Coding Standards & Scope For Web Developer.

The World Wide Web is really a great way of interaction and it provides ease in almost everything. Development is the main part of the internet revolution and that is based on some basic standards that every web developer should strictly follow to standardize the Web.

Usually, web developments are done with the integration of HTML, CSS, XML, XSL and DOM language and functionality. They all have separate standards that a web developer would need to follow strictly to get adorable results. You will learn language coding standards when you will learn the specific language and all you would need to do is to memorize them again and again.

Basically, if you have the knowledge of any language then you would be aware of language basic standards that will help you to write coding but now we will discuss the basic coding standards that are best for all web languages of development and these coding standards will help web developers to become a proficient professional expert web developer.

Template Designing Standards

Website Designing Standards

Web Developer Work Standards

Web Page Standards

Let’s discuss more details on these four questions here:

Types & Benefits of Advertising
Web Development

Q. Template Designing Standards

Template creation is a creative thing and it is important for every template designer to think creatively while developing a new template. The template needs creations and ideas which is possible only with the interest of designer in designing.

While creating a temple, every designer should follow the template designing standers that will help you to get the best template design.

Although you have full freedom of creativity in web template designing, still, there are few standards which should not be removed or changed in any template because they are necessary for template designing.

Tips for Template Designing and Development

  • Make footprint smaller and attractive and make a lightweight color scheme for your template which will make it multi-purpose template.
  • Make flexible design and make sure that your template is based on any specific web category and then it should contain all the basic features that would be needed in a particular category.
  • Try to design a multi-screen template that can be shown perfectly in all resolutions or displays good in all devices.
  • The header is the necessity of template designing to make sure that you insert the space for Website name and logo image.
  • Footer makes a template complete and it is important for every template designer to consider adding T&C, Contact, etc pages in the footer.
  • Make web template navigation tabs in the sidebar or below the header design.
  • Use bright graphics and never forget to make your template as light as you can make it because this will make it perfect for almost everything.
  • Make sure that you have inserted search box place in the template.
  • Make sure that your template font selection is according to the template category.
  • Keep difference in font sizes of the header, titles, and descriptions, etc.
  • Choose good quality relevant images and try to develop them for template and not to copy from the web.
  • Make your template design simple to use.
  • If you are inserting tables in it then you would need to use this feature wisely.
  • JavaScript coding is creative. But don’t add too many JS codes because it can make your template heavy.
  • Finally, test your design! And then test again and finalize it!
Website Designing Standards
Website Designing Standards

Q. Website Designing Standards

Website designing is a work that demands creativity and responsibility. Every web designer keeps the responsibility of website performance and efficiency. It is important to make every web designer should follow some basic standers of designing that will help to provide adorable designing service to your client.

To Do List for Coding

Tips for Website Designing and Development

  • Try to use less code so that the web design could load faster and it should view quickly in your browser. When designing, you can make your project lightweight so you would need to do it necessarily and then test it because you would not be able to do it after finalization of the project.
  • Try to keep only the necessary features. Creativity is good and JS codes offer so many creative functionalities but do not add them unless necessary because they can make your design heavier.
  • Make sure that your development offers simple modifications and updating because tough or too complex designs can produce difficulties in future maintenance.
  • Make a web design that is perfectly compatible with all devices and for prints as well.

Finalize the project and test it:

  • The website should load quickly
  • It should be easy to understand for visitors and it should be easy to crawl for search engines.
  • Looks good and impressive.
  • Reflects the original motive of the website designing.
Coding Standards
Coding Standards

Q. Web Developer Work Standards

Every designer works in his or her preferred manner. But there are some standards of development work which always remains the same. Although the style of representing them changes very often, this does not change the original value of development standards. Development standards help a web developer to get ease in your coding works and they help to finalize your work or to test your projects easily and it makes you a professional web developer.

