Angels, Demons & God!

What is the reality of Angels and Demons? Do Angels, Demons & God exist?

What do you think about ghosts?

What is the reality of ghosts?

Whenever we debate about life, these are three topics that definitely takes part in the debate: angels, demons & god.

Human is living because of the soul which is immortal. The soul is the only reason for our lives. Whenever we see the liveliness around us, we feel the presence of it. That is what we call the soul of nature.

Nature is a living thing. It holds the soul of every creature, everybody or everything in it.


A human comes in this world with a responsibility to take care of this body and to keep it as it was given to him: sinless, calm, innocent and kind.

Human has been given this life to succeed and not to be even worse than the reality. 

We live our lives according to our thinking, according to our desire and according to circumstances. This is the process that decides our place after death.

When we die, we leave the body, a vessel where our soul used to reside, and the soul finds a new residence in a free atmosphere. A soul resides beside god.

Human sees the beam of the light or a loved one, who has died a long time ago, just a moment before death. For example, here is Christen O’Brien’s experience and Jim Daly’s experience on this.


Here is another assumption on Ghost and Demons

There could be a symbol of our place in heaven or hell. If in the last moment, you get aggressive and angry impressions, it is considered that your place might be reserved in the hell. But If your last moment experience is happy or cheery that made you feel good and in peace, then your place is reserved in heaven.

If last moment experience is neither happy nor sad then it is considered that the time on the earth is not completed yet. In such cases, the soul doesn’t meet their destination and wander around in this world.

There, in the destination point of the soul, is the court of our lives and then we get the hell or heaven according to what we have done in life. But there are some cases when some souls wander and don’t want to leave this world due to some reasons:

They want some revenge.

Or they are not satisfied.

They don’t want to leave this world because of some dear ones.

Or maybe they won’t leave this world without fulfilling their desire.

They want to live more or they hadn’t expected the death yet.

There could be many reasons for it. Now, when the soul is still in this world and didn’t or couldn’t reach to the point where it should be now, it lives in this world and we call them Angels and Demons.

Of course, this is just a hypothesis.

There are so many questions and so many theories available on this topic. We can discuss the types of Ghost and their scientific explanations. However, one thing that we should never forget is our present builds our future. And same rule applies in afterlife as well.

Angels, Demons & God!
Angels, Demons & God!

Difference Between Angels & Demons?

There is a significant difference between angels, demons & god. Let’s know now.


Angels are good spirit and they are in this world to remove the sin. They are attached to the welfare of this world. And that is the reason why they don’t leave this world.

They want to see others happy and want to help others in their crisis. They save people from danger and keep them from danger. If there is something out of their control, they give some signs to us so that we can alert ourselves. They describe the misery and want you to stay away from it.


Demons are an evil spirit that is wandering due to the uncountable sin of life. Or that soul has escaped and wants to live in this world for revenge or personal gains. These kinds of the soul are not always in an evil category. It is divided into two parts; evil or tempted.


This is a kind of evil soul that always desires harm of other. Usually they want to stay in the specific place in this world maybe because that used to be its residence. And/or, it has some connection with the place. This kind of soul always prevents people and then harms them.

Sometimes, these kinds of soul see the fear and they feel proud of themselves with this feeling. This kind of soul is not frightful for a man who believes in god and has a brave heart. Once a man believes in himself, and knows that the soul does no longer exist here, soul can never harm him in anyway.



These kinds of the soul are often died due to an accident or had a bad experience before death. That makes them aggressive and sometimes they do the same with other. They can just send you some signs and you might have some unexpected thoughts or it might make you feel discomfort. There cannot exactly be any significant harm done by them to human being.

Some wait to fulfill their revenge. And whenever anyone comes between the revenge to salvation period , he becomes a part of their revenge cycle. And that could cause problems in some cases. Such as, unexpected change, sudden unknown odors, unknown voices or unknown appearances etc. This kind of place is better left alone because the soul leaves that place after their cycle is complete. But it is difficult for them to leave it before the completion of their motive.

Does God Exist?


What is God?

Do you know him?

Have you ever seen him?

Did you talk to him or did he hear?


Then what is the reason for the beliefs of thousands of people who say that God Exists?

Have you got any answer about it from within yourself?

We need to understand that there is a difference between our world and their world. It is true that God Exists but it doesn’t mean we should think about it by forgetting our belief and reality. The truth says that God is a power that made us worth living. But now life is yours and you must guide yourself, right or wrong.

God sends us to this world and then meet us when we die. This is a simple rule of nature. Human was born after facing the glory of heaven and meeting with God. And then, he must go back because he is dear to God.

He is the dearest one so even God can’t see him wrestling with the mortal mess for a long time.

Angels & God!
Angels & God!

God had promised that he would take care of us. He keeps his end of the bargain. But we, too, have promised him that we would take care of the body and the soul granted by him as a precious gift to us.

There had been so many incidences that had proven that God is a strange reality and even when we don’t see it, it exists.

The real incidence of India is great proof of it. 

Delhi is the capital of India. Their people saw the miracle, which is not a fantasy.

One day, Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesh and Goddess Parwati temple was filled with a crowd and amazement. I couldn’t understand what was happening there. So, I asked my mother and she told me that:

Lord Ganesha’s statue, which were built of mud and other materials, was drinking milk in Hindu Temples!

Yes, that was amazing and unbelievable. How can a statue drink when there is no life? There have been some scientific debate on this. Science does not believe it to be a miracle. However, let’s just look at the bright side. It did happen, regardless of what the reason might be.

It also happened in America and many other places which were proof of the Existence of God.


Whenever we discuss about angels, demons & god, the only thing that we discuss is our real life experiences. These are somethings that are hard to prove and yet impossible to ignore. The topic of angels, demons & god cannot be considered just an assumption but there are no solid scientific prove for it. Well, this is something that we need to leave on our own experiences and belief.

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