Create Website Online: Getting Started And Earning.

Website is free as well as paid service which helps internet users in so many ways. Website is a mixture of so many things and it provides different things for the ease of peoples who are on the internet. Websites are so popular that it has become a part of people’s lives. In fact, you can easily create website online without paying anything for it.

Today, when you search something on the internet, you’ll get thousands of results of your desired keyword and then you’ll see that there are so many websites who are according to your desire and have the stuff of your interest. It is only because of those internet users who are interested in having their own website.

This is an easy way and could be helpful in some of these subjects:

  • If you have to share something on the internet then the website is an easy and safe way to share your stuff like photos and articles and so on. First, publish and then share the URL (for example, ). This is the easiest and safest step to do. There your stuff is going to have a separate identity and space and your stuff would be out from the mass and would be available all the time for you and for one who wants to see it.
This is an effective way to manage your stuff and keep it safe for a long time.
  • You can make your family photo album on the website. You can share it easily. And, if you don’t want to share your private pictures then you can identify the persons who you want to show the pictures and then the website would not allow any other person to visit without your permission.

There are many more things you can do with a free website.

Free Website Resources

All you need to do is to visit one of these websites and “create website online for free”! Just signup your new website, wherever you want, and get started!

Create Website On Own Domain

You can create website online and find the world of things of your interests. But the first thought that comes to your mind is “Can I make a free website? I don’t want to spend money right now.”

Then the answer would be “Yes, Sure!”

The website is paid service for businessmen but some websites are like blogger from Google. It provides free easy resources to create website online for their online users.

But now you have to think about a domain and sub-domain because blogger provides a website on sub-domain

For example,

This is a shared identity of you on the bogger and if you want your own domain then you would spend money on it. But there is another way out. You can try – .name, and many others. Just search “free domain registration” and you’ll get so many results and you can register your own domain for free and then your website would be or

Then you have to set your domain and then you’ll see after a few hours, your website would be visible from your desired own domain.

If you are doing this first time and don’t know how to set the domain then you can read tutorials and/or you have a choice to watch videos which will teach you how to do it. The domain providing websites provides this kind of video and you can find it on their website. You can also search “domain setup tutorials” in or other online video playing websites.

Free Sitemap Builder For All Page Details

Create a sitemap of your website and you will get the information about:

Entire posts list of your website, Entire pages list of your website, Entire links details about your website, and other connected links details, etc. It is highly useful.

This is a list of web posts. You would be aware of all posts. it is very useful for sharing in websites as articles or as a comment. This is a better way to promote your website easily.

Entire page list is useful for the same thing, to share your web pages. It is also useful in optimizing a particular page.

It is a detail of your website.

You can see on search engines that today there are so many choices to create a sitemap.

A sitemap is mainly useful in websites to guide their visitors so that they can easily visit any page or post. It is often used in websites and it is good for website ranking too.

Complete Website, When?

Website creation is so easy today because of so many websites that are providing free website service for a lifetime with or without limitations. This is the main cause of why a website is so popular today and almost every internet user is interested in it. If you are going to create website online then it is a task of some clicks but it is not all that we do for a complete website.

A complete website meant a website which is well defined and well placed and well-directed. There are so many websites and you can find a website for every type. There are so many things around but they all are perfect or not? How will you know the website status?

A Perfect Way Out.

Here I am giving some clues to find out a perfect website:

Look if the website is well-formed, for example, template, layouts and other things that are so common and should be well-formed in a perfect or complete website.

A website should be well categorized.

A website should not contain any unacceptable content or adult content. Inappropriate content and non-managed content on the website are also responsible for an incomplete and under-ranked website.

Decorate Website With HTML & Javascript

Flying Twitter Bird


  1. Go To Blogger > Design > Edit HTML
  2. Backup your template
  3. Search for
  4. And just above it paste the code below and paste it. then save and see.

Twitter Bird

Create Free Favicon

I think a website is the most common thing on the internet and in my view; it is not completed without favicon and logo. It is the personal identity of a website just like every human has a photograph; the website should have a logo and favicon. It is a part of the necessary things and it should be done for a complete website.

If you have chosen nice and perfect favicon then it could be your logo as well but without favicon, there is no creative identity of a website. So many peoples are still looking for it and some think that it is difficult or paid.