Tips for Website Coding

  • Although there are so many codes and they all come with different contents but still code writing has a specific style and every web developer should follow that code writing style.
  • Code writing style helps to easily find out any code and then it becomes easier for you to edit or delete any code without spending too much time in finding specific codes.
  • Comment function is very useful and it should be used while writing a long chain of script codes. These will help you to understand the code without reading entire code and if you will send it to another web developer then it would be easy to figure out functions that you have used in coding.
  • Do not use long codes repetitively.
  • You can include the different functionality files or pages that will help you to make your coding short and easy to understand but use them wisely.
  • Code correctness is necessary so make sure that you test every single code before you start inserting another.
  • Keep backup of your codes in files and you can store them in web developer’s data storing websites. The coding backup will help you to find any specific code whenever you would need them in the future.
Web Page Standards

Q. Web Page Standards

Web page completion standard is the most important part of a website completion which will make a website perfect and suitable for any purposes. If a web developer wants to design a magnificent website then you would need to start this with a magnificent and completely perfect web page. You would be able to do that if you will follow some web page designing standards which are listed below.

Tips for Website Page

  • Use as many functions as you require but make sure that they all are working. Your web page should not contain any useless or non-working codes because non-responding codes can be responsible for errors and difficulties in coding.
  • Make sure that you design a page that matches web page length standards. Never think to add so many things in a single page. Make it simple and short.
  • Add scrolling functions or go to top functions for your visitor’s ease in handling.
  • Make page browsers friendly. Your web page should support different browsers and devices which is called multiple browser compatible web pages. This will help you to discover audiences in various ways.
  • Do not use heavy images, contrasting texts or blinking images.
  • Do not add “Target Blank” codes for menu links and it is recommended not to use this function unless necessary. Let a visitor choose where to open a web page.
  • Make a web page search engine compatible. Add specific keywords and Meta tags but do not over add them. Research on keywords and add a maximum of 20.
  • There are so many other tools available on the internet that would be beneficial for you in web page formation and management so you can take help of them.
  • Use a title tag for all web pages so that every web page can get its specific unique title according to the content or category of the page.

To know more about the these standards and rules, check out World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). OR read Coding conventions Or get detailed information on Front-end Code Standards.

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E-Commerce Site Tips

Tools That Can Help You To Test Your E-Commerce Site!

The eCommerce site is really very famous these days. You can see so many Ecommerce WebSites famous on the web and that gives developers the inspiration to develop their own eCommerce Site too. This is certainly a good idea but it is really very important for every web developer to accomplish his or her job or project with full professionalism. Minor mistakes of the project can highlight you as an unprofessional and inefficient web developer which is not a good thing for your skills.

So, if you want to develop Ecommerce Site then here I am sharing with you some tips for the accomplishment of your website with professionalism which will help you to gather appreciations even from your friend web developers! Just make sure that you keep in mind that their importance does not depend on the visibility of the feature or test.

Be Creative

Do creative things, add as many features as you want but just remember to keep it useful and handy. Easy to understand and responsive website will always gain people’s preferences.

Correct Mistakes

Check the common and minor mistakes of Layout, Design, Style, Pricing, Promotions, Headlines, Copywriting and Images and test them deeply. If you find something inappropriate then changes it immediately.

Check Functions

You should check the functionality of your website deeply such as main pages, categories, search, paying option, etc. There is need of checking all the functions when you finished the development.

Check Browser Compatibility

Now properly check the compatibility of your website. Internet Explorer 7, Internet Explorer 8, Internet Explorer 9, Mozilla Firefox (recent version), Google Chrome (recent version) and Safari are the main browsers and your website should be compatible to all of them.

Check Device Compatibility

You should check the Device Compatibility and you should include Apple iPhone, Apple iPad (2 and 3), Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone in your website primary device compatibility list.

Check Performance

Performance of a website is the most important thing because good performance website will keep visitor significantly enhance the visitor’s convenience and thus your website will become more preferable for visitors!

Search Engine Optimization is also a very big and really very important point which should be on your list of most important things for the accomplishment of your Ecommerce WebSite.

SEO Friendly

The SEO friendly website will definitely give you quicker and better rankings in search engines which will help you to gain quick success in the industry. So for this reason, you should check the URL structure, unique title tags for every single page that includes category and/or the product name, meta description of every single page, adding robots.txt, good internal linking and XML sitemap.

These were the things that you can do personally while the development or in development testing period so that your website could be accomplished with professionalism and now we will discuss about the famous and really very helpful tools that will help you to check the professionalism and efficiency of your website online simply with the help of few clicks!

