Qualities of Good Writing!

The web is popular for online content. Company website or any other website is incomplete without content. However, before we consider that, we need to understand the qualities of good writing. That is why, most of the websites require content. And then, there are chances for theft as well.

There are so many peoples who copy other’s articles and think that their website is filled with content without any workload but this is not true. These types of websites are considered copy-write websites are these kinds of websites are not listed in so many websites.

Content Check Options

There are so many websites that can check internet thieves of articles but you can not trust every website. There are two websites I trust to be good.

  • Copyscape.com (Paid)
  • SmallSeoTools.com (Free)

There is no need to copy-paste the whole article there, just collect the Url of the page or post and you will find duplicates of your post on the internet.

It is so easy to find and if you found any duplicate copy of your article on the internet then you can inform website holder to remove the content.

What Is The Reason
Reason Of Sharing

What Is The Reason?

The most common reason is to share personal thoughts and experiences as an article. This is a simple way to communicate with the people worldwide of your interests.

Some people find it useful and some people find it joyful but in both ways, article plays a significant role. No one can find anything on the web without articles and no one is going to publish his ideas on the radio and televisions. This is a way to share useful experiences and tips or to guide web users the right way.

You can find all kind of help on the internet and if you like something and if something helped you then you would share it on your Blog as an article where it would be safe and everlasting and it would guide every interested visitor.

Social sharing not always works for sharing useful things because there are so many people worldwide and they all carry their own interests. Share in your social account but not directly, make your Blog and write an article and then share the URL of your website so that interested people could find a specific place where he would be able to read your articles and you would be able to interact with your kind of peoples.

This is the best way to enjoy your presence on the internet.

Perfect Article
Perfect Article

What Is Perfect Article

What is the main point to remember when we write an article?

What qualities of good writing should we keep in mind while writing an effective and good article?

Everyone can write an article but the main thing is to write it nicely and impress the reader.

Nothing can be more effective than a complete and easy to read article.

The main thing we should keep in mind is that we need to write a complete and original article. No duplicate content would be there in it and nothing unimpressive would be there.

First thing when we write an article...

We should keep in mind the subject about which we are writing the article. Never try to make it large or do not add unnecessary words or paragraphs just to make it look long. A reader would never like to talk to you uselessly and article is a type of conversation between you and the reader who has visited there to read your article.


Divide the article into a minimum of three paragraphs and maximum five to seven paragraphs per page. It can be changed according to the type of article but this is best rule for common article which describes something and shares something or tells something.

Question answer type articles should contain many paragraphs. This is important to make it easy to understand, easy to read and good in view.

sharing and writing Articles
Writing Articles

Tips For Article Writing

  1. Make sure that you are writing for one specific and researched topic.
  2. You should have some knowledge about that subject because an article is a document that you are going to publish for readers. On your trust, they will take it seriously. So, it is important to you to write only on the matters you know well. Or prefer deep research for it. Please do not imitate or misguide readers. This is one of the most important qualities of good writing.
  3. Write according to the title or give the title according to the article.
  4. The article should be impressive so that the reader would like to read the article.
  5. You are writing the article because you have knowledge about that subject and not because you want to write more and more words on it.

Write only until your mind gives you an idea. No matter it would be 160 words long or 1000 words long, an ideal and impressive article would always be appreciated.

Article Structure

Make your ideas a reality and you will be better than anyone you appreciated yesterday. See what you have just thought and what you have seen or learned and then imagine how you would speak about this topic.

Make a speech and then write it on the paper. You’ll see that your beginning is fantastic. Once you started by this rule, you’ll get countless ideas and then your skill will enhance the everyday.

Knowledge sharing articles are best for readers. If you are going to write ten to twenty articles for your personal website, you should take various subjects but all the subjects should be knowledgeable and helping.

Traffic With Content

When you write useful or informational article for your website, you will surely get the attention of readers. They would appreciate you and some would highlight your mistakes. This is the best way to judge your writing skills and improve them without a teacher’s help or any training because it is necessary to be a perfect reader before you become a good reader.

The article is a way to express a real feeling as well. You talk with a person, but he/she is called a reader in this conversation. A person gives you reply by comment and then the conversation goes on.


Article writing is a skill and it needs nothing more than full attention. That is one of the most basic qualities of good writing and that is the most important one as well.

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