a professional content writer?

Well, if you want to become a content writer then here are a few things that will help you in your journey.

if you want to become a content writer then there are few things that you need to clarify.

Are you going to make it your business?

If not, are you looking for content writing skill improvement for self-writing purpose?

Well, regardless of what your purpose might be, it is best if you choose to become grammatically perfect. No matter what language you choose, a strong understanding of grammar is the basic requirement of becoming a content writer.

When you write in MS document, Microsoft Word Auto Correct Tool helps you filter major mistakes. But if you are looking for more refined grammar then this might not be a perfect choice for you. For accurate grammar skills, most of the beginner writers prefer to use grammar tools like Grammarly or Ginger.

When you are not aware of any part of content writing, the imagination and creativity of your mind can be your first guide. The first part of writing is to imagine what you want to write about. You should be able to understand the topic that you have chosen for writing.

You can choose to browse magazines and online blogs to get more creative ideas.

When you have ensured that your grammar doesn’t have any problem and your titles are ready, you can go ahead and write your first copy. When you write, make sure that you have proper flow in your content. It is best that you make sure that your content has an SEO advantage as well.

The practice is the most important thing for a content writer. You should write a draft and then edit/proofread it. Finding your mistakes will be the best and quickest way to improve your writing. And if you want to become a professional content writer who can provide paid content writing services, you should learn more about writing style and improve yourself in different niche.

Understand The Level Of Your Skill

You cannot improve yourself unless you are aware of the actual level of your skill. You need to test yourself and compare yourself. It will help you to get a proper awareness of your pros and cons.

Understand Requirements Of Industry

It is important that you understand that content writing industry requires versatility. If you are an adaptable and yet skilled content writer then you will certainly have a high potential of growth.

Be Original, Be Creative

Your reputation as a content writer is the most important thing. If you have decided to become a professional content writer then the first thing to remember is to say no to plagiarism. Produce original content with your own creativity.

Knowledge Of Extra

Having extra knowledge of SEO, research and even HTML, CSS will give you added advantage to your work. There is a huge scope of improvement for writers who add these pieces of knowledge to their services.

Online Reputation And Presence

If you want to work as a freelance writer then your online presence matters the most. Make sure that you stay updated with the online social media platforms so that you can increase your accessibility area of the internet.

Choose Less Challenging Work Resources

When you start finding gigs, it is best that you choose resources that are less challenging. For example, you can choose to work on, You can start professional networking on

Certification Of Writing

If you would like to give your skill professional stability then obtaining certification will be extremely good for you. You can choose to participate in IGNOU diploma in creative writing or Hubspot Free Certification. There are several other options available on the internet.

Jobs for Writer
Jobs for Writer

Best Jobs For Content Writers

If you are a writer then there is no end of opportunities for you. You just need to find the right place to show your creativity and you will start earning from your freelance writing work. Yes, it is amazing and enjoyable as well.

Let’s take a look of starting opportunities which can help you to start your career as a writer.

Website Content Writing:

So many websites are launching every day and not even a single website is complete without content. Copying the content from any website is not the perfect thing to do and that is why the requirement of website content writer is always on!

Blog Or Article Writing:

The blog or article writing is the most common writing job. It would not be hard to find any Blog or Article Writing job for anyone because there are numerous Blog or Article Writing work providers on the internet.

Copy Writing:

Copy-writing work is filled with creativity and a unique and creative copywriter is always appreciated and if you are providing copy-writing service then it can be said for sure that you are going to get really satisfactory earning from this job.

Advertising Copy Writing:

Copy-writing service for advertisements is really very good paying job and you would need to do little efforts and research for it but the result would be really very satisfactory.

Resume Writing:

The Resume Writing job is for those who are good in the resume creativity. If you know how to create unique professional resumes according to the posts and person then this is the best work for you.


Editing is a really very easy task and it is best for you if you have good language grammar knowledge. It would be a really very simple task for you and you will get paid a good amount for this work.

Book Reviewing:

If you enjoy reading books, literature then this is a really very enjoying job for you because here you would need to review the books or other kinds of content and that will give you good earning.

Broadcasting Script Writer:

Broadcasting needs a different language style which will look real and natural. This is a little different than normal writing style and if you are aware of it then this would be one of the easiest jobs for you which you will enjoy the most.

Writing Instructor:

If you are proficient in writing and grammar. Additionally, if you have teaching skills too then the Writing Instructor job is the best position for you and you will definitely see a bright future in this field.

Editorial Assistant:

Every draft needs finalization assistance which would be given by the Editorial Assistant. Only efficient Assistant can make the publishing perfect and it has a significant role in the entire publishing process.

There is no end of opportunities for writer and there would be many more jobs which could be best for your career. All you need to do is to find out the best.

Find Jobs For Writer
Find Jobs For Writer

Where To Find Jobs For Writer?

There are numerous opportunities for creative writers. All you need to do is to find out the right place to search for them. Only a perfect direction can take you to the right destination and that is what I am giving here.

I am giving here some of the best writing work searching and providing the website’s listing. This list would be beneficial for both, writers and work providers because some of these websites are just like writer’s community. Let’s check it out!

I am providing some of the rarely talked about and some popular job portals that can help you get a quick side boost to your career.
Pro Blogger I Freelance Craigs List
Performancing Writers Weekly Fiverr
Linked-In Blogging Pro Freelancer
Freelance Writing Gigs Journalism Jobs  UpWork
These are some of the best sources where you will definitely find what you are looking for. (Some of them might not work the way you expect so simply choose another)

Choosing the right destination is not far from you and if you are a freelance worker then it is just a minute ahead. Follow these links and start building your career according to your skills and your desires.


This is a complete guide for start and improvement of your writing career. Learn different kinds of writing. Improve yourself and understand the differences.

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