Online Testing Tools:

Google Analytics Content Research, Optimizely, Visual Website Optimizer, Unbounce, Webtrend’s Conversion Optimizer

Usability & Friendliness Testing:

Concept Feedback, Google Analytics Content Experiments, ClickHeat, Crazy Egg, FiveSecondTest, Feedback Army, Silverback,, Feng-GUI, Unbounce, Optimizely, Spur

Performance Testing Tools:, Google PageSpeed Insights, Browsera, BrowserStack, Perfecto Mobile, Browsershots, Cross Browser Testing, Xenu Link Sleuth, W3C mobileOK Checker, SEOmoz, Link Research Tools

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Jobs In Cloud Computing Sector

Benefit Of Custom Developed Or Pre-Developed Script

The website script and a Custom developed website are two different website options. They both hold different advantages according to the requirement. They both are good if you know the exact difference and the benefits of these two website creation options.

There are so many people who feel little confused about the question,

“What is the difference between a personally developed website and script-based website?”

In fact this is a very common question which usually confuses the people’s mind.

Usually the website script and custom developed website comparison make it hard to choose a perfect one for your requirement. So people start preferring the less costly option but that is not the right way to judge the best option for you.

If you understand your requirements then it would not be hard for you to choose a proper functionality that you will require for your purpose. But you will not get all that you want in the scripts so this is what makes the big difference between especially developed by a professional Web Developer and pre-developed script.

Advantages & Disadvantages of these two websites options:

Website scripts are the best option for them who want to get their website ready in just a few days! All you would need to do is to choose a script according to your requirement. And then just order the copy or it! Then you will get the exact same script settled for your purpose. You can take the example of WordPress script that is highly preferred for blogging purposes.

You cannot make any changes according to your requirement in the pre-developed script that has been developed by a Web Developer. And that is why it comes at low prices compared to the originally developed script. So, if you want fewer features and if you think that the existing feature and look are perfect for you then the script is the best option for you otherwise you can consider getting your own website developed for your purpose.

Now the question comes,

“Where to get trustworthy development service?”

So I always prefer researching the Web Developer company on the internet and if the company provides is fraud or if there is something wrong with the service then you can find the customer complaints on the blogging or forum websites. But this idea will not work with the new company so the reference works best in such a situation.

Well, I do not provide such services but yes I have used such services for my personal requirements or for my clients so I can refer it to you! So, if you want any help with the development company reference then I am here to help you. Just leave your message on my mail and I will get back to you.

Uses Of Website Designing

We know that today’s position of the internet is only because of relevant content and numerous websites. The search engines and increasing website levels and numbers are playing the most important role in the progress of the internet. Internet progress is impossible without websites and most importantly, Website progress is impossible without web design.

For Business

The web design service is specially created after viewing the success of internet web sites. The business owners showed their interest in having their own website and the new level of the internet was created, which was named as a business level. That is right; the business level internet starts with online works and dealings which helps you to get unbelievable online benefits of it.

Today, No matter what you will search on the internet, you will find it with the help of single search and it is just because of development and growth of the internet and the designing service is really very important to lead this growth in the right way. It makes a different identity of all the internet website’s owners.

For example, if you are going to create a website without the help of web design or Web Developer service then it would not be considered official because it would be a duplicate or similar copy of another brand’s or website’s identity which will make your internet identity little blurring.


Sometimes, considering the website designing service seems useless and this investment seems to be worthless but it is not true because it creates a unique internet identity which is the most important thing in every kind of business establishment.

If you are considering establishing online identity or online reputation then it is the most important thing that you make a perfect identity from the perfectly designed and developed website which is possible only with the help of good and creative website designing service. Business Internet starts from the website establishment and then the success follows you itself.

Best Jobs In Cloud Computing Sector!

Today, people are moving forward to take their career to the top. It is a very exciting thing about today’s career opportunities that there is no edge and no end of it. No matter how far you will go but there would be always more exciting opportunities waiting for you ahead!

Especially, when you choose a career that relates to the technology then you will never face the end of the success.

Here, we are talking about the cloud computing sector which is filled with thousands of opportunities and if it is a thing of your interest then there could be nothing as beneficial as this career option for you.

Today, the people prefer technology in their life because it makes life little easier and that is why the cloud computing sector has become a gold mine for those who are looking for a healthy and wealthy career!