There is one website that can provide you free favicons for your website and when you search for the perfect favicon, keep in mind that your favicon is the identity of your website so choose perfect or creative favicon.

Free Resources:

My best pick for favicon selection because there is a nice collection and I think these websites are easy to navigate.

If you have anything to say or if you know any website related to the favicon finding purpose then comment here and share with all online users.

logo design requirement
logo design requirement

Why The Logo Is Important?

The Logo is a very common thing that we hear on the internet. All the websites that we see have their own Logos which actually means that they are writing their names in styles for being little more remarkable for their visitors or just for fun.

There could be different reasons for their Logo preferences but usually, people misunderstand the significance of the Logos because they think that this is just a thing of showing off.

Well, of course, it is a thing which will make your business more remarkable but we cannot name it show-off. It is the importance of the business and any company that we show through the Logos so its uses cannot be defined like this.

A logo is an extremely useful and advantageous thing to have. Every company considers its own Logos but have you ever considered why they do that?

Do companies spend so many dollars for a perfect Logo design just to show off?


The importance of Logo is far more than the show-off thing. It is the identity of the company or any business website.

There are so many such as business stuff, website stuff, products or services which gets proper identity through the Logo design. The printed Logo shows that specific product belongs to a specific company or the service is taken from a specific company so this makes the company more trustworthy and referable as well!

Benefits Of Logo

Logo is really very helpful for the enhancement of the business and there are so many tasks which cannot be done simply without the presence of Logos because the Logo identifies the company or business and this helps you to stand out and stay unique even if there are thousands of the companies which are providing similar stuff.

If you are starting any company, then Logo selection becomes compulsory for all the people but sometimes in the business websites, we ignore the Logos because we think that this is not a necessity of internet business. The website is visible; services are listed then who will see the Logo of the company?

So let me tell you that this is really very old and outdated tendency or conception because the Logo will make you look like you belong to a professional network. In fact, the Logo is a sign of professionalism and it shows that you provide services at a professional level so don’t ever ignore the Logo designs if you are serious about the business enhancement and choose the best Logo for remarkable success in your field!

home loan
home loan

Earning Money From Website

When you create website online, it will be as easy as creating a new email account. There are so many websites that are providing free website service for internet users who are interested in the website. You don’t need to have extensive knowledge about a website to get started because they make the website for the new users. The website provides the best management and easy tips and steps which is simple to use for everyone.

Everyone has a website these days. People earn money from a website with two sources:

On the basis of their website content


On the basis of their website traffic.

It can be said that the internet website earning has been categorized here in two way but both ways need traffic and the traffic needs time and/or optimization.

Website earning from the content:

There are so many websites that are giving you a chance to create website online and make money with your articles which would be useful and interesting.

These websites are:

Pay per post websites

They pays you for your article and they buy your article. You should know that once you sold an article, you can not publish it anywhere else because it would be their property after paying you money for your article.

Get paid for writing

Paid writing and creating groups and other activities. This is a very interesting way to earn money because it is easy and needs fewer efforts for those who like social networking websites and likes to comment on other websites. This kind of website would evolve their interest in money.

Website earning from traffic

if you want to earn this way then you must have a website where thousands of visitors visit your website daily. There you would place advertisements or referral links and then the advertising companies like Google Adsense. These will give you money according to the impressions and clicks received on your website.

Types of Advertisements

There are some types of advertisements so that you can choose a suitable advertisement type for your website. You can choose one of all for your website.

Banner and images link advertisements:

Google Adsense is the example of this type of advertising because their advertisements need particular space of your website.

Link Advertisements:

Link advertisements do not need any place in your website but if you want to place tags then you can take code of it and then the tags advertisement bar would be visible where visitors would see advertisements on raising their cursor on the word which would be highlighted by underlines. They pay you according to impressions and clicks received on your website. is an example of this kind of website.

Pop-ups and pop-under advertisements:

These advertisements appear in a separate window or in the same window when someone visits on your website.

Video and games advertisements:

Video advertising programs are basically for online video playing websites. The game advertising program is for those websites who have online games website. They place advertisements inside the videos and you get paid for clicks and impressions.

Youtube Video advertisements: with Google Adsense account is a way to earn money from video advertisements. There are so many online games advertisement websites which will provide you games to host on your website and then you will get paid according to stats.

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