We all know now that it makes life simpler and more effective for us but how?

It makes life simpler for a customer because it offers quick services and reliability and there are so many well paying job opportunities in this filed which makes life worth appreciating! Here I am sharing with you top 10 jobs in the cloud computing sector which makes it one of the best career option and these are becoming highly popular these days due to their benefits.

Cloud Architect:


Implementation and development of the cloud-based initiatives to make sure that the systems are perfectly secure, scalable, supportable, reliable, etc.


B.S. in the Engineering or computer science and expert knowledge of Windows and Linux etc.

Cloud Software Engineer


Responsibility for the Development and Design modules of distributed software for cloud service providers.


B.S. in engineering or computer sciences and expert knowledge of some complied code language.

Cloud Sales


Development and success of outsourcing could business for the enterprise and mid-size level customers.


Bachelor’s degree of business administration and outsourcing skills along with highly effective communication and dealing skills.

Cloud Engineer


Conduct and plan the technical tasks that are associated with the maintenance and implementations of shared virtualization infrastructure or internal enterprise.


B.S. in computer science and 5 years or more implementation experience with the applications, platforms or highly virtualized shared infrastructure.

Cloud Services Developer


Building and designing multiple platforms such as management portals or sales interfaces.


B.S. in computer engineering or computer science. 5 years Experience in deploying and architecting the web-based services on the SOA platforms.

Cloud Systems Administrator


Maintains and configures the systems that are based on a cloud platform.


B.S. in computer science and engineering with 3 years experience of operating system administration etc.

Cloud Consultant


Consults technical evaluations and studies for business are requirements.


8 years of IT-related consulting experience.

Cloud System Engineer


Construction of virtual systems that support cloud implementation.


B.S in information technology, computer sciences or related technical degrees.

Cloud Network Engineer


Implementation, optimization, maintenance and operational support of the network software, hardware and communication links related to the cloud infrastructure.


Related degree of computer science and at least 4 years experience in network engineering.

Cloud Project Manager


Product planning for the cloud-based offering that includes strategy documents, product concept, requirement specification and enabling sales process, etc.


Bachelor’s Degree in computer sciences, business or equivalent working experience.

Cross-Platform Apps

Benefits of Cross-Platform Apps

Today, the life and researches over the internet have become so easy and this is all because of the Web Design. Web Design helps us almost every day in different tasks related to our routine or business. No matter what the task is but if it can be done thru your device then you will definitely find a suitable application for it.

It has become a really very important part of international business and it offers too many profits for web developers as well as for the company who develops the application. The Apps development has become a common thing these days and that is why there are thousands of applications available for every single purpose.

App development companies

The Apps development companies develop their own free apps for various purposes so that they can make their own identity in the app world and then when they find that their identity has been established as a trustworthy company then they start to produce premium applications so that their users can download the applications for more features.

Today, it is not really very surprising if you will talk a child talking about apps and that is the result of app awareness all over the internet and we all are availing the benefits of the Apps development.

Some companies start their premium software selling from the beginning but they also distribute the demo versions of a certain period of time for all the applications so that people can try it and use it in demo versions and then if they find the application useful then this attracts them to buy the application.

Cross-platform Apps development

The cross-platform Apps development is becoming really very famous these days and the main reason for it is its usefulness. Company does not need to develop too many copies of the same application for different devices and a large amount of the customers can be attracted thru the cross-platform support function.

It significantly means that the single application which is developed for the cross-platform support can be installed on various platform-based devices easily! The distribution tasks become quick and easy for companies and it becomes easy to search and find for high range of the customers.

Benefits of the cross-platform application

There are so many benefits of the cross-platform application development and here I am sharing with you some benefits of it so that you can understand the value of cross-platform applications.

  • The applications that support various devices are highly preferred by people by people because if they want specific application for more than one device then they would need to search supportive device for each device but if the application also supports another platform then it would be really very convenient for people to use the application and same application will be used on different devices.
  • The marketing and publicizing these kinds of applications become really very easy due to this attractive feature. People usually prefer these kinds of application to their friends and thus your small effort for the publicizing any multi-supportive application will result in highly beneficial responses.
  • The development of multiple platform supportive applications has become today’s trend because it is highly cost worthy for companies. They don’t need to develop a different application because single application development works the same way!